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  2. sweet as mate i really like the copper too looks fantastic
  3. Just thought it was worth mentioning static and sprayed coffee has completely vanished very little grinds if any on the grinder when ive finished a dose I've not tried any different beans yet so that could be a test but the same beans before i fitted the timer would spray everywhere, interesting to know if it was grumpydaddy schematics layout or the timer cheers jim
  4. i think i may have some slight EMI if dose 2 or 3 is activated after the dose has finished the screen jumps back to dose 1 it only happens sometimes i will move the 5v supply and the SSR to different positions i think it may be the timer cables touching the body of the toggle switch, ive fitted the toggle temporary where the green light was so the timer cables have to touch the toggle as the pass to the base (it's a small gap)
  5. I got the timer wired up to the major following grumpydadys schematic it works perfectly thank grumpy a big thanks to jimboJohn for all your help and building half my grinder lol I'll take a video when I get the backing plate cut for the oled screen Many thanks all Cheers James
  6. Would I be OK with a 10A DPST toggle switch? https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/10a-toggle-switch-dpst-jk26d I gave maplin the specs of the Major 230-240v 650w and by there calculations they seem to think 10A should be fine Many thanks James
  7. Thanks grumpydady I'll try and pick a double pole switch up today I can have a go over the weekend cheers James
  8. Thanks grumpydaddy that makes sense if i remove the mazzer switch i can just replace that with a 2 pole DTSP switch? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/On-Off-DPST-Toggle-Switch-250V-AC-15A/253029332323?epid=23004682439&hash=item3ae9b93563:g:cugAAOSw6ShZXNps as the encoder will be going where the Mazzer switch was like this cheers james
  9. its a bit fancy pants Oled display, pre-infusion timer, shot timer, temperature display https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/vorstellung-projekt-espresso-shot-timer-mit-temperaturanzeige.85390/page-14#post-1401771 [video=youtube;ZnbcIE7-t9A] coming to a fracino heavenly soon lol
  10. Okie Dokie this should be the correct schematics I will try and get it fitted over the weekend cheers james
  11. Cheers mate I think I've got that I will update the schematics tomorrow just to confirm Cheers James
  12. Cheers jimbo have I connected the 5v power supply in the right place? Cheers James
  13. My timer kit arrived from mactree its put together brilliantly if anyone is thinking of a grinder timer this is a great option i think now to fit it to the Mazzer Major Timer version 2013 i know jimbo is fitting his soon but thought i would get the ball rolling and get some help with mine if possible please the 2 red cables are the SSR go to +L1 -L2 ? the 2 black cables 5v power suppy go to 230v ? this is how mactree has wired it up to a motor the SSR wires are black in this photo i want to remove the mazzer switch and replace it with the encoder if im
  14. yeah no probs matey the ones ive linked to hear anyway lol but if you've found any others id be interested to know
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