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  1. Really great grinder! Which will last forever especially as the burrs have barley been used!
  2. Afraid not, I want to keep it all together and sell as a whole. I would say the steel burrs have had around 3kg coffee through them max! Thanks for your interest.
  3. If somebody wants them I can put them up, I don't have the grinder in front of me right now hence no photos. Cheers though.
  4. Good afternoon I am selling my vario with the steel burrs for filter as well as the original ceramic burrs. I have had this grinder for around a year now bought from brand new. It is still in excellent working order and condition.Selling as I just dont get the use out of it. Looking for £220 and to be collected from my address in Bath. Any questions please ask.
  5. Beanben


    Am I right to think that you mean 500ml Beyoza to 100ml lanjeron Thanks
  6. Beanben


    Thanks so Much for your help! Is there anyway you can explain this ratio in grams/ml eg mix 100ml water one with ...ml water two Many thanks
  7. Beanben


    Any chance you can photo the mineral content for me?? Kind regards Ben
  8. Beanben


    Good evening I am visiting Spain (near Malaga) in a few weeks and I was wondering if a body has any recommendations for good bottled water to brew filter with? Many thanks
  9. I never said that was too pricey, just more then I want to spend.
  10. I have seen them go for 120-150 on here. Sounds like a sensible price to me.
  11. Thanks for the reply but that's far more then I'm expecting to pay. Cheers
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