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  1. I'll take this. Pm me your payment details. Thanks Steffan
  2. Looking forward to trying this, just put my order through
  3. Appreciate you aren't looking for offers, but.... if you were looking to reduce the price to £400 I would be interested (and could pick up this weekend).
  4. What is the history of the machine?
  5. I was looking at this to get a dual boiler. Given the age and some of the issues this model had is it a good buy and at what £?
  6. I'm interested can you post some more pictures?
  7. I've only got 39cm space so I don't think this will work for me. Thanks for remeasuring
  8. What is the lowest height this will go to with the legs at their shortest? Standard height is too big for my cupboards ?
  9. Does this have height adjustable feet?
  10. Are the remaining dimensions accurate? Looking at the stats of the v3 the height is 38cm?
  11. This would be right up my street, but sadly no way of getting to Basingstoke ?
  12. Please can I have the code as well?
  13. Again not wishing to take the p!ss but I could pick it up for £600.
  14. Please will somebody buy this or I'll end up working a trip to buy it into my holiday plans which may cause divorce proceedings to start!!!!
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