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  1. This method works for me less faff, as having 4 cups per day, divide beans into 60gm baby freezer bags which are sterile and double seal, transfer when needed to Prepara-evak mini which holds 60gm.
  2. Not 500g but 1kg bags from pennine coffee good range, try the Salvadorian pac a good crowd pleaser, the pacarama will test your roaster and roasting skills, take note of there cupping notes, if you achieve them you done well. scratch my post replying to old thread
  3. Gave up on bags valve or no valve most leak anyway especially the foils at seams,know theres 101 ways to not have stale, my take is, roast 500g degas for 4hour box up into 60gms into freezer, when needed take out one box decant to the mini Prepara-evak jar, does me for the day, thats the freshest i can do with the least faff, or you can just use a evak medium or large jar without freezer.
  4. Think best i stock up before sold out, water pressure already reduced here in south east in case of drought as it's looking likely.
  5. Good choice, have mine in use every day since 1998 very low maintenance so will be a good purchase, if buying used make sure theres no pitting in group, plus try and find wooden draw base, with the extra hight make your pulls so much easier.
  6. "coffee 4/1"


    Tried always with blending,it's just to laborious to settle with hundreds of permutations before one hits the spot, personally i settle for SOs
  7. Not sandpaper use wet&dry through grades, then for high polish use corrugated cardboard as used for posting soaked in brasso, with some work will remove a thou, recommend you use a pillar drill to drill & tap by hand turning in drill stand.
  8. With the Mcal i find 12-14gm at lower temps 72-75c for dark- medium dark roasts, pull best, worth a try.
  9. I would say go for ambigram design name so your cups or takeaways read either way up, have a look at flipscript.com generator,
  10. 180gm out looks a bit undeveloped, try for 168gm to 170gm=16%-15% out on 200gm in
  11. Belive Nespresso use a coffee rolling grinder, best bet is to remove the boulders from your coffee grind using a cheap tea or cooking sieve at 0.4mm or 0.5 size holes.
  12. As not a real rugby fan watch occasional game, after watching the England-Welsh game this evening, was just riveting, edge of seat for me, as more to come, shall be watching the rest of test.
  13. The negatives i find with plastic bags is they leak at the seams when in use.
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