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  1. Awww fantastic! Congrats to you both. Little sweetie (the baby, not you 😂). Forceps? Your lady will need some TLC!
  2. My Achilles heel of latte art [emoji85]
  3. [email protected] what’s not to love? Here’s Gail in her RV enjoying life. Thought you might have appreciated her no nonsense approach - no weighing, no timing, no fancy art...just a coffee in a plastic cup.
  4. mmmatron


    Pulled a shot this morning, pour sounded a bit odd...no cup!
  5. 😱 Heresy! 😆 Gail is an absolute legend, I love her videos. They’re in the category of ‘so bad they’re good’.
  6. I picked one up 4 years ago from a forum member for £400. Absolutely loved it!
  7. I’m going stick my head above the parapet and say I don’t love espresso that much (I’ll get my coat). I only have a small amount of milk in espresso but enjoy it so much more this way. Anything filter is always black though, I hate milk in my brewed coffee [emoji2370]
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