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  1. Items boxed up, paid for and collected (cheers bud). £20 donated to the forum. Can a mod change this as sold?
  2. Brilliant. I'll send you a PM with details.
  3. I'll keep it as a complete package for the time being, just to keep things simple. Thanks for the interest.
  4. As the title states, I have a 3-4 year old VBM Domobar Junior HX for sale together with a 2 year old matt black Mignon ii. Also included is a double, single and naked portafilter together with a 15g and 18g VST; Erics thermometer (fitted); Black 35cl Motta jug; Cafelat tamp mat; and lastly a Torr Ti 58.55 TF Tamper. All the equipment is in a nice condition with a few marks on the machine through usage - drip tray, cup warmer and group lever etc.The machine has been fed on bottled water - mainly Volvic. I use it for 1 to 2 coffees a day. Points to note: It has not been serviced though it runs well. The lever has marks on it from contact with the microswitch and sometimes can feel a little notchy due to the design of the button on the microswitch Collection only from Leighton Buzzard area; though I'm happy to meet somewhere within around 30 miles drive excluding London. £660 for the lot and I'll happily donate £20 to the forum.
  5. Looking to upgrade and was wondering what my 3 year old Domobar could be worth. In good condition; used twice daily and fed on Volvic. Has 3 portafilters: single, double, naked. Also has an Erics thermometer attached.
  6. Hi. Try here: https://www.espresso-solutions.co.uk/diagrams.asp?b=vibiemme&t=01 I've ordered from these before with no issues.
  7. 01. Coffeechap 02. Tsangpa 03. Thecatlinux 04. Asgross 05. Scottomus0 06. Ubiquitousphoton 07. Gingerben 08. Bronc 09. Fluffles 10. Rhys 11. Jlarkin 12. Martyrdon 13. Christos_geo 14. Salty 15. Ted_kent 16. Jon_foster 17. Simon_s 18. Working dog 19. Jony 20. Msm 21. Mrshades 22. Goram 23. Khampal 24. Ronsil 25. Ktd 26. iulianato 27. eddie57 28. chip_kara 29. GeoffTucks 30. johnealey 31. missy 32. Dunx90 33. Nod 34. Martinierius 35. d_lash 36. Bigben 37. WillUK2010 38. Steveholt 39. Deejaysuave 40.rob177palmer 41. cambosheff 42. matharon 43. grumpydaddy 44. IZ2018 45. Doolallysquiff
  8. Offer accepted - many thanks. Will move this to PM.
  9. If you were to purchase the app not the software then it would be cheaper. However, if you require the software I would consider the other VST refractometer for sale on this forum: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?41152-VST-LAB-Coffee-III-Refractometer-%A3600-00. The refractometer was purchased in February this year. Whether or not the warranty is transferable, I do not know. Thanks for your interest.
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