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  1. Got my Tamper Friday - it took 10 days to arrive after my order and as you all know communication is zero with MBK. On the positive side quality is very good and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
  2. Trying to pm you but your mailbox is full
  3. fingers crossed, I also ordered mine today
  4. thanks stevenh, I have ordered the tamper with the mat and 21g strada basket. I'm hoping the 21g basket will fit the Oscar portafilter. I made the order today and will post here how it went.
  5. Does this 58.35 tamper fits the Nuova Simonelli Oscar baskets?
  6. Anyone knows if the 58.35 tamper from Made by Knock will fit the Nuova Simonelli Oscar baskets?
  7. ok... I'm probably not the only one to start with a budget and a machine in mind and to completely change focus and buy a different machine way over the original planned budget. I bough the Nuova Simonelli Oscar from Electro's. The HX and steam power to speed up the process, the small price difference from the Silvia (about £100) and good reviews from Electros (also quick reply from Gianni) got me convinced. I'll post my experience in the NS threads. Thanks all for your help.
  8. Sorry if this is a question that was already answered, but what is the difference this improvement will make in the coffee. I mean, is this a design problem that will impact the taste or performance of the machine? I wonder why Rancilio didn't use a similar solution if this is the case.
  9. Do you still have any available?
  10. by service I mean the ability to provide repairs during warranty period if a problem happens to the Silvia
  11. Hello to all coffee lovers, I'm new to the forum and I found it when doing research to buy a new espresso machine. I pretty much decided to buy the Silvia and I'd love to have some feedback from the group about the best place to buy it in the UK. I have listed the 3 main places I found selling the Silvia and looking the feedback for these companies in the forum it's not easy to decide which one to choose. Some feedback is not recent so I thought it might be a good idea to ask the question again and help people looking to buy the Silvia now. I know people already told their terrible stories with these companies, and also some good feedback, in the forum but apparently there's no other option if you want to buy a Silvia. Am I wrong? My questions are: 1) Is any of these companies authorised to sell the Silvia in the UK (My Espresso claims Cafe Italia can't sell in the UK). 2) Can these companies provide service in the UK? Is Ferrari Espresso providing services for Coffee Italia, and My Espresso has it's own service centre? How good / reliable they are? What about La Gondola? 3) If you had to buy one now which company you'd choose? Thanks you all for the very helpful comments on this forum.
  12. a couple of hours - the forum is great with a lot of good information
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