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  1. Hello together I'm from Switzerland. Coffee and cycling are my hobbies. As a sideline, I enjoy running a coffee shop. On my gas-powered machine (similar to Fracino Retro FCL1) the boiler pressure is controlled by this GICAR gas pressostat (first picture). The pressure is regulated with the upper hexagon screw, the height of the lower flame (only to maintain the pressure) with a slotted screw (second picture). I assume the screws work according to the needle valve principle. My questions: - When I turn these control screws it smells like gas. Could it be that the O-ring or the screw are damaged? - Ist it simple to change the o-ring or the screw? - How tricky is the replacement of the gas regulator? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi everybody I would like first to indroduce me: I' am a french speaking swiss guy living in the german part of Switzerland. My coffee passion began eight years ago as I restored an olympia Cremina. Now I enjoy as well espresso (at home R58 / Olympia Moca & Mazzer Mini) as brew coffee (Aeropress & V60). Last Autumn I realized a dream and got a coffee bike. The machine on it is a single group gas levermachine (Rossi group, on the basis of fracino FCL1 retro). Today I noticed that the surface of the puck after brewing is more eroded on the right side than on the left side of the puck (less or more depending of the freshness of the coffee). Searching for the cause of this, I realized that the water jet out of the shower screen is not vertical, but slight oblique to the right (The trike was horizontal and I even tried to elevate the right side with a wood board under the right wheel. It didn’t make a difference). Some people in the german forum (Kaffee-Netz.de) observe the same phenomen (with Londinium L1 and Profitec 800). Has someone an idea what the cause could be and how to get a vertical waterjet? Thanks catuai
  3. Hi Hi have nearly the same question than The Mochafoccas: How much quality can i produce on a fuel mobile levermachine? I'm planning a coffee bike in Switzerland and I like to get an excellent coffee. I trank in Germany espressi from two differents coffee bikes (Astoria Lever 1x 1-group and 1x 2-groups). The coffee was too hot and bitter for me. Or it is preferable to get a fuel machine but with brewpump? How much more Energy needs his alternative? (than gas lever machine) Thanks! Charles
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