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  1. Haha sounds like something I’d say!
  2. The white looks much nicer than my black one
  3. Is this still for sale? Would consider offering asking price if it can be sent by courier.
  4. Holy moly that gasket is well and truly gone!
  5. Yes used to love it for the Vesuvius but it doesn’t fit well on the DE1+, a touch too big so you can’t give it a wiggle.
  6. No, mostly come in a kilo bag. Love it when they split [emoji16]
  7. I’d just walked in with emergency beans when the postman arrived with these [emoji85] they can have a good rest.
  8. I stand corrected. The grounds will only compress to a certain point so the idea of x amount of force is not that relevant, I suppose was my point made badly. I’ve found with the DE if I tamp lightly I get uneven flow.
  9. Yeah, it has variable RPM adjustment from 100-1500 [emoji50] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Can’t see me changing machine any time soon but I do have my eye on a levercraft ultra [emoji102]
  11. Agree with black cat, tamping pressure is horse sh*t. You can’t really ‘over tamp’ but you can under tamp, it will cause channelling. Being level is the key thing so don’t wobble the tamper. As others have mentioned, fill your hopper. You’ll get really inconsistent results otherwise. You’ll waste a lot of coffee dialling in but once there you’re set. Ditch the lidl beans! Follow black cat’s advice, it’s spot on [emoji1303] good luck [emoji4]
  12. We’re about 10mins south of Bakewell. There are so many lovely places!
  13. We arrived in Derbyshire this afternoon for a few days...with our full espresso kit in tow. It was a really straightforward job to pack up the DE1+ in it s protective suitcase. Was a bit worried about the monolith but that got packed in nice and cosy in the boot around some soft and supportive things. So here we are on the farm, surrounded by alpacas, horses, sheep, hens, pigs, lambs, cats and a dog. Absolutely lovely!
  14. I genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about
  15. Case in point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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