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  1. Mine’s still at the Royal Mail office [emoji24]
  2. Huge thanks @fatbiyslim, you got us some absolutely amazing coffee!
  3. Thanks folks, appreciate the kind words. I love this community, which is what it is and why we share our stories (and holiday photos) in addition to the coffee stuff.
  4. [email protected] It’s one of those ‘let’s make the most of the time we have’ sort of things. Another reason I’ve not been around much, we’ve been making lots of nice memories for the wee one.
  5. Same for me. The upgrade really screwed up tapatalk and it just isn’t the same. Went back to work recently and had some bad news about my mum’s health so things feel a bit more hectic too.
  6. Our neighbours are lovely, it was the postie who flipped his lid. It was a redelivery and was utterly livid I didn’t answer the door. When I finally answered, after some fairly aggressive knocking, he went off on a tirade about how I should be in (despite answering the door!). He was really rude and aggressive so I reported it to Royal Mail. The upshot though is he won’t leave parcels with neighbours anymore [emoji22]
  7. I got the red card. Our postie has stopped leaving parcels with neighbours after I didn’t hear the door one day, he went crazy and told me off. Strange chap.
  8. Have only just opened mine, it’s lovely. 17.5g to 35g out in 34s for espresso, with lovely brown sugar, almost molassesy notes coming through but with a really nice acidity. I haven’t peeped yet, anyone else?
  9. PM me your details Jon [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I do indeed, PM me your address [emoji1303]
  11. I can second the frank green cups, they’re really good.
  12. Happy belated birthday M, hope you had a fab day xx
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