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  1. Still can’t get more than 3 layers with this new fangled machine!
  2. It would probably be perfectly fine if it took up the entire cavity - i.e. if there were no tool tray! Who has a 3D printer???
  3. Anyone else find the drip tray the worst designed piece of sh#t in history? Why on earth it is not full length? It needs emptying every couple of days and that stupid tool tray that is taking up the room is pointless and mine is always full of water! Not to mention there is always a puddle of water under the drip tray. Absolute cack. Happy new year!
  4. Thanks @joey24dirt for machining down my old 58.4mm torr to 53.5mm to fit the DTP baskets! Cracking job and works a treat. So much better than that piece of crap they provide with the machine. I’ve had the torr for so long now that I’d forgot just how good it was as I’d just grown accustomed to it. God I’ve missed it for the last couple of weeks.
  5. Thanks to @joey24dirt !!! My old 58.4 torr trapez converse machined down to 53.5 to fit the new sage DTP basket. Cracking job, Joey!
  6. You’re clearly a man of good taste. Small batch is one of my faves - assume you’ve tried the single barrel too? I personally don’t think there’s much in it... apart from £12... I picked the 101 up for £22 on amazon as a prime member deal - can’t argue at that price. Also got a 2003 Evan Williams single barrel for xmas. If you’re into your manhattans and haven’t already, try the Carpano Antica sweet vermouth - it’s next level.
  7. Ashbeck is only about £1.15 for 5 litres. I usually pick one up whenever I’m in Tesco.
  8. They’re out of stock or I would have bought one for work!!!
  9. Looking good! He’s just posted mine - should be here Wednesday - can’t wait [emoji106]
  10. Not coffee related but who cares! Manhattan here I come!
  11. Have you fitted that opv or is it standard equipment you’ve been fiddling with?
  12. I always find it strange that companies manufacture espresso machines to operate at 15 bar when espresso by definition should be extracted at 9. I assume it’s to be more forgiving with crap pre-ground coffee.
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