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  1. Nice one. I had a similar thing with mine and it was well past the 2 year sage warranty period. Lakeland replaced it with no fuss at all ?
  2. Couple from me to add to the list. HTH. Couldn’t spot them on the list but these guys have been around quite a while now... https://www.stewartscoffees.co.uk https://200degs.com also https://47degreescoffee.com
  3. Just gave it a lick. It's sort of mettalic [emoji12]
  4. or use the double basket and just stick two cups in, one under each spout
  5. So after holidays and wotnot its taken me a while to find time outside work hours to get this sorted I spoke with Sage on a couple of occasions and they were very helpful in in trying to resolve over the phone, but in the end they were stumped and suggested they could do no more without an engineer visit. Unfortunately the machine is outside their warranty period so the call out would cost me £90 and an unknown charge in terms of parts and labour to fix, if indeed it is fixable. I've therefore ended up going back to Lakeland where I purchased the machine from. Its approach 3 years old and they have honoured the life time warranty available at time of purchase, and are sending me a brand new machine. It seems Lakeland no longer have the lifetime warranty for new items and its now 3 years, but they assured me this was still applicable to my machine given when it was purchased and it being a large ticket item. I can't praise them enough, for the hassle free customer service and honouring a warranty that could cost them so much. I don't know how they don't go out of business. This will be my third machine from them for the original purchase price! The first machine they delivered was faulty on arrival, but until now I've had no problems from it and I'm happy to stick with it ad infinitum with this warranty and level of support! I wonder what will happen though if/when the Sage DB is discontinued?
  6. Group head is hot nothing else actually seems to be warming up despite LCD saying its reached temperature. The cup warming plate is stone cold as is the machine all round except the group head.
  7. Thanks Slee I also spotted this thread https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?36521-Descaling-problem-valv-error I've let things cool and restarted the machine to ray what you suggested. On first attempt the temp on the LCD went crazy...up to 107 very quickly (apparently) and climbing. So I switched it off and on again and it settled down. Now it seems that the steam boiler is not heating up at all. I just get three beeps when I try and turn the steam handle. So either a thermostat has had it or the steam boiler I am guessing. I'll continue on trying to descale over the weekend and see what Sage have to say on Monday I guess! Thankfully Lakeland did confirm they would replace if I had an issue even though their guarantee page no longer states "lifetime"
  8. So I posted on the new owners thread and probably that was the wrong place. My DB is almost 3 years old and basically I've got condensation on the LCD and pressure gauge and the steam boiler overheating to the point where it doesn't seem to want to stop and steam comes out the pressure release valve. I contacted Lakeland where i purchased it from and then sage on their advice. They basically sent me back instructions to descale it. It's been a while since I did descale it, but I've always followed the cleaning instructions as prompted by the machine. Anyway I thought I better follow sage's advice. I had to order some more puly descaler and I've just been going through the the descale routine. Unfortunately I got stuck after step 4 in the manual. End of step 4 involves opening the boiler valves ("descale access"), draining, closing and then step 5 pressing the Manual button for final flush with clean water. I can't get to step 5 because I continually have the "valv" error message, which I understand means it thinks the boilers have in fact not been emptied. I tried umpteen times with no joy. Finally switched the machine on and off again and let the boilers start to fill leaving the valves open to make sure nothing is clogged up. Water flowed freely. So now everything is closed and I'm waiting for the machine to properly cool off before I go back to the beginning, but I expect I'll just get stuck on the "valv" error again Anyone else had this sort of issue? Any ideas other than ringing sage again on Monday morning? (They don't work weekends it seems)
  9. So I've had my Sage DB since October 2014 and no issues until recently. Hence I've hardly been in the forum I've just been too busy just drinking coffee and not obsessing about the machines, which is nice Anyway recently I've had the pressure gauge and LCD start to condense up, a little leak from under the control area beneath the on switch, and then the steam boiler is overheating.....it just gets hotter and hotter, then steam comes out the release valve into the drip tray, starts to sound weird and I switch it off. It takes an age to then cool down. I contacted Lakeland and then sage who basically sent me back instructions to descale, saying in UK they would recommend doing it every 4-6 weeks. that seems a bit excessive, but then again I've followed the messages on the lcd and look where I've ended up. Does it sound right to you guys that all this needs is a descale? Seems almost too simple. Not done it yet as I ran out of puly caff descaler, just waiting for more to arrive.
  10. Grinder grinder grinder........has to be grinder first for upgrade IMHO. That will make a difference even to the silvia. I stepped up from a Rocky to a new 65E and the difference was marked, but I still struggled to some extent with the finicky silvia. My upgrade there was then to a dual boiler machine to make it easier to do motionless drinks and steam without impacting brew temp. In the end I went with a Sage DB, had it a coup,e of years now and no plan or need to change. It and my 65E do everything I need them to perfectly well. Depends on your budget where you go next really.
  11. So I want to get some sort of airtight storage container to keep ground coffee in at work, where I use a cafetière, to keep as fresh as I can through the week. I can't be doing with grinding just enough day to day as it takes time to dial in my grinder which is primarily on espresso duties at home. So I want to do more in one go and keep it a little longer. I was about to pull the trigger on Amazon, but honestly not sure whether it's worth it. I was looking at those Kilner jar style with one way filters to let co2 and air out but not in (like tightvac or coffeegator), versus an Airscape style jar. Both seem to get mixed reviews, but the former perhaps has a bit more life in it and is cheaper. Any thoughts form anyone who uses either would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I contemplated a refurb mazzer SJ, and would still recommend. But I plumped for an on demand Eureka Zenith 65e and haven't regretted it at all. I think it's al the grinder I will ever need and then some.... https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/eureka-zenith-65e-grinder.html BB were doing a forum offer, possibly that expired long ago, not sure
  13. Nice. I'll swap,you my silver for a black one I couldn't find a black one for love nor money when they first came out!
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