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  1. Glad I found the answer to that one. I couldn't believe that coffee community was passing up the opportunity to do a bit of back-door horse trading. I'm currently falling for a Ferrari Red Mignon Specialita but I haven't managed to drum up a narrative for my dear one that's good enough to justify my expenditure of nearly £500 less than 12 months after I purchased a high-end full-suspension mountain e-bike. I'm interested in what the For Sale section has to say about what other grinders are in that price range. (I'm hoping this post will bring my total to 5 post!)
  2. Thanks all for all the advice. I've decided on a Eureka Mignon Speicialita, having binned the alternative of a Baritza Sette 270 which appears to have reliability issues. Is there anything else I should be thinking about at this point?
  3. 'Using pressurised baskets is a whole different ball game than using pressurised baskets.' Yep, I'd already begun to realise that Blue_Cafe. I'm still getting up to speed on the some of the issues, such as grinder quality, and suspected as much when I wrote the original post and realised the likely culprit was my 'cheap' grinder. I wanted someone to confirm it. Meanwhile I have been watching reviews! To that end, I'm looking at the Sage (Breville) Smart Grinder Pro which seems to be the minimum quality level that will allow me to set the grind size to hit the 20-30 second shot time. The other one I'm thinking of is the Rancilio Rocky. Thanks to all for the helpful comments. Any ideas on this folks?
  4. I decided to take things to the next level: refurbed and overhauled one of my Gaggia Classics, set the OPV to 9 Bar with a portafilter guage, purchased a classy 'naked portafilter' so that I could watch the delicious rich crema curl into the the shot cup, ground my beans to the finest setting on my Cuisinart (cheap) burr grinder and it produced a fine grind that had the consistency of salt. Despite all this, the coffee sprayed everywhere. The shot worked it's way through in about 10 seconds with very little crema. It was so poor, I'm going back to the pressurised basket and crema pin until I can work out what's going on. Any suggestions?
  5. OK thanks, i solved this by putting the boiler in an oven at 150c for an hour which sorted it out on a multimeter. The random pump startup was because I thought that the colour coding to the switch was all I need to do when in fact you have to precisely connect the cables irrespective of colour coding. After cannibalizing another Gaggia machine for parts (switches, steam valve, boiler, steam knob, thermostat) I finally have a fully refurbed Classic, machine!
  6. After 6 years of heavy service I retired my Gaggia Classic when saw smoke emerging from the switches and then found copious amounts of liquid and white salts inside the case. It was still running though. I tore it down to individual component level and rebuilt the boiler then rethreaded the wiring exactly per my photographs. Happily, i have a standby classic available at all times for just such an eventuality. I purchased a replacement switch. Sadly, when I plugged it in, the first thing that happened was that the pump started up, even the power and brew buttons were in the off position. I immediately thought it must be my switch wiring but it checks out with the wiring in the identical (working) machine. When I flipped the power switch on it immediately tripped my mains RCD. Is it possible I messed up the heating elements in the boiler by immersing the boiler in acetic acid?
  7. I am experiencing similar problems. When dismantling, the valve piston unscrewed from the body completely but when I screwed it in, steam continued to leak at a rapid rate from the steam arm (panarello). Screwed in tightly seemed to make no difference. The thing looks undamaged out to the body so I don't really know what I am doing wrong.
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