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  1. Apples and oranges... I love the innovation but see it maturing in a very short space of time and expect V3 will be availble in 18-24 months. This will also have a knock on effect to second hand values of V1 machines more so then a tradition machine of similar age. Maybe Decent will off upgrade kits to older machines...
  2. This is a very good question. I think most of us spending this kind of money in the prosumer category would expect a service life of around 10 years, so Decent will you be able to service my machine in 10 years time? And when do you see it being made obsolete? Personally I think the machine is still in the beta development stage and as such is not for me, I will be waiting until they release V3>.
  3. Either Victoria Arduino Mythos One or Mahlkönig EK43.
  4. On my old E61 machine I used a sponge the same as DaveC to clean behind the screen:-
  5. I clean water backflush daily, drop the screen weekly, purge boilers monthly and chemical backflush every 3 months or 150 cups. is the BF procedure not documented in the manual? I'm sure DaveC will be around shortly to guide you on specifics for your machine.
  6. Probably an uneven tamp or cold porta filter... A coffee distribution tool can also help, use it before you tamp for a more consistent pull, it also a good idea to employ the WDT. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/3566/s/motta-58mm-coffee-leveling-tool/ I would also look at getting a VST basket at some point.
  7. Your grinder will need a few Kg's through it before you get a consistent grind as the burrs need to bed in. In a few months it would be wise to calibrate the burrs, this is easy and makes a big difference on these machines. By the way nice setup!
  8. For bread I use this, cheap and works a treat:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Victorinox-Rosewood-Bread-Serrated-stainless_steel/dp/B000IAZC14/
  9. Sadly, 30 year old Sabatier knives are a far better quality to some of the blades that carry the name these days. You can still get them, made in 1950-1960:- https://www.sabatier-shop.com/9-in-slicing-knife-carbon.html
  10. I have some forged K-Sabatier's, they are very nice and will last a lifetime:- https://www.sabatier-shop.com/authentique-1834-limited-1.html My favourite knife is a Misono UX10 210mm Gyuto.
  11. I may be interested, can you PM me? A shop I know is looking for one.
  12. John makes some good points above... Another consideration is space, do you have space for a tall grinder? Does it have to live under a cupboard for example?
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