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  1. Ha! OK, prob not needed then!!
  2. I've had my mignon for a few years, and it's used most days for 1-2 cups of varying grind (espresso, aeropress and now a chemex). When should I be looking to replace the burrs? Any pointers for how to tell if they could do with replacing, and where best to buy?
  3. Snooze you lose... Nevermind. Looking at amazon, there appears to be a few similar to Rhino. Anyone tried one off these versions ?? Reviews seem ok, and its 'only for aeropress or similar and not espresso. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B075WX6ZNM/
  4. I'm being an idiot and can't find it!! Can you post a link please? Or pm.
  5. I've been looking for a smaller jug - so just ordered. Thanks for the mini review!
  6. Anyone selling ? Looking for a hand grinder for work - 99.9% aeropressing Rave beans. Based in Ipswich, but regularly in Central London.
  7. Microwave makes sense, and is what I've been doing. Probably stick with that then. Ta. Now to experiment with the brew!!
  8. Santa brought me a chemex this year - so I'm researching! I know this is an old thread, but the video seems to have been lost. Does it still exist out there somewhere? As a slight aside, does anyone use a hotplate to keep the chemex warm if you're brewing two cups but drinking one at a time? Maybe heresy, but I was looking at a USB version to sit next to my kettle. Any thoughts?
  9. gingerneil

    Acme cups?

    They look really good - thanks.
  10. gingerneil

    Acme cups?

    Jony - they look good. Are they as sturdy and good quality as the acme?
  11. gingerneil

    Acme cups?

    Thanks Beth - I've spotted them a note asking if they can do other colours and sizes
  12. gingerneil

    Acme cups?

    I looked at the outlet, but the colours aren't right...
  13. gingerneil

    Acme cups?

    Does anyone know where I can buy single cups? I just want 3 latte and 3 170ml long black acme tulip cups. No saucers. Everywhere sells 6s, but that's too many. Happy with second hand too if anyone is selling.. Ideally black.
  14. Just popped my first order in. Shame they only do 250g bags ... they wont last long, and it doesn't give much room to play with the grind etc. before running out.
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