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  1. Mine was doing this and I got around it be wedging something down the left outside of the water tank - not a tech response but stopped the beeping and allows the machine to be used.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I run an Iberital MC2 auto grinder alongside the Cimbali. Bean wise I've been really happy with the stuff I've sourced from happy donkey. I'm always trying new beans though and my father in law (who travels a lot) is always bringing back beans from around the globe, usually totally unsuitable for espresso but it is the thought that counts!!
  3. If there are any fellow Cimbali Bistro M30 users out there it would be good to share experiences. I've got one plumbed up and running in my garage (been there for 5 years+ now) - I try not to think about the cost per cup but I work from home so it is my treat. My machine has its moments (it sulks when I get back from holiday - which translates to the mechanics seizing until I get it loosened up again). I'm no expert on the mechanics - thankfully so far I have only had to change the odd pressurestat. I've been using the machine manually so far as my attempts to program the front panel never work for me! This is something I will be positing up on the tech forum for suggestions! Anyway that's all for now. CHeers GazC
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