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  1. 2nd attempt. The first one was horrible. Merry Christmas! Click image to make bigger, can’t figure out how to upload images via phone
  2. Well done both! Hope you all enjoyed the caffeine with the double dose.
  3. Ohhh, interesting. This might make it easier to vote, or really hard to vote... We’ll just have to see.
  4. Congrats to both, that was a hard call. Had to count the petals to check they were in fact different!
  5. @MildredM thanks for hosting looking forward to all your designs next week. Good luck all!
  6. Anytime I had fun. Congrats to you @joey24dirt and good luck with your future pours.
  7. Here was my other attempt I was quite happy with both. But the cut was better on the first, and the shape of the tulip was circular which I like. Anyways, that was fun @joey24dirt Same time next year!
  8. Submission: Running out of time, so will rotate it on the next post
  9. I truly hope you were referencing 128 as a power of two number. My inner computer nerd is always excited when I see it.
  10. I will pick one before the time limit, but will show both here for you're amusement.
  11. One has the traditional three, and the other has five. The traditional in my opinion is better done, but the five looks like it took more effort, but doesn't look as good as the first...
  12. F*** I made two, and I generally don't know what's better. With a tulip is there a limit of the number of petals?
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