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  1. The HX is not cut out of the brew path when the lever is lifted but any pressure in the brew path due to the steam boiler will be relieved when the lever is lifted. From that point on the steam boiler has no effect on the hydraulics of the brew path. Flow will stop if the pump cannot overcome the puck resistance.
  2. This is an English language forum so why not stick to English terms. Borrowing words from other languages, eg gicleur, when perfectly good English words are available is silly, particularly if one does not know how to pronounce them correctly.
  3. As steam is the vapour phase of water, a steam boiler can also dispense water. Anything can be called “service “ so is confusing as there are two boilers.
  4. The pressure in the steam boiler affects the pressure in the brew path only as long as the brew path is closed. Open the brew path and the pressure relieves immediately to zero. So when the lever is raised to open the brew path and start the pump there is no pressure in the brew path
  5. If the pump tries to push water through the HX at 1 bar, first of all the brew lever needs to be opened at which point any pressure in the HX will drop to zero and there will be no resistance to flow until the head space in the portafilter has been filled up and resistance built up by the puck. The pressure inside the steam boiler has absolutely no bearing on the flow in the brew path.
  6. Sorry, but none of your ideas make sense. We should not have to put two and two together in a candid review
  7. Coffee extraction is driven more by flow than pressure, so it makes sense to control on flow rather than on pressure. The Crem people realise this and this machine is a step towards flow control. However, a proper flow control is expensive to achieve (unlike pressure control), hence this innovative pressure/volume control hybrid. We are told it works well, so the recommendation to add a time based pressure control option seems pointless and a step backwards. The review tells us that the offset between the boiler temperature and the desired brew temperature is only 7C but it does not say how it has been achieved, except to say that it is a good thing and that temperature control is good. May be. What makes no sense is the statement that brew pressures should not be below the pressure in the steam boiler (for some unknown reason referred to as service) due to flashing. This would imply that temperature control is rather poor and that brew water exits at above its flash temperature at atmospheric pressure, which is always the pressure at the start of the extraction process. This is a problem of some HX machines but not of dual boiler machines, even with higher temperature offsets. Rob1 raised this issue above but did not get an answer that makes sense, but implied that the Crem designers are a bunch of numpties. At the beginning of the review the reviewer states that "...it's a very candid review…" so why cannot this be clarified?
  8. Don’t know if seals are still available but the Achille is complete junk. I had my hands on two and both were leaking from the start so the problem is more serious than worn seals.
  9. I think you meant to write ... we have raped and pillaged many different countries over the centuries... or are you still getting over the Vikings
  10. Got a bit muddled up. You are absolutely correct.
  11. The purpose of the opv is to send hot water back to the reservoir. What are the indications that the water sent back is boiling? Some bubbles in the tube is normal.
  12. The whole point of the pressure relief valve is to maintain 9 barg by letting water out. So not a malfunction.
  13. Not very clear what you mean. Are you saying that when pulling a shot the outflow from the pressure relief valve boils but the coffee tastes ok? If it tastes ok then unlikely to be a faulty thermostat but these are not super accurate and the thermostat switch off temperature can be above 100C. If in doubt replace the thermostat.
  14. You can lift the lever and run the pump for 3 or 4 seconds to increase the pressure to 2 barg or so. Then carefully release the lever until the pump stops but the pressure stays “locked in”. When you judge you have pre infused enough, lift the lever fully to restart the pump and finish the shot.
  15. I have used these beans with 3 months to go before the best before date and there was no problem pressurising
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