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  1. Jim basically is the same system, of course there are several type of films with different thickness and of course more durable.
  2. Sligolad thanks for your interest, the deal is done. Thanks
  3. because it was not designed yet, and in any case only on this machine there are this arms. the standard machine is always like to one that you have.
  4. Here we go! I'm going o sell one of my machines from my private collection, unused Vesuvius wrapped carbon fiber version, unique with a mod steam wands. PTFE version. Here some pics. 2650 £ shipped. feel free to contact me for any details. Thanks Paolo This is a link to the user guide done by Davec of your forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesu...ile.php?id=148
  5. Yes still available. If you are interested email me at [email protected] thanks
  6. Another one on the way to Qatar, thanks Stuart
  7. Due of ptfe pipe it’s easy to go to the joint, in the bottom there are 3 bolts that hold the boiler, you have to remove them than you should able to remove the boiler a bit just to put your hand on the water distributor. Try to not remove any pipe from the boiler even if the steam pipe in in copper, it’s flexible. Also as Dave said you have to remove the top panel and side panel but you have to open the the door and remove also the bracket that go around the top of the machine and a bracket that hold the transformer. Keep us informed Paolo Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. One machine has gone. Thanks Danny from Hong Kong
  9. no additional warranty is available. the machine is shipped in a wooden box and in one case has been shipped back to us to fix a shipping problem covered by us.
  10. If you buy as a company and vat registered, the price is net and you will not pay vat but it will go in compensation with annual taxes. I want to be clear, every company that buy something from another company outside of their country will not pay the vat, there is a module called intrastat that the accountant fill in the end of the year where make a compensation with the goods bought overseas, the good bought inside of the country and the goods sold. So its not necessary to claim nothing.
  11. someone post for me. And what you have asked is on the way free of charge. Have a good day Kenny
  12. Some people may know we are moving factory, our old place is being redeveloped. The move is expensive for us but good for you. I have 3 machines I want to sell rather than move to the new factory. I also have a carbon fibre wrap machine which was shown only at exhibition and I will do a separate advert for this. £2150 New Vesuvius, Stainless steel outside PTFE standard pipes inside... If you want stainless pipework inside... + £250 I will add an E61 group pressure gauge to any machine for free (if you ask nicely). http://www.elcor.it/vesuvius-en/ Subsidised delivery cost is £20 (this is for the UK normal postal addresses) for other destinations especially outside Europe, there may be an extra charge, or if you are in one of those special places where you know postage is very expensive/special tax charges. These machines are shipped by Air to the UK, so no long waits Everything comes with a 2 year parts warranty only and will come with whatever plug you require for your country of origin. This is a link to the user guide done by Davec of your forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesu...ile.php?id=148 Please send me a message if you want any of the machines The carbon fibre wrap machine, look out for the advert which I do later.
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