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  1. Problem is, if you've suffered a bad experience you feel the need to let others know, a good experience doesn't prompt the same as it was what you expected to begin with. We have those 'hows my driving' stickers on our vans. How many positive responses do you reckon are given, regardless of how good the driving is.
  2. You have to hope his taste in coffee is better than his taste in women otherwise thats gonna be one nasty pull
  3. Now you're a proud owner of a Classic you may want to invest 30quid here. The improvement to steaming is well worth the outlay and effort. It really is a simple but worthwhile mod.
  4. Also on the subject of tampers, the Espro tamper is a good investment as it takes one of the variables out of making good espresso. It aint cheap tho.
  5. Hi & welcome. As a relative newcomer myself you'll get more experienced advise from other members but for my part I will be the first to say that concentrate on the grinder first. Have a look through the threads on grinders and you'll get an idea of what's about. There's a list of online suppliers of quality beans in the Beans section. I personally use Hasbeans and cannot fault them.
  6. Indeed, I've been holding my breath for over a week now
  7. As the thread starter, and my issue has come to a conclusion, I see no reason why this thread shouldn't be locked as further discussion will only be going over old ground.
  8. You're not alone, I've always liked the idea of having a nice quality coffee/tea shop in some quaint holiday destination, but I also appreciate that it's a lot harder work than it is in my dreams. Unfortunately I don't have the knees to be on my feet all day so it will have to remain a nice little dream. I certainly wish you luck with yours though
  9. I'm no expert but since putting a Silvia wand on my Classic I'm now making good progress and refining my steaming rather than blowing bubbles with the original.
  10. Oh don't get me started on the mess . I'm getting tidier but my first attempts left the counter top looking like a freshly dug grave . Especially inverting the portafilter to check the tamp, which if nothing else, proved gravity!
  11. A couple of weeks on and I'm already showing coffee related injuries, a couple of steam wand bites and a pinch on my palm from a particularly spiteful incident pushing the filter in the holder, to name a few.
  12. Unfortunately thats the main problem with internet purchases, even the slickest of websites could be a one man show operating out of lock up. However, we should still expect a standard of service which is clearly not present in this case. It's funny, at work I have to operate under the basic principle of the customer is always right. Once I finish work that rule seems to change:rolleyes: Good luck with your visit. Remember tampers are not weapons and steam wands are not for human insertion
  13. For what it's worth, I had no luck with phone or email but I did send a fax and someone called me the following evening.
  14. I see you've seen my thread so you know you're not alone. On a mildly positive note, it does seem that the contact issues are for a reason other than the company's gone under. Although, how long they'll stay trading if recent experiences are anything to go by is anyones guess. They will not get any more business off me and I'm expecting a fight if either my grinder or coffee machine develops a fault. Did you use a credit card? Contacting my credit card company was going to be my next step.
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