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  1. Sorry for the late reply - been working constantly this week. The steam power is more than sufficient to make as much milk as you're likely to need. I rarely pull more than two-three shots back to back then do one pitcher of milk. As for daily use, I suppose it's like any other machine in that you need to learn it and manage it to suit your needs. It's on a much smaller scale than an L1 for example but my process is very similar. 15 min. warm up, pull a little water through the group then a quick blast of steam just before pulling a shot and the dose is typically 13-14g into 26-32g. Nothing complicated really.
  2. Hi there, A basic 49mm tamper costs £20-£30 , if you take the machine I can offer you a really good quality convex tamper, Dosing funnel and distributer for £45.00
  3. Price drop £800.00 if nobody wants it at this price I’ll pop in on EBay at the end of the week.
  4. I have a Cremina 67 lever machine for sale. I did a complete strip down and restoration which took about 3 months to complete. The asbestos was removed from the boiler and the whole machine was thoroughly cleaned. I have the original PF handle with double basket and steam wand but have upgraded these to modern equivalents. The pressure stat, power light, power cable and all seals have been replaced. It is a fully functional, reliable machine with a tiny (10.5" x 7.5") footprint and is very well made weighing in at 8 kilos. I'm looking for £1000.00 and am happy to deliver up to 200 miles from Edinburgh. Buyer would need to arrange/deal with insurance for delivery over a greater distance. Photos of work done can be found here;
  5. Yes - the mint cups/saucers are yours - Just PM me to arrange please and I'll get them in the post today :0)
  6. SIZES: Sorry I have posted incorrect sizes above. The Inker Luna Blue cups are 6oz not 8oz and the Mint cups are 8.5oz not 12oz
  7. Sorry, didn't realise the rest of the text didn't appear...
  8. * please note one of the blue saucers has a small chip - I'll reduce that cup/saucer to £3.00
  9. Happy to pack for courier, many thanks - will message you to conclude sale
  10. Now and then an upgrade just falls into your lap.... hoping someone will enjoy using this machine as I have
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