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  1. I would not scrap it. Get a second opinion on the condition of the steam boiler. The problem you describe as low brew pressure at the start of shot sounds like the pump pressure regulation sticking. Unless you believe the marketing, there has been very little substantive progress in the performance of coffee machines since your Duetto, with one or two notable exceptions like the Decent, which can control both pressure and temperature. . For e61 double boiler machines the real progress includes either a variable flow pump or a variable orifice to achieve flow/ pressure control. You can fit
  2. Likely that the pressure regulator on the pump is playing up. Start by turning it a little in both directions.
  3. The pressure relief valve going to the drip tray should be set to ca. 12barg. Using the bypass on the pump to set the pump pressure to 12 barg, adjust the pressure relief valve so it opens at 12 barg.
  4. That qualifier refers to the last two of six failed tests. The review identifies that the Niche does not have masses of spare power when grinding very hard beans which is what I said at the beginning.
  5. Not according to the report. It quite clearly says on page 13 that the Niche stalled or struggled with the B burrs for some beans at some settings https://www.nichecoffee.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Niche-zero-review.pdf
  6. Well that is what you reported at the time.
  7. Let’s not forget that Niche originally considered two different burr sets but settled on the Kony because it was too weak to drive the Italmill burrs reliably. It does not have masses of spare power.
  8. Take with a shovelful of salt from someone who responds to views different from his with ridicule and ad hominems.
  9. One option would be to get one yourself. You keep bragging about the number of machines you have and there is a guy on here with a Londinium looking for a swap.
  10. The reason no one was prepared was because the government chose not to prepare. The pandemic simulation exercise Cygnus carried out in 2016 in England revealed serious shortcomings and unpreparedness but the government chose to do nothing and to bury the report.
  11. Starmer as DPP put pressure on the Swedes not to drop their case against Assange when it became clear there was no evidence for their accusations. No wonder he was knighted. A man of very pliable morals and beliefs.
  12. Can you please post a link to Collin Arneson’s article. Thanks
  13. Nikko

    Trump or Biden?

    The president of the US is not his own man, he either follows willingly or is dragged along reluctantly. To his credit and unlike his predecessors, Trump has not started any wars. Biden went willingly (and for personal financial gain)along with destabilising Ukraine to get at RF. Dangerous times ahead for everybody as the US empire collapses.
  14. The choice is not about how many or few coffees you make but about how you feel about temperature stability and repeatability. DBs are typically temperature stable. A HX design based on an e61in a domestic setting is a compromise juggling the conflict of adequate steam pressure for steaming producing too high a temperature for brewing. This requires a judged cooling flush to get you in the ballpark. The Mara X controls the brew temperature by reducing the steam pressure to well below useful for steaming and so has to turn it right up ready for steaming when it detects the machine is
  15. Nikko

    BBC Tv Licence

    Surely the failure of the media was not investigating what a shady character like Cummings was doing in the vicinity of a corrupt company like GSK a day or two before announcement of the GSK vaccine deal.
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