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  1. Your are on the right track getting new burrs. Checking the pressure should be the next step - reducing it slightly to 7 barg may help to reduce the risk of channeling. Avoid the single basket due to difficulty of tamping well. A few turns of teflon tape applied to the upper burr carrier will reduce any slack.
  2. Do you actually have a problem or you think you have a problem? The number on the label bears little resemblance to the actual power drawn by the grinder in normal use.
  3. Custom drilled = remedial machining to straighten a wonky hole. Do ACS source their groups from the scrap bin?
  4. Long time coming. Unless they get too greedy, should cost less than two Silvias, so well below £800.
  5. Your descriptions are not very clear. Are you saying that the pump always worked but you just lost flow from the group. If so look at the solenoid valve. Is it working, does it need cleaning?
  6. Sounds like the pump stopped working. Easy and cheap to replace.
  7. An approximate way to check the temperature is to increase the set point to a degree or two above 100C, then run some water which should flash to steam. The e61 loses 10 to 15C so the offset needs to take that into account
  8. No amount of “misuse” by the user (as some seem to be suggesting) explains the rapid failure of the plug . While waffling on about the leak-proof aspects of using boilers with non repairable heater elements, the engineering reviewer who never misses an opportunity to boast about his experience somehow forgot to mention the extra holes in the boiler that had to be plugged and are a potential source of leaks. Can’t say much about the bolt without knowing more but the choice of gasket material is pretty inexcusable .
  9. Smoke from the main connector suggests a short somewhere. The heater element is a good place to start.
  10. Is there no limit to the bullsh**t ? A dodgy bolt with a broken thread and a dodgy washer that failed led to a leak. No need for science to explain it - that is what happens when dodgy parts are used.
  11. If the machine was not level than the pour would be unequal which is not the case except for the crema.
  12. You are dealing with condensed water vapour which could be contaminated by bacteria from the air ( which you breath all the time) or by bacteria or mould from the condenser plates. Both are likely to be killed by the descaling acid or heat so low risk of anything. Can’t see using distilled water making a noticeable contribution to the descaling process.
  13. Blanking off holes is a skill that mankind has mastered quite reliably.
  14. The Minima Beta thing was a pure marketing exercise. The Minima is strung together with standard parts that have been in use for decades and there is nothing innovative about it that needs testing or development. Unless of course the company is so useless that it does not know how to blank off a few holes.
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