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  1. It's a good method. It's having the patience (or time) at work to wait as long.... After watching it I stumbled across James's 'ember mug' review - what a great review (regardless of your opinion of the mug)!!!
  2. Thanks for that @MWJB I'm off to research the Bodum Colombia! ??
  3. Been away for a while but recently been back checking out the new web design - all change! Been mainly concentrating on brewed coffee during my period of absence..... I'm thinking of purchasing a French press for work as it's a quick and convenient way to make a brew for 2-3 cups with minimal fuss. Has anyone used the espro french press's? Should I be considering something else? Cheers
  4. Over past few days ended up at Monmouth Covent Garden, Soho Grind, Damson & Co in Soho and a place called Notes near Charing Cross
  5. I'm in London for the next couple of days starting near covent garden. I've got Monmouth on my list as it's only a few minutes from where I'm staying but it's shut on a Sunday. Any other other recommendations - is there a coffee map? Recommendation for Sunday brunch and coffee would be great! ?
  6. Not so much the postie but brought this back from my hols yesterday as had a delicious filter when visiting Nomad, Barcelona
  7. It made me reminisce of enjoying a coffee with a cigarette in a coffee shop before we all became healthy! Lol
  8. Certainly does look good and is a bargain price! I'll do a bit more reading up for sure. Cheers
  9. Thanks boots. What would you recommend instead of a hand grinder for the £300 - 400 mark?
  10. Hi, been away for a while enjoying LSOL - rhinoware hand grinder used to the point I've definately got my money worth! I've hardly used the classic and mignon. I'm seriously considering selling my mignon and trying to secure a Baratz Settle 270w so I have an electric grinder that I can use for brewed and espresso as the mignon is not easy to dial in / move back and forth.... Looking for opinions please? 270w a worthwhile purchase or are there other suggestions? Cheers
  11. Couple more snaps.... West Berlin A KaDeWe Raspberry Tart..... Unfortunately I didn't take any pics from Father Carpenter but check out their Facebook site. If any of you are looking for a city break that has it all I would definately recommend you try Berlin if you haven't been. Cheers
  12. Well folks thanks for all your tips. Im back and it was great! Did a lot in our time in Berlin. Got Welcome travel passes on arrival at Schonefeld Airport and used the fully by every travel means - U Bahn / S Bahn / Trams / Intercity / bus. Best public transport Ive been on. We covered a lot of both East and West. Favourite neighbourhood was Prenzlauer Berg - which was handy as we were staying near Hackesher Markt. Did a Fattires bike tour which was great fun, took in the main sights, went to Sachsenhausen Camp, shopping (KaDeWe, Galeries Lafayette, Potsdam Platz)...... Plenty of coffee drank throughout the trip and put on a few pounds with all the eating and beer..... Manged a few of the well known coffee shops. The Barn Roastery, Bonanza, Father Carpenter (Espresso Cheesecake amazing) and West Berlin. Had a variety of brewed (V60 / Aero), Epresso and Flat whites - all good and hard to pick a favourite but I did return to Father Carpenter on more than one occassion.... Went to Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun - what a selection. Visited The Bird steakhouse and give 'Da Birdhouse' my seal of approval! Favourite food was 'Mustafas' street food stand beside Mehringdamm UBahn entrance. Tried the Currywurst from Curry36 - awful! Too much to document it all but had a great time and will definately be back. Im no photographer but took a couple snaps to break up the text.... The Barn Roastery (a well deserved warm up as it was rather cold) Bonanza
  13. You inspired me..... First attempt.....could have been worse! I'll not be near Portugal anytime soon so I thought I'd bring a little Portugal to me!
  14. I was intrigued by the whole 'ending' discussion so did I little research myself. The rumour of the amended ending appears to have never been quelled by Fincher as it was all good for the build up to the cinema release...... I see there are however subtle differences but the punch line remains the same. Still a bit of a let down in my opinion. I watched D.O.A last night for a little injection of film noir. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  15. No raving for me - happy with a decent meal and few beers! Cheers though
  16. Well that is certainly a tremendous link. No shortage of cracking venues! I'll have to find some nearby tourist attractions so Mrs brewdog doesn't think we're traveling everywhere solely for coffee related purposes!!
  17. @NickdeBug that's great - Hopefully you can fix up a bit of trip report . Im close too......about a 10 minute walk from both the Barn Roastery and the Barn Coffeshop.....
  18. Thanks guys. Yeah both on the hit list. Any other recomendatikns? Any folk been to Berlin recently with some top tips?
  19. Never read the book myself but had heard the ending was different - not sure of why Fincher strayed from it. I do agree though - ending was a bit of a let down
  20. I'm off to Berlin in October for 4 nights and I'm now starting to think about where I plan to visit (coffee and non-coffee related). There seems to be so many cracking cafes and decent sights / attractions I'm never going to fit everything in. I'm hoping for some recommendations please to help me prioritise! Cheers
  21. Hi @DoubleShot could I please have the code PM'd too. Cheers!
  22. Sort out your caffeine withdrawal associated headache with a couple of anadin plus (paracetamol and caffeine!)
  23. I just did a manual update and it worked a treat. So far so good. Edge / Chrome / Firefox all working..... The only issue I have identified is I seem to have a generic Asus driver for my Touchpad on my S200e and I cant use smart gestures to scroll web pages. Pain in the backside...
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