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  1. Me too ....although after testing the first prototype profiles yesterday, there is an awful lot of work to do. [emoji51]
  2. Three new coffees launched in the past few days and looking forward to getting stuck into the first production roasts tomorrow. There’s a Kenyan Peaberry, a natural Costa Rican and a lovely little number from Guatemala. Also managed to knock out the first test roasts of another three coffees today too but they will be several weeks away I expect. The one I’m looking forward to most there is a new bean from El Salvador - an origin that we haven’t stocked for three or four years but instantly fell in love with the pre-shipment sample and can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  3. Amazing! .....and a great advert for freezing beans [emoji4]. Seeing that packaging takes me back.......
  4. Had a couple of messages in relation to VAT. the reason we have to charge VAT is because this is currently a company asset. Therefore there is no option to sell without VAT. Of course, if you are interested in buying this grinder for your own VAT registered business, then you can claim the VAT back.
  5. I'm not sure to be honest, it was a few years ago now. The 3Fe ones are different but very much along the same lines.
  6. Here we have one of our EK43s for sale. This one has most recently been on filter coffee duty in my house but it has also spent time in one of the coffee shops and in our old roastery space. We've bought a few of these over the years and I honestly can't remember when we got this one. My best guess would be around October/November 2016. I've attached a photo of the burrs and the serial number plate in case anyone can tell from that - I have no doubt that someone on the forum will be able to date it. It has coffee burrs fitted. It has a few paint scratches, which are easily enough touched up but otherwise is in perfect working order. As you would expect, it has been well maintained and kept clean etc. This particular one has been fantastic for us, never had any issues and it has never needed anything other than routine maintenance. I also have the box for it but would much prefer for someone to collect. If the buyer would like to arrange a courier, then they are free to do so but they then take complete responsibility for the grinder from as soon as the courier collects. I would therefore suggest anyone arranging shipping needs to get proper insurance cover in place too. I'm happy to meet someone within say an hours drive of Sheffield if that helps. Payment needs to be made by bank transfer from a VAT invoice that I will issue through the company to the buyer. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  7. Thank you - I really appreciate it. I’m really hopeful that we’ll get through till next crop. We bought almost twice the amount this year!
  8. Yeah, this years crop is the first one where I’ve found such big blueberry notes. I think this years crop is the second best one after that very first one 5 or 6 years ago.
  9. It’s never easy deciding what approach to take with any of this stuff. The loyalty points system gives exactly the same amount of discount as the forum code used to. The difference being that it opens up that same discount to people that buy coffee regularly from us. Our business depends on repeat custom as new customers aren’t easy to acquire and so that’s why we took the decision to reward the regulars. I totally get that some people like shopping around for the best offers, and that’s fine - but those aren’t necessary the customers that we want to focus on. Discounts and the like are only useful from a business perspective as a way of getting people to try us out the first time (and they can even end up loss-making) but as I say, it’s the repeat customers that make our business viable. We don’t even offer free shipping discounts codes or anything similar anymore. The only discount we offer at all is a one off 10% code for joining the mailing list. Nothing else. We’re trying to focus instead on keeping prices as low as we can for the regulars. Thanks to everyone who has clicked the link and voted for our beans, that stuff helps us to reach new people at low cost. We try and support the forum as much as we can. We pay several hundred pounds a year to advertise and I spend a fair bit of time answering messages from forum members about various things too. If there are other things we could do, I’d be happy to look at those.
  10. Afternoon all. I know these things are a bit annoying but believe it or not, they can really help us find new fans. If there are any Rocko fans here with a couple of seconds to spare, if really appreciate it if you could upvote those beans on this site. https://www.shortlist.com/lists/best-coffee-beans-400565 Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
  11. Ah yes, this is just to make sure that you don’t end up wasting your voucher credit as you don’t get ‘change’. So, it just means that your order needs to be for more than your voucher. If you have a £10 voucher to use, your order needs to be for at least £10.01. if we didn’t see it up that way and your order was for a £7.50 bag of coffee, then you’d lose the remaining £2.50 on your voucher. Hope that makes sense. I’m sure there is a more succinct way of sorting that out.
  12. Great to hear you are enjoying the coffee. That’s exactly the recipe that we are using for espresso too!
  13. Yes please, feedback is also very very welcome!
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