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  1. Sorry to snipe in but if it's still going I'll take it at asking, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Great, thanks. Courier looks reasonable - do you have a preference for dropping off or pickup from yours? If the latter can you PM me your address and which days would work for a pickup next week? Thanks
  3. No rush mate! Good luck getting back...
  4. @NT1984 - not at all my friend! Clearly an in-demand bit of kit... FWIW I found that getting the tapatalk app on your phone helped with finding kit for sale before it got snapped up - you can set it to ping you a notification whenever something gets listed
  5. Thanks. Isn't too bad on the train but given I'm not around much on the weekends over the next few weeks, might be quicker/easier to get it couriered anyway (sorry @NT1984 - offered this in my original message too!). Roughly how much do you think the parcel would weigh and what size would it be? Then I can get a quick quote on the courier.
  6. Ahh thanks. Acton is over an hour away from me I'm afraid, so that probably won't work. Exactly are you based usually? Various trains from Finsbury Park going north.
  7. Hi Gary, I'd take at asking but unfortunately won't be able to make it out to your neck of the woods because I don't have a car! I'm in north London near Finsbury Park though - do you ever come into town? Otherwise happy to arrange a courier if you can box up? Thanks!
  8. ca1mac

    Vario Grinder

    Hi all - looking for a Vario with ceramic burrs. Let me know if one pops up! Thanks
  9. Ahh shame. I'm in London. Thanks anyway!
  10. Could be tempted.. Where are you based?
  11. Hi all - I've been using Rave to date and buying 350g or 500g bags at a time (250g too small/postage becomes expensive, 1kg bags end up binning half because it becomes stale) although they've now stopped doing these sizes. Does anyone have any recommendations for other roasters that still do these sizes? Thanks
  12. Ah thanks but unfortunately I don't have a car, and not sure I'd manage lugging it on my bike!
  13. If you do decide to post then offer here at asking price!
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