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  1. You'll always (with practice) get better results in doing it yourself over what the automatic machines make, if you are truly set on getting a fully auto machine I'd definitely advise Sage over Delonghi. You could look at getting a second hand Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder for less than your budget and IMO will be better than an auto bean to cup automatic machine. Have a look through the setups sub-forum for some inspiration!
  2. @Kyle T I'm your mystery seller looks good, glad your giving it the refurb it deserves. You're making me want to do a refurb on my own now, however you saw it was in much worse condition than this. A job when I move house I think. That's a cracking effort if you've never done any spray painting before. Probably don't need so many coats but no harm done. Do you plan on adding a lacquer layer on top of the paint? I'd suggest this for a matt lacquer https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rustoleum-AE0040003E8-400ml-Crystal-Clear/dp/B001W03PS6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8 A lacquered top coat
  3. @Lewis. I'll have the dosing chute if still available. If so send your paypal details and I'll get a payment through
  4. PM'd you a while ago @whiteyj asking if you could make a distributing funnel like the picture above to fit a Gaggia Classic standard basket, I've seen on Thingiverse you have something already for a Classic so surely a simple change from the current design.
  5. Pyro

    Gaggia parts

    @oracleoftruth Still waiting for your PM If you've changed your mind just say. Missed a cheap machine locally I could've salvaged the parts I wanted from. I'd rather not miss another.
  6. Pyro

    Gaggia parts

    Trying to build a bit of a parts base at the moment since I have 2 machines I'm working on and another coffee machine related project that'll hopefully come to light soon! I think about the only thing I wont make any use of is the case, the plastic panalero attachments and coffee scoop... I can pick up from Tuesday onwards if that's ok for you?
  7. Pyro

    Gaggia parts

    @oracleoftruth I work in Leeds so whatever is easiest for you, I'm happy to pay asking price and collect in Sheffield unless you're over this way. Happy to move to PM to arrange a collection date/time/address if ok with you.
  8. Pyro

    Gaggia parts

    @oracleoftruth I've had a post in the Wanted section for a couple of weeks, can I have the portafilter and the pipe from the steam valve assembly to the steam wand itself? I can collect in Sheffield if needs be I work in Leeds. I'd rather only take the two bits but otherwise If you want collection I'll take it all for £25. Thanks
  9. Thanks @Jumbo Ratty updated now!
  10. 30-60 I'd say depends who's buying and how fast you need cash!
  11. Well, turns out I'd probably over tightened my shower screen too, a much better dispersion now, had to make a coffee to test as well, better result in the puck too!
  12. My water has never come out as perfect as that, however I can be a bit heavy handed with a screwdriver... I'm off to go loosen mine right now, see if it makes any difference.
  13. Nice setup, any modifications to either the classic or the super jolly? Other than the lens hood hopper! I see you've still got your standard Gaggia pannarello wand on the steam arm, I suggest removing it and just trying to steam with the bare metal tip, It'll be harder at first but the results are much better once you get the technique down!
  14. So today the postie brought me my new single hole steam tip from Bella Barista available here Originally for a Expobar Insulated steam wand on Leva Twin boilers but it fits on my wand perfect! (as I had suspected) I've actually got some steam pressure back now and creating some proper microfoam again It's faster than the standard Gaggia wand and also maintains a decent level of pressure, unlike the two hole tip I got originally which acts of more of a bubble blowing heater.
  15. I'd of paid upto £150, I was fearful of telling the other half I bought 2 grinders earlier in the day, I couldn't possibly stretch to 3 in a day! She's already upset enough about the 3 machines and 2 grinders kicking about at the moment
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