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  1. The pressure during shots has been going pretty much as I expect. Between shots it’s all over the place. It does seem to go up and down a bit with the boiler temperature, but then it decides to head up to 20 and back again for no obvious reason and goodness knows what it’s measuring then.
  2. I’ve had a few 2.4Ghz IoT type devices that really don’t like being on a mixed network and at least one smart plug and one IR transmitter that I could never make happy on my router even with a separate 2.4 only subnetwork. It was that that made me apprehensive, but so far so good with this one.
  3. Got mine running for the first time today. Like many others I raised an eyebrow at the build quality. Especially when one of the shiny side panels fell off with no provocation. The lack of screws for the serial connector is a shame too, especially as the fit is not especially snug. Initially it wasn’t generating a WiFi network, but a 5-10s press on the button (carefully holding it to maintain the connection) sorted that out. There’s no blue light 🤷‍♂️ Past experience has led me to suspicious of devices that only want to connect to 2.4Gz, but it went perfectly on my ASUS router and has been fine for the hour or two since. Havent tried putting the side back on yet, but that is quite a ‘violent’ process and I do wonder about the potential for shaking it out of that very loose port. I might find a couple of screws before i do that
  4. Thanks again Norvin. For anyone who isn’t sure, this thing makes fitting seals an absolute doddle. Literally couldn’t be easier. Definitely worth it!
  5. Right. I’ve just installed the new preinfusion module and on powering up I’ve got water hosing out of the group. Seemingly the new module wants the idle pressure at the set level but the old one didn’t? I don’t really understand why my seals were fine before and useless now, but anyway I’ve ordered some new seals. So I’ll be the first customer please!
  6. @ashcroc Cafe Roma? The little outdoor place? It hadn’t previously been on the radar. It’s worth a visit, is it?
  7. LSOL has been awesome - fbs & toffeechips you have done a superb job. It has delivered the best and the most interesting roasts and there’s nothing quite like that feeling of exploration and exclusivity it brings. There genuinely can’t be many beans clubs on the planet to rival it. (though maybe DSOL would argue!) It may have been the daunting prospect of filling those shoes that held folk back from continuing it, but if anyone can, coffeechap is surely the man. Bravo Dave!
  8. It’s been a while and with luck cafe culture in France has been catching up, but I went to Black List Café and thought it was pretty decent. Update the thread with your findings as I’ll be going back there sooner or later!
  9. I haven’t gotten around to it yet but it’s firmly on the to do list. If you like light roasts (as I do) it should be worth it. Maybe picking out the notes will be easier? Maybe you’ll still struggle with that but the coffee will just taste better. If you don’t like light roasts though maybe it wouldn’t make so much difference.
  10. I remember driving to a nearby supermarket last time ie not a lot of options.
  11. You stir then decant? Is it possible to stir in the portafilter? If you are using the HG tumbler thing: put it on the portafilter, pull the middle out, coffee falls down, stir (i use a wooden barbecue skewer, but whatever you have), remove the tumbler, quick tap, tamp.
  12. 1. grumpydaddy 2. Heligan 3. Hasi 4. johnealey 5. Dumnorix 6. MrShades 7. Rob177palmer 8. Jollybean 9. richwade80 10. Rhys 11. (Rhys's other half, unless a +1 is acceptable?) 12. MediumRoastSteam 13. Flying_vee 14. RobW 15. Deeez Nuuutz 16. jimbojohn55 17. Thecatlinux 18. Working dog 19. joey24dirt 20. Stevebee 21. dlash
  13. I’ve been using a VST recently and it drove me to grind finer and finer and finer to the point where I’m frequently preinfusing for 20s or so. Till the drips. Admittedly I do have one of those grinders ‘that will cope’... Have had some belting espresso as a consequence. I haven’t decided if it is just a coincidence or something related to this, but I’ve also realised over this time the importance of letting the coffee cool. I recognise a particular sort of bitterness early in the flavour that goes as it gets to round 60degrees.
  14. Flat whites the last couple of days. Very tight grind (down to 1.25 on the monolith) and EYs just creeping over 18%. I love this sort of coffee. Foundry has a Kenyan at some point that was very blueberry and it is reminiscent of that. Maybe I tasted something nutty or chocolatey in there too. I think I’ll try some straight espresso before the Sunday ride tomorrow.
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