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  1. £8 for a tiny piece of rubber. What a hustle that guy is running. Priced up at £70 for three piston seals, a group seal and some grease. I’m definitely in the wrong game. Where’s best to get some cleaning alcohol? I read that the original grease is very hard to remove. I’ll post a pic of the residue in the chamber when I can. It looks like a bit of coffee has worked up there and got baked on. I don’t want to go too mad scrubbing it. Thanks.
  2. Thank you. I’m pretty confident in carry out the replacement. Just not sure which ones to get, I’ve seen there are alternatives available. Also, I wasn’t clear, the hardened residue is on the inside of the chamber. I wasn’t sure how rough I should be trying to remove it.
  3. Hi, I’m a bit overdue on changing the piston seals on my LR. I’ve had a look today and it’s pretty filthy, including a couple of small areas of very hard and stubborn build up. What’s the best/safest way to remove this? What parts are needed and where can I obtain them? I need some silicone grease, is this correct? And some alcohol to remove the old grease? Thanks in advance.
  4. For some work related fun, I need a GIF edited to change the face. Is this possible/easy? How?
  5. Sean

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Ok, I'm slowly warming to the idea of wall speakers. The wall the TV will be on will be a false wall so I can accommodate some depth. I fear the rear wall will be too far back for the rears to be effective plus will have furniture between the wall and sofa so maybe ceilings for the rears. The place is in pieces and will be for a few weeks yet so all options are on the table.
  6. Sean

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Ok, I'm not closed to anything as yet. What is the most discreet 5.1 setup I could go for?
  7. Sean

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Thanks for all the advice. It was pretty much as expected to be fair. I’m really trying to go for a super-clean look and can’t really see another way to achieve this aside of ceiling speakers. I can easily accommodate wall speakers around the TV and maybe use ceilings as rears but just can’t see it fitting with the look. As stated, appearance is my number one priority with a half decent sound hopefully possible somehow. As for control, I have this covered in multiple ways.
  8. After a little advice please. I purchased a house in December which I've now ripped to pieces and begun to rewire, re-plumb and do a complete renovation on. I have the opportunity to set things up exactly how I want them so will be putting a lot of smart things in. Audio is not something I've ever been too bothered about and currently use a soundbar with wireless sub. In the new place, I want the TV on the wall and nothing around it for a slick look. This obviously means no more sound bar. Here's the thing - I'm committed to ceiling speakers because I'm going for a minimalist look and don't want speakers dotted around the place. I know ceiling speakers are not the best for pure sound perfection to the audiophiles but in this case I'm personally ranking appearance above sound perfection. So my question is this - what do I need to do to get the best out of a ceiling speaker set up? How many? What type? Placement? All the cabling will be run back to under the stairs where I'll have an amp of some sort. What amp? Is it worth chasing a half decent 5.1 setup or just go for a stereo setup with sub? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  9. I got my mum this same model for Christmas. I’ve had a bit of a play with it and it seems pretty decent. Having had it for a few weeks she’s very happy with it. It’s obviously a world apart from a proper manual set up but it makes a tasty cup and is very easy to use, refill and clean. The most stark difference to a manual set up is how coarse the grind is. The app is a bit rubbish but just about work. The customisation is a really good feature. One thing that really struck me was the drinks come out at a proper temperature, where as most B2C reviews talk about them being on the cold side, you can also adjust this.
  10. You would be far better off running a CAT5 cable and having an access point. If possible of course.
  11. Hi and welcome. I have been to Sofia three times, really interesting place. I hope to go again at some point next year.
  12. Sean

    Smelly Blue Cheese

    More importantly, don’t restrict yourself to blues! If you like it stinky, get in amongst the washed rinds. They separate the men from the boys.
  13. Sean

    Smelly Blue Cheese

    Rom is back!! Not sure about stinky but I adore Cote Hill Blue and Bleu d‘Auvergne. Perl Las also. Barkham Blue if you lean toward Stilton.
  14. Miss you @Rom. Come back soon, third time lucky. Ho ho ho.
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