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  1. Currently drinking the Barn Finca La Fortuna. One of the best coffees I have had in a while - stewed fruit flavours and rich caramel/ molasses finish. Brewed by Aeropress (16g-240g, 30 second bloom, 30 seconds to top up with water, 30 seconds steep, 30 seconds plunge).
  2. You're right, apologies for the confusion. Grinder sold.
  3. Sorry, apologies for the confusion. It's yours for £95 collected from Bethnal Green. Where are you located?
  4. That would be my preference. Drop me a PM and we'll organise it!
  5. I don't really have any suitable packaging and it's pretty heavy. Ideally I'd like it collected as my first option
  6. As above. Fully working Mazzer SJ Timer. Works perfectly. The condition is not perfect - it's missing the lid of the doser (does absolutely nothing) and I also removed the portafilter fork because it was annoying, but I haven't got it any more. Works well, burrs could probably do with a change soon. Was an ex-coffee shop machine as far as I know, bought on eBay. I've had it for just over a year and a half. The photos hopefully show the condition as best as possible. I'm looking for £160 ONO cash collected from Bethnal Green, E2. (I'm not too sure how much this is worth any more, so let me know if I'm way off the mark).
  7. As above. Good condition Gaggia Classic 2010 + extras. I'm the second owner. Have used majority filtered or bottled water but in the interest of honesty it has been used with tap water too (living in London). It's in fully working condition but it's not perfect in terms of cosmetic appearance, there are marks from cleaning on the top and sides, and there's some marks underneath the drip tray on the bottom of the machine. The portafilter forms the best seal when past perpendicular - I think this is due to the gasket. You could replace it if you want to, but I have been using it like this since I bought it - just screw the portafilter into the grouped until it goes tight and forms a seal. I've tried my best to document the condition of it as much as possible. - Standard portafilter with original single spout and third party double spout - OPV mod done ~ 9 bars - OEM basket - Brass dispersion plate - V1/V2 Rancilio steam wand (fitted) - Mesh shower plate - Includes blank basket for backflushing. Also includes Made by Knock beech heft 58.35mm flat tamper and small Olympia milk jug I'm looking for £95 all in, collected from Bethnal Green, London E2. I also have a Mazzer super jolly which I am selling on another thread. Can do a package deal.
  8. You're up! It appears the cups are yours. Send me a PM and we can get it sorted.
  9. I think forum rules say you get it mate (correct me if I'm wrong) drop me a PM and we will arrange payment and delivery.
  10. I've got some Inker Luna coffee cups for sale - with no saucers. 3 x Inker 70ml (2.5) espresso cups like these (except in orange): http://coffeehit.co.uk/inker-black-espresso-cup-70ml-2-5oz and 3 x Inker 160ml (6oz) flat white cups like these: http://coffeehit.co.uk/inker-black-white-cup-160ml-6oz Retail is £5.35 and £7.15 respectively, each on Coffee Hit. That makes the value of these £37.50 for all 6. I am happy to sell for £22 + postage ONO.
  11. I didn't say that that was what I was willing to pay for the new version, did I...
  12. Yep, understandable. Being a student (albeit with expensive taste) I had to try and haggle. I'll take second dibs at £100 if for some reason it falls through! Otherwise I will have to hold out for the new Lunar version.
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