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  1. Yes - the mint cups/saucers are yours - Just PM me to arrange please and I'll get them in the post today :0)
  2. SIZES: Sorry I have posted incorrect sizes above. The Inker Luna Blue cups are 6oz not 8oz and the Mint cups are 8.5oz not 12oz
  3. Sorry, didn't realise the rest of the text didn't appear...
  4. * please note one of the blue saucers has a small chip - I'll reduce that cup/saucer to £3.00
  5. Happy to pack for courier, many thanks - will message you to conclude sale
  6. Now and then an upgrade just falls into your lap.... hoping someone will enjoy using this machine as I have
  7. This is a nice clean machine, Simple to use, sub 4000 shots and does a decent and consistent espresso grind. I bought it without a hopper but couldn't source one in this country so it has one which has been 'encouraged to fit' and works fine. I've also just realised after taking photos that I've left out the stainless steel grounds tray as I didn't need it - this is immaculate and included. I'm looking for £275.00 ovno I will deliver free within 100 miles of Edinburgh but can be collected/uplifted - buyer must organise. thanks Al
  8. Background: Having noticed slight, then increasingly prominent water leak from the top of the group I decided to replace the piston seals. Once I removed the piston and saw what colour it was I thought ok, I'll clean and do all the seals on the group. Then I thought hmmm maybe I ought to do the seals in the steam valve too....and a new steam arm wouldn't hurt either... so to cut a long story short, I've ended up striping this machine right back to the frame and built it back up over the last couple of months. Once it was all back together and I first switched it on there was a leak from the inside at the back of the steam valve. I replaced the recommended 'upgrade' plastic washer with a brass crush washer and that solved it straight away although there was quite a bit of water in the machine. Stripped down the power switch, dried off, cleaned and put back together then moped up remaining water and made a very acceptable espresso. Next morning I switched the machine on, waited for it to warm up then almost finished pulling a shot when there was a bang and a blue flash (the power light remained on). Obviously I switched off and after testing the components with a metre it looks like the 'ready light' bulb and Pressurestat no longer work. I have ordered these parts but don't want a repeat - my guess is the water shorted out the light and took the Pstat with it. I followed the 'Olympia Cremina Electical Troubleshooting Guide' on the Orphanespresso site which was useful although I'm not getting expected readings from the element. Any advice from someone who actually understands electrics would be good. Al
  9. *DELIGHTED* will message you to complete. Many thanks.
  10. Would you accept an offer of £850.00 delivered (Edinburgh)? Al
  11. I've used this grinder for V60, aeropress, CCD, Moka pot, French press and espresso. No issues. I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be suitable at the coarser end but open to advice from a more experienced brew coffee member....
  12. This Mignon was used initially for a couple of months before being replaced by a Mythos so has only been used occasionally as a second grinder in my camper van. There is a crack at the base hence the price - this is purely aesthetic, has been glued and is quite hard to see. There are the usual signs of wear and tear but its a clean and fully functional piece of kit. £160.00 inc. free postage to UK
  13. Yes, I'll accept £1000.00 as long as you organise and pay for the shipping. Please message me to arrange :0)
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