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  1. Right then, on my 2nd Dual Boiler now and it's not been without fault, nothing SERIOUS but certainly weird... - Turning the machine on first thing in the morning, this sometimes requires a 2nd or 3rd attempt as it seems to switch straight off. - The descale function seems to put you in an endless loop which does not indicate when the procedure has finished, this could lead the unsuspecting user to keep descaling ad-infinitum... - Sometimes during a shot being pulled the output pressure will suddenly drop for a few seconds then kick back into to where it was. Wonder if anyo
  2. Can it do filter on a cold night in Stoke?
  3. Doesn't sound like you're purging enough, I mean I can't speak for the iteration of design you've gone regards the mod but I'm purging about 4-5g between adjustments no drama. Are you folding the teeth out to approx 45 degrees?
  4. Retention is definitely down over the SCC, well at least in my experience anyway... Okay, perhaps it was lower when I tried the fully open position AKA 'coffee explosion mode'.
  5. Good stuff @rob177palmer When I saw the pics of the first design I knew right away that you'd have issues - on that particular 'very toothy' design I found retention and static to be way way worse, it even got to the point where I'd jammed the motor! Basically the coffee cannot escape fast enough, there's just too much of a bottle neck, this causes the coffee grounds to pile out with too much back pressure, so instead of hitting the teeth and declumping it becomes inherently worse as there is more friction which of course encourages static. I can see the second design to be mu
  6. Post results in my other thread if you please, cheers!
  7. @rob177palmer Yes, my A.R.S.E. is indeed, still in action! I feel there would be no way you'd be able to mod/retrofit the Anfim spring crusher thing unless you perhaps brought it lower down the chute but you want the crusher device to be as close to the grind chamber exit as possible because you then have enough inertia to blast the coffee grounds through it, any further down and stuff would probably clog. You'd also likely have dimensional issues of the chute to deal with, might have been a goer if Anfim and Ceado shared the same chute component but its obvious they don't.
  8. Worst thing about the machine, does my nips in! The problem goes away with certain coffees then returns with another, I consistently dose 18g in an 18g VST basket and updosing and down dosing doesn't have much of an affect. Pulsing the brew button once doesn't always cut the mustard, sometimes it takes multiple hits and then a wonky dislodoging of the puck from the shower head tends to get it off. Different shower heads make zero difference either, I've tried 4 now, currently using an IMS La Marzocco one as it's the least messiest. Damn you Sage!
  9. I'll admit I don't check in to the forum as much nowadays but genuinely chuffed to see this!! Well done on incorporating a top section too. 3 years later and 30k views on this thread - I can confirm that the mod is still doing the business and will continue to do so... The old adage - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." springs to mind!
  10. Errrr, keep it? The MC2 is no upgrade over this!
  11. Grinder porn, all the best with the sale!
  12. ^ It is a crap design and there is nothing you can do - there is no locking pin. My 2nd A.R.S.E has been in for getting on 3 years now and is still absolutely spot on!
  13. Quite new to making bread myself, started with naan breads and also had a go at making my first white farmhouse loaf last weekend - not bad for a first attempt. But on the basis of what I've seen here I didn't realise bread could be so tech!!
  14. Not done any mining but doubt it's beyond me, however I have invested in Eth and LTC via Coinbase and seen some steady gains from a meagre investment! In the case of mining, on your setup for example how long does it take to mine a Bitcoin? Or is there more to it than simply setting a up a computer with a couple of highend GPU to run software?
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