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  1. Lol ! I have nothing to declare about any personal affiliation with Costco or Starbucks. Yes I forgot the joining fee, it is a barrier. The wife signed up just recently. I think they have been carrying Sbux espresso for a few years. I tried the jampit etc etc. and to the other poster , pour coffee instead of scorn :coffee and peace to all.
  2. Hi again folks. Well I am reporting back on a "neat find". But first let me say I tried each of those packs and I have to say with some regret that I did not find anything in preference to Starbucks Espresso roast among the ones I tried. I have given up trying to find an alternative. In my opinion Starbucks have hit upon a winning blend formula for their espresso that I believe has underpinned their success , helped along by clever presentation and marketing certainly. So what is the "neat find" you may ask ? The answer was not an alternative , but greater quantity of Sbux es
  3. Sorry it's just izzo silver sounded like a liquid polish for silverware. After googling I realise it is an espresso.
  4. Sbux use the espresso base in many if not all their coffee-based drinks - americano , latte , cappuccino. It has served them well and yes it's "Mmmmmm yummy" as filter too.
  5. I am using a £30 Krups grinder I got from JL a few yrs back, been using it ever since for Starbucks whole bean espresso grinding. I am having Brighton Lanes as filter coffee. I have an aeropress too , but have not tried it with the Brighton Lane , probably should tomorrow. I don't have an espresso shot maker.
  6. The sample of Jampit that they sent me was complimentary , about 150g and came in a similar bag but was also a zip lock one , wish the 500g bags also had this.
  7. Ok so I received a selection of dark roasts from Coffee compass. I let them rest a week before trying. I tried a different one each day this week. I have tried Jampit , Mocha dor, Mediterranean mocha espresso blend , these did not leave a lasting impression on me I'm afraid. Today I tried Brighton Lanes espresso ... Now that made me sit up and pay attention. It is quite close to Starbucks espresso and I can forget about my faux pas with Carte Noire. The Brighton Lanes has what I would describe as a full body , not sure if that's correct but it has a very pleasant aftertaste which
  8. Thanks marcuswar. if anyone can make any specific coffee suggestions based on the above description , as Starbucks sums up theire espresso : intense caramelly sweet, a blend of beans from Latin America, Asia/Pacific. Starbucks once changed their packaging of their espresso bags from white to brown. I noticed a change in taste for the very worst , had it changed and it was the same. I wrote to them complaining about it (the implication being that perhaps it was more than the packaging that had been changed ). The packaging eventually reverted back to white . I do wonder if t
  9. I just rang coffee compass and they are sending out a sample of 5 types for just under £20, including the Jampit one . I am looking forward to this experience . I told them what I am after and as Starbucks describes their own espresso ("deep and dark, intense caramelly sweetness, bold"): body: full acidity: medium processing: washed and semi-washed.
  10. Well to be fair , there were 2 recommendations for a continental or French roast, like I said Asda didn't stock anything of this description. So I took a punt on something that happened to not taste that dissimilar to what I am after. The other issue is how much money one is happy to throw away on something you might not like the taste of and how much money you can justify for the coffee habit, granted these roasters do seem to sell in bags of at least half a kilo, but most are over £6 and then you have to add postage. But I will probably give one of those a whirl , maybe the Jampit one as I
  11. TBH , I think it will need to be something I can pick off a supermarket shelf. Asda had Starbucks espresso whole bean at half price , £2.12 ! I almost had a moment of weakness . I'm just sipping Carte Noire which they imported from France . It says arabica. It does not say espresso on the pack. It is not bad though and probably the closest I have tasted to Starbucks espresso yet. I think Carte Noire do a line of differing strengths of espresso and I will be exploring those at some point.
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