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  1. It is a good idea. The diameter of the basket undoubtedly plays a role but comparison testing is difficult due to the difficulty of “standardising” all the other variables across several machines. Having a 53mm basket that fits s 58mm holder would enable the comparison of two baskets. Now, a variable diameter basket - that would be something
  2. Are you saying that 100ml water come out of the steam wand before steam starts coming out? If so, then that is not normal. Can’t really think what would cause that.
  3. The resistance expression is derived from the affinity laws so good to see that practice follows theory. Is the 0.0001 term on the denominator there to avoid the possibility of dividing by zero?
  4. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    You’re still not getting the fact that young, healthy people with no underlying conditions are also dying
  5. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    It is a fact that on 19 March HMG downgraded the threat of coronavirus and it is no longer considered a HCID (see post 20 for a link) Why? Is it because different rules apply, eg for ppe, and the government is protecting itself. Any other explanation? Why are the msm ignoring it?
  6. I have never heard of milli Kv, but why not. Actually, I misled you a little, it is a late Friday night here. The correct definition of Kv is the other way round to what you are doing, i.e. Kv = flow/ sqrt(dP). Your calculation is also indicative of resistance but the indication is in opposite direction to Kv, i.e. at constant P, Kv increases with increasing flow, your indicator decreases.
  7. You are absolutely right that to display it as a true Kv would not be useful - what you are displaying is Kv *1000, which is better. I did mean the Kv of the baskets without any coffee. If you have the right rig it would be simple enough to measure but I do not think it can be modelled with any accuracy. I just think it might be interesting to know the significance of the basket resistance to that of the puck.
  8. John, your calculation is correct. If you use m3/hr for the flow and bars for the pressure then you are actually calculating the Kv value of the puck (plus that of the basket and any other resistance to flow you may have in the system if you are pedantic). Most interesting the way the resistance builds up as the puck saturates. Concerning your precision baskets, have you considered measuring the Kv values of these in comparison to standard baskets. It has to be this which is the real differentiator between them, rather than improvements in precision.
  9. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    The French health system is good but do not underestimate the power of those who want to make money out of this crisis https://www.upr.fr/actualite/pour-comprendre-les-enjeux-du-traitement-du-coronavirus-par-la-chloroquine-nous-vous-conseillons-de-lire-lentretien-du-professeur-raoult-dans-le-parisien-du-22-mars-2020/
  10. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    I would much prefer to have a wise government. i do not see where strength comes into it when dealing with a pandemic. So far they were horribly out of touch with reality. still, if things get really bad, no doubt the Russians will help us like they are helping in northern Italy right now with an air bridge of at least 15 large transporter planes so far of medical supplies, medical doctors and their army helping with distribution.
  11. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    Surprised nobody commented on the wisdom of printing such huge amounts when Corbyn’s in comparison very modest proposal to increase the funding for the NHS were derided as financially irresponsible. still not everybody is following this route - some are introducing taxes on funds being off shored and other investment vehicles affecting the super rich. I guess that is not ideologically acceptable to us.
  12. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    Contrary to what you say both documents I linked to are very much current and not at all irrelevant.
  13. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    You are being silly. I posted two HMG documents published at the same time. Any conspiracy theories are a figment of your imagination
  14. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    19/3 was also the day that HMG published the 329 page coronavirus act https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0122/20122.pdf it seems to me that while the government resisted doing anything effective to stem the rate of infection, they were very busy preparing legislation how to control the population.
  15. Nikko

    The FFFrench

    It is no longer classed as an HCID, yet HMG stopped the economy and is set to print £330 billion. What is happening is an unprecedented social experiment.
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