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  1. Thank you - I really appreciate it. I’m really hopeful that we’ll get through till next crop. We bought almost twice the amount this year!
  2. Yeah, this years crop is the first one where I’ve found such big blueberry notes. I think this years crop is the second best one after that very first one 5 or 6 years ago.
  3. It’s never easy deciding what approach to take with any of this stuff. The loyalty points system gives exactly the same amount of discount as the forum code used to. The difference being that it opens up that same discount to people that buy coffee regularly from us. Our business depends on repeat custom as new customers aren’t easy to acquire and so that’s why we took the decision to reward the regulars. I totally get that some people like shopping around for the best offers, and that’s fine - but those aren’t necessary the customers that we want to focus on. Discounts and the like are only useful from a business perspective as a way of getting people to try us out the first time (and they can even end up loss-making) but as I say, it’s the repeat customers that make our business viable. We don’t even offer free shipping discounts codes or anything similar anymore. The only discount we offer at all is a one off 10% code for joining the mailing list. Nothing else. We’re trying to focus instead on keeping prices as low as we can for the regulars. Thanks to everyone who has clicked the link and voted for our beans, that stuff helps us to reach new people at low cost. We try and support the forum as much as we can. We pay several hundred pounds a year to advertise and I spend a fair bit of time answering messages from forum members about various things too. If there are other things we could do, I’d be happy to look at those.
  4. Afternoon all. I know these things are a bit annoying but believe it or not, they can really help us find new fans. If there are any Rocko fans here with a couple of seconds to spare, if really appreciate it if you could upvote those beans on this site. https://www.shortlist.com/lists/best-coffee-beans-400565 Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
  5. Ah yes, this is just to make sure that you don’t end up wasting your voucher credit as you don’t get ‘change’. So, it just means that your order needs to be for more than your voucher. If you have a £10 voucher to use, your order needs to be for at least £10.01. if we didn’t see it up that way and your order was for a £7.50 bag of coffee, then you’d lose the remaining £2.50 on your voucher. Hope that makes sense. I’m sure there is a more succinct way of sorting that out.
  6. Great to hear you are enjoying the coffee. That’s exactly the recipe that we are using for espresso too!
  7. Yes please, feedback is also very very welcome!
  8. Yep, that one made me smile too.
  9. Haha. Yeah, yet again we’ve tried to buy enough to last through till next years harvest but who knows whether we’ll manage it this time or not! Definitely unlikely to run out anytime soon. ....although judging by the number of orders for this coffee over the past few days, I’m starting to think we may come up short again!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Email is a really useful way of us keeping people updated (and it really helps to generate sales for us). Everyone has different levels of tolerance for these things I know. Personally, there are only a couple of companies I can think of where I don’t find emails annoying so I know where you are coming from! We currently send out between 1-2 emails per month and only when we have something that we think is of interest to subscribers. We always include ‘buy now’ buttons when announcing new beans as it makes it really easy for anyone interested to place an order with just a couple of clicks. We’ve also been keen to make sure that it’s super easy to us subscribe for anyone that wants to.
  11. It's an interesting point but not one that we think about too much on a day to day basis. I think it's another one of those things where we end up getting a lot of stuff confused. eg. is the coffee sour or too bright for our tastes and is that because it's not been roasted enough or under-extracted? When coffee is roasted darker, it's much more forgiving and so you're less likely to notice changes in the extraction than you are with less roasted coffee. In fact, we've fixed equipment for people in the past that are using really dark coffee and they end up running 15 second shots just to try to mitigate against some of the bitterness in the coffee. Also, like a lot of things, it all gets a lot easier when you are doing it all the time. It takes us under 5 minutes to change beans in our shops and maybe 3 shots to 'dial in'. We might make one or two adjustments to the grinder throughout the day but we're talking about just nudging one way or the other. As people probably know, we don't believe in roasting differently for different brew methods, not that doing so is invalid, just unnecessary. The easiest way to make coffee more soluble (which makes espresso easier) is to roast it 'more' - which usually means darker. However, we wold tend to make the coffee more soluble (if that is what's needed) by using more heat earlier in the roast - which enables us to get something soluble enough without being too dark.
  12. Haha. Yes, we were taking it to extremes I guess. I can’t remember the sizes at all I’m afraid. You can certainly just clean up any brew by removing just the fines and the largest particles but you’ll probably still be using significantly more coffee than you are used to using.
  13. Just filter and even then, just immersion - i.e Aeropress in our case. I think you need different sized particles (or fines at least) to help restrict the flow for espresso and pour over. We did manage to make some truly incredible coffee, 27% EY as I recall with absolutely stunning sweetness and clarity. I can’t remember exactly but we were effectively using 3-4 times the amount of coffee that we would usually, which is hard to justify.
  14. We had a lot of fun with ours for about a month and then sold them on. We were early on the Kickstarter so we passed them on at the same price we paid. I didn’t really use them for brewing regularly (far too much wastage) but we did get some really interesting learning out of it
  15. Experimentation is always a good thing I think. Again, just my opinion but higher EY doesn’t necessarily correlate with better taste at all - in any brew method. Good grinders just allow us to get to higher EY without undesirable flavours spoiling everything. I wonder if the papers allow for more consistent extractions?
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