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  1. Similar experience recently. My SDB was well out of the Sage warranty, but I’d purchased at a time when Lakeland guarantee was “for life of the product”. my day 1 SDB had a fault straight away and they replaced immediately, the next machine lasted about 3 years before it gave up the ghost and was replaced again and that lasted about 3 and a half years. The same things happened each time: over heating service boiler which would not switch off unless I unplugged, water build up in pressure gauge,eventually tripping the electrics so couldn’t be used. I think my second one got stuck in d
  2. Looks great. May I ask what walnut varnish you used? i’m making a shelf to go about my coffee machine and was wanting to stain/dye a pine (repurposed form old wardrobe!) before waxing. It difficult to say what might match the wood of my Bianca……doesn’t have to be spot on the same but the same sort of tones like this I think 🙂
  3. Sorry to be a bit thick but where did you stick them exactly? The tray in my bianca doesn’t sit perfectly level, sometimes rattles a bit , it’s at the back corners where it slides under the edge of the main body of the machine. Also the main body has left a mark on the mirrored finish of the tray at that point although you don’t see it unless you take the tray out. I’d considered putting a small piece of that non-slip mat there, but not got round to it as I didn’t know how I’d stop it from keeping fallling out
  4. Yeah I have one of those I use for Christmas lights, but it’s really too chunky to have in the kitchen where space is at a premium. Not sure if the digital one I ordered will but much different but it’s supposedly only 2.3cm deep. Ideally I’d like a smart socket rather than plug….but there is nothing available that matches my relatively new kitchen and I’m loathe to stick a bright white one in and mess with the design. Hence my comment about a smart kettle lead if anyone made one being a good idea imho have read that most smart plugs work on 2.4ghz wifi, so where you have a router tha
  5. I’ve actually been a bit reticent with the smart plug thing. Concerned a little in terms of security and not knowing where in the cloud my settings and details are going. I’m generally not a Luddite but I am a bit risk averse I would say. So I ordered a digital timer instead, overall much bigger but slimmer than the vast majority of smart plugs so for me that helps. Will see how,I get on with it, can always return via Amazon easily enough if it doesn’t pan out 🙂
  6. Unsure tbh, have you tried giving Bella Barista a call? however, personally I don’t think I’d go for an all in one machine since the grinders are often suboptimal. @DavecUK puts it well https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/42600-looking-to-upgrade-sage-barista-vs-lelit-anita-or-is-there-something-else/?do=findComment&comment=611365
  7. If only you could get one with a smart plug feature built in 🙂
  8. Only had mine a couple of weeks, came from BB i found the default 125C for steam boiler was not getting up to 1.5 bar on mine, it was just a bit over 1.3, only had to tweak up to 128 to get the 1.5 bar, which I think for me is sufficient. If I was steaming more in one go I’d be tempted to gradually increase it a little further. I’ve also tweaked the pump pressure which seemed to be about 10.5 bar to start on the pump (maybe slightly more) but I was getting up to 12 at the group with the paddle flow fully open when pulling a shot. So I’ve bought it back to 9 at pump, then gradually ve
  9. That looks fantastic 👍 is it somehow painted or is it resin fusion?
  10. Coffee delivery today…shout out for Stewart’s of Trent Bridge (Nottingham)
  11. It’s a tough one. For me Steve is Has Bean I’ve always loved coffee, had a large stove top ceramic peculator that got me through uni, when I eventually bought a very cheap DeLonghi espresso machine it lasted me about 5 mins before I realised the bad choice I’d made. I kind of stumbled across Steve who was just setting things up at their place near Stafford and as I knew the place, since That is where I’d been at Uni, I popped over and he gave me a quick tour of what they were doing (I seem to recall they’d had a new roaster arrive on that morning that would massively scale things up for
  12. This. Well yesterday actually, and the Osmio only the day before, but bianca is only just out the box… <Gollum>…my eyes, my eyes, it blindses!</Gollum> I think I need to be the white gloves out and go have a lie down as my Yorkshire mind can’t quite settle what with the 💰
  13. Thanks, that is what I had assumed, just double checking! 🙄
  14. Resurrecting a thread, hope that is ok! 🙂 new bianca user here just going through setup. Presumably those of you using the Osmio Zero (or other RO for that matter) don’t use the lelit water filter as well?
  15. Won’t worry about it until calibrated I think. Not sure to be honest if it is 8 ph whether that’s to be expected or anything to worry about. Used the water in my filter coffee today and I wouldn’t say it tasted odd in any way, new espresso machine has also arrived but not unboxed yet…job for the weekend!
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