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  1. Hi, newbie here, I read on one of your posts you were having trouble with static? try a clean iron rod, anything that is mainly iron, can be as small as nappy pin, just rub it over the surface of the - hoppe, dabber, doobry - i don't know, am new to this, to remove any spare electrons before filling with coffe  - hopefully this will do the trick for you.

  2. Ha! OK, prob not needed then!!
  3. I've had my mignon for a few years, and it's used most days for 1-2 cups of varying grind (espresso, aeropress and now a chemex). When should I be looking to replace the burrs? Any pointers for how to tell if they could do with replacing, and where best to buy?
  4. Microwave makes sense, and is what I've been doing. Probably stick with that then. Ta. Now to experiment with the brew!!
  5. Santa brought me a chemex this year - so I'm researching! I know this is an old thread, but the video seems to have been lost. Does it still exist out there somewhere? As a slight aside, does anyone use a hotplate to keep the chemex warm if you're brewing two cups but drinking one at a time? Maybe heresy, but I was looking at a USB version to sit next to my kettle. Any thoughts?
  6. Just popped my first order in. Shame they only do 250g bags ... they wont last long, and it doesn't give much room to play with the grind etc. before running out.
  7. Daren scottomus AMCD300 MSM Rhys gingerneil
  8. Absolute and total bargain! Gutted I missed this!
  9. I just bought one of these from the forum and couldn't be happier. I paid postage.... It was just less that £10 for a dpd drop-off, 2 day fully tracked service.
  10. I just paid £185 delivered for one the same. Awesome kit, don't insult by haggling over £10 here and there. If you want it, pony up for it.
  11. Bump? This is an excellent starter for espresso, or pour over, aeropress etc workhorse.
  12. Sorry - work has been a nightmare today! There is still a shute, I just ditched the little plastic extender. I tend to grind into a small cup for weighing input. You can grind directly into the portafilter using the little on demand push button
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