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  1. Hi have they been dispatched yet?
  2. Definitely go for 75mm burrs as they make a huge difference. I have them fitted to my Eureka 75E. Mine our the titanium ones which are identical to the burrs in the Mythos.
  3. I bought the grinder used ex coffee shop. The burrs are approx 10 years old that's why!
  4. The only serial number on my grinder is 0812981 and this brings nothing up on the search!
  5. Do you mean the OEM serial number on the grinder?
  6. Acquired a brand new Stagg Kettle earlier this week. First impressions were good, stylish, well built, easy temperature adjust and temperature hold. Great pouring ergonomics. All very positive until it died on me day 3!!!! Did all the usual trouble shooting but remained dead as a do do. Coffee Hit who were exemplary throughout & arranged refund/collection, as they will have no more stocks until june. I did manage to track another Kettle down in the UK and that arrived today. I hope it was a one off? However I have heard similar stories regarding this kettle breaking down. Appreciate
  7. I thought ordering a replacement OEM burrset for my year old machine would be simple!! Oh No! My SJ is the bog stranded with a knocker dosser at the from and a mechanical shot timing buttom. No fancy electronics. When I look at replacent burrs they ref to left or right hand versions and refer to single or double phase??? Enclosed are photos of my Supply Jolly and replacement burrs Im completer lost? Any advice
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will stick with SJ for now. At least my wrists are getting a good work out when I adjust the collar 😄
  9. Hi, Recently started getting into V60 brewing with good results. I currently use a Mazzer Super Jolly manual, dedicated to brewing only. It's a great machine but not the easiest to adjust grind settings. As I start experimenting with different beans and grind settings would there be any advantage in purchasing an easy to adjust grinder, which is specifically designed for brewing, for example: Mignon BrewPro, Wilfa Uniform or should I persevere with the mazzer?
  10. Plastic every time and it doesn't break when washing handling
  11. Cheers I will give Bella Barista a ring Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. I think lubing after every chem backflush is OTT. I do mine every 3 months and that seems to be fine Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. Hi over the last 6 months my Expobar DB PID has developed a read out fault on the PID. For eg 95c displays fine but different numbers but 85 and 92 half the number is missing. It always affects the 2nd digit, not the first. I has not affect on the performance or temperature. Any ideas? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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