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  1. Really care about this community so I felt compelled to dip back in to show my support. for those struggling with antidepressants, in my experience (as a senior nurse in specialist mental health services), it’s often about finding one that suits you, some work better than others for individuals. They can be highly effective at the right dose and one that suits you. I always encourage patients to discuss this with their prescriber. Good info here about recent studies: https://www.nhs.uk/news/medication/big-new-study-confirms-antidepressants-work-better-placebo/ on a perso
  2. and to be absolutely clear, I’ll say what @Chap-a-chino is inferring to; our glorious leader, sorry, TSK has been complicit in this and has engaged in bullying behaviour towards @MildredMalso. I fully expect this to be shut down now. Perhaps I’ll get a polite pm to ask me to ‘tone it down’ or maybe they won’t give me the courtesy they showed to their mates. Regardless, I’m out. Best wishes to everyone. Catch me on insta if you want a catch up.
  3. I’m with @coffeechap (who understands the ins and outs of this forum more than most). If self-aggrandisement takes priority over people, on a bloody coffee forum for the love of god, then I have nothing more to add here.
  4. He bullied another member He got banned for bullying another member. I don’t think anyone wants to be on a forum where that’s ok or it’s condoned because you’re a ‘bit of a character’. Dfk was banned by the forum owner. If you enjoyed his posts, he’s over in the coffee time forum.
  5. The thread ‘A quick question about mods and admins‘ gives some insight
  6. Me neither, I had to double check where I was 🤣
  7. I’m right there with you. Just wow.
  8. It’s.a.coffee.forum. for the love of god, they’ll be doing DBS checks next.
  9. Isn’t that rather like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  10. @Rapid since you seem to know so much about what’s been going on, why don’t you share with us how many reports have been generated in the last 5 months about bullying, inappropriate comments, bigotry etc? How many hours mods have put in to try and sort it out, the change of terms and conditions to reflect that? I’m really interested to know and others may too...what do you know? I don’t say this to be provocative or argumentative, I’m genuinely curious how you know about what’s been going on in the background and your interpretation of it.
  11. Indeed but we’re “snowflakes” aren’t we? We need a special place where we can’t be offended. dont know whether you’ve seen the coffee time ‘funnies’ thread where women wearing niqab were likened to bags of rubbish. Our mod team who also mod that forum deemed that to be appropriate content. Terrifying.
  12. Sadly he does know what’s been going on. We’ve been explicit, he’s seen the evidence. He said he wanted to get someone with “neutrality” to help him to make a decision. As if you can’t see victimisation and bullying when it’s staring you in the face! That’s why I got kicked off, it led to somewhat of an angry tirade from me. He also suggested we have separate off topics for Those that are “sensitive” 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I don’t know who the mods are now cos Tait kicked me out. I’m not bitter! 😂
  14. Nobody dislikes Dave and I’ve never had any issues with him personally. We (Mods) had to make a consensus decision around conduct and posts that didn’t meet the forum rules and I think it’s common knowledge that DaveC got a suspension for a week as a result. Tait was involved in decision making as were all mods. in addition to that, dfk was given a warning for his behaviour, he went off it and was suspended temporarily. He then continued to behave in an unacceptable way and Tait permanently banned him. Although I fully expect him to be reinstated at some point as there was definitely a d
  15. I think members may be voting with their feet on this one. But hey, we got our “expert” back. Got to keep those pennies rolling in.
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