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  1. That makes total sense actually, thanks for that. I'm not sure about drilling into the machine as a) it's a bit of an arse and noisy & b) it might have an effect in any resale value in the future...? There must be another way of either adjusting or replacing the inner thermostatic cut off - as it has on currently - or does it purely rely on boiling to the pint that the pressure needs to escape somewhere...? Hence why his mod works...?
  2. Very interesting and thanks for posting, however my machine does not constantly hiss from the release valve...? Should it always make that hissing noise as mine certainly doesn't...?
  3. Yup - been in the base and might have to do a bit of Youtubing.... I just wanted to see if I could restrict the top end boil temperature for 100 degrees to around 90....?
  4. Hi guys, Quick one here and I'm guessing that there may be a short answer to my question...? Can the max boil temperature of my pre-milenium EP be adjusted - It must have a thermostat cut off somewhere...??? Cheers Martin.
  5. Thanks for the post SJ - next time. :-)
  6. Email sent yesterday offering full asking....
  7. Hi sjdavies47, I'm interested in your Rocky, do you still have it....? Needing to upgrade from a dreaded 'blade'....! Many thanks Martin.
  8. Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I've just spotted your reply... It would be perfect thank you, did you want to PM me and we can sort out postage & addresses etc...? Cheers Martin.
  9. So tried the 1:1.5 ratio and the taste was pretty perfect to be honest (Costa Rica from Has Bean), although having a 49mm basket proved difficult to get onto the group - so might have to take it down to 18g - 6-10sec PI with a 30 sec pull seems do do it....
  10. Hi guys, yes I always weigh out at 14g in a 14g basket, so 1:1 ratio. Good point on the roast as now you've said that, I tend to get 'wet ones' using the darker roasted beans...? I'm expecting a delivery today of a new bean from PACT so will see how that one is...? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I'm guessing that this will be a quick one....? Any ideas as to why sometimes the pucks I pop out of my La Pavoni are wet...? I recon I'm on around 50/50 split between dry and wet pucks...? Any ideas welcome. Cheers...
  12. Hi all, I'm in need of a Tamper handle for a female screw fit KNOCK 49mm flat tamper base - anyone got anything, not really too bothered about colour...? Cheers...
  13. A friend of mine suggested I give them a go, previously to that I had used 'Has Bean' - I quite often go to The Window in Norwich and Hayley has her own House blend (by Has Bean I think) - it's bloody lovely...! Maybe a visit to her and HB might be in order?
  14. Also interesting comments about PACT MrBoots2U - what's your take on them...?
  15. Right - So I'm getting a hand grinder as a good stop-gap, any recommendations here - I've heard Porlex being mentioned a good few times? Or, recommendations for budget electric burr...? As for my baskets, I've got a 12g & a 14g - so am I right in saying not to go over 12g & 14g per basket then...?
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