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  1. We’ve got a Guji that we’ll have on the webshop in time for when we get back up and running on the 2nd. Honestly, it’s been blowing minds here for a good couple of weeks, completely sensational.
  2. Hi, may I ask about your standard delivery via DPD (2 x 500 g of beans) to a residential address if nobody is present to receive the parcel? Do you know where the parcel ends up? Is it possible to instruct DPD to deliver on weekends only? Or could I choose Royal Mail instead of DPD as they would leave the parcel conviently at the local post office?


  3. There’s more info about these changes if anyone wants to know more here https://foundrycoffeeroasters.com/blogs/news/choice-its-a-good-thing-right
  4. You’re welcome! - and they seem to be proving popular already! We’re also now fully recyclable as far as all our coffee packaging goes. [emoji4]
  5. The sale of this grinder has now been completed. Thanks everyone. [emoji106]
  6. Ok, it’s a deal. I’ll drop you a message to get your details etc. Thanks!
  7. ok, thanks for your offer but it's a bit on the low side. I'm open to negotiation but we need to be a bit nearer to the asking price.
  8. I assume you mean £1000+VAT? i.e £1200 in total?
  9. Thanks to both prodders! Yes, it is still for sale. [emoji4]
  10. Sadly not within the current set up. You get a different bean every month but you only get to choose the quantity rather than the frequency.
  11. Me too ....although after testing the first prototype profiles yesterday, there is an awful lot of work to do. [emoji51]
  12. Three new coffees launched in the past few days and looking forward to getting stuck into the first production roasts tomorrow. There’s a Kenyan Peaberry, a natural Costa Rican and a lovely little number from Guatemala. Also managed to knock out the first test roasts of another three coffees today too but they will be several weeks away I expect. The one I’m looking forward to most there is a new bean from El Salvador - an origin that we haven’t stocked for three or four years but instantly fell in love with the pre-shipment sample and can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  13. Amazing! .....and a great advert for freezing beans [emoji4]. Seeing that packaging takes me back.......
  14. Had a couple of messages in relation to VAT. the reason we have to charge VAT is because this is currently a company asset. Therefore there is no option to sell without VAT. Of course, if you are interested in buying this grinder for your own VAT registered business, then you can claim the VAT back.
  15. I'm not sure to be honest, it was a few years ago now. The 3Fe ones are different but very much along the same lines.
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