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  1. Thanks for the offer. If you could send me the guide I would be most grateful. It’s gone back to base for repair. Obviously the weakest link is the electronics on these on demand machines!
  2. A very good point Dave. My next grinder will be one without the fancy electronics👍
  3. Before I return the Grinder for repair at Bella Barista can anyone recommend any other repairers? I only ask this as BB are swamped with repairs and their turnaround is 4 weeks. Thank.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I have referred the fault to Bella Barista tech support 👍
  5. Hi, Ive had my E75 for 4 years and it has performed flawlessly until yesterday. The problem is it shuts off mid grind. For example I set a 6 second grind but the grind stops suddenly after a second and the home screen appears. I have checked the burrs for any obstruction etc and clean it out regularly. Im sure its the electronics/software that's the issue and not anything mechanical. I have a YouTube link to illustrate the problem: Appreciate any advise.
  6. Hi, I have recently bought an Aeropress and have had some reasonable results using the James Hoffman recipe to get my bearings. My go to brewing method is a V60 which brings out the full spectrum of nuanced flavours, particulary the floral high notes. In comparison, using the same coffee, ratios etc, the Aeropress tastes more 2 dimensional and the high notes are far more subdued. Is this typical?
  7. Hi have they been dispatched yet?
  8. Definitely go for 75mm burrs as they make a huge difference. I have them fitted to my Eureka 75E. Mine our the titanium ones which are identical to the burrs in the Mythos.
  9. I bought the grinder used ex coffee shop. The burrs are approx 10 years old that's why!
  10. The only serial number on my grinder is 0812981 and this brings nothing up on the search!
  11. Do you mean the OEM serial number on the grinder?
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