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  1. For 500 quid you can hardly go wrong. Try Bellabarista for the reservoir - if not available you can improvise.
  2. The guy has put in 100s of hours of work and his time in selfless devotion to making better coffee accessible to all and introduce the Niche to the forum, test it, review it, answer questions, compile interest lists, give out manufacturer info, protect the manufacturer against criticism, provide user guides, technical and after-sales support and more. Contrast this with his attitude when he refused to rectify incorrect and misleading information in one of his Bellabarista grinder reviews on the grounds that he would not get paid for it. The naivety of some people is touching
  3. There’s a lot of marketing going on and frequently “honest” advice is anything but.
  4. Never underestimate the brain’s capacity for delusion
  5. A point of fact correction - the Minima does not have a full e61 group. It does not have the pre infusion part ( slow pressure ramp up) which helps to reduce channeling.
  6. If your advice is freely given and with no motive behind it, why resort to ad hominem attacks, rather than argue the point?
  7. The DE1 does not use an e61 group. It is not the way to go in 2019 to achieve temperature stability and responsiveness. The e61 was a brilliant design in the 1960s and can still work well today on account of its soft ramp up. It makes no sense from a design perspective to use it on the Minima without the pre infusion module.
  8. Here is a review of the Lelit Mara (similar to the Minima as far as the water path) which has the e61 pre infusion and the reviewer tells you how useful it is. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2017/11/20/lelit-mara-pl62s/ The Minima does away with the PI bit of the e61 without replacing it with an alternative and the result is a fast pressure ramp up of 2 or 3 seconds. This can be seen on the posted videos - do not get misled by the ramp up against a blind filter which is slower due to air compression. The Bianca puts you fully in control
  9. The problem seems to be temperature related so points to a problem with the heater element which leaks to earth at higher temperatures. Problem may not be apparent if rcd not present.
  10. What does “better PID functionality” mean?
  11. No need to be afraid of changing the parameters. The process is not irreversible. If you think your actual temperature is 2C more than reality, reduce the offset by 2C. You have nothing to lose trying things out.
  12. Looks like you have too much coffee in the basket and the nut impacts the puck and compromises it. Dose a bit less and grind accordingly. Reduce the pressure ramp up by opening the wand before engaging the pump, then closing slowly.
  13. Nikko

    Lelit Bianca

    You adjust the group pressure with the needle valve. You can leave the pump pressure where it is.
  14. Here is some comedy you asked for. This is what Davec wrote about the Expobar db brew water preheat: “They ingeniously pass the cold water from the tank, through a small Heat Exchanger in the steam boiler, to warm it up before it goes into the brew boiler water. This is clever because it prevents the brew water temperature dropping when making coffee, unlike some other machines.” If you are right and the design is no good, then what is written above is another example of hyped up bollocks to push a machine, just like the Minima.
  15. in terms of concept design, there is no difference between the Minima and the Expobar db of many years ago. You say that the latest version of the expobar also has a 3 term temperature controller, so no huge difference there. In fact, the expobar, unlike the minima, preheats brew water so is a more advanced design. The “innovations” of the minima concern performance and construction compromises (no mechanical preinfusion and inability to replace heater elements) to get cost down to the expobar level. Some progress!
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