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  1. Price drop before putting the cups on fleabay.
  2. When I took the opv apart, all I did was unbolt it from the boiler and remove the top nut. I didn’t unwind the hex nut which sets the pressure. Should I have done?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. When I changed all the seals I dismantled the boiler and I removed some scale then but it looked in pretty good shape. It dribbles out water when trying to pull a shot. It still steams, but admittedly I didn’t open the steam wand while trying to brew a shot. I’ll try that.
  4. Hi All. I'm hoping someone can diagnose why my Classic is dribbling (literally) out water. It was working fine, then put it in storage for a month or two. Took it out of storage and replaced all the seals. Took the OPV apart and blew compressed air through it. I've tried back flushing, and there doesn't seem to be hardly any pressure when the back flush gets emptied in the drip dray. Am I missing something?
  5. I live in North Kent. Water very hard here. I also have a twin cylinder softener fitted. Washing stuff is more efficient as the the soft water makes the detergent foam more. Water marks in the bathroom are much less than without the softener, but not completely eradicated. Soft water is definitely kinder to the skin. When I had mine fitted, I also looked at the Monach Midi, but decided to get a proper softener company to install it in case of needing support in the future. The company I chose were brilliant.
  6. Gaggia and John Rocha cups still available y’all.
  7. Hi, £30 for jug and pf is fine. Shall we take this to PM
  8. Having a bit of a clear out so thought I would get all these posted: Gaggia Classic Happy Donkey bottomless portafilter - Sold to Badgerman 2x Gaggia Cappuccino cups with saucers (6oz measured to brim) - £13 delivered Motta Europa 35cl Jug - Sold to Badgerman 2x John Rocha Espresso cups and saucers - £10 delivered Delivery included is to UK Mainland.
  9. Just a bit of a bump on this one. Happy to deliver within a reasonable distance or meet purchaser. Thanks all.
  10. Thanks, but I’d feel to nervous about sending it by courier.
  11. After a recent bout of upgraditus, my Aristarco EMA 80 grinder is for sale. I wanted to keep it for decaf, but the kitchen space police have declared it’s got to go. I’ve owned it since 2013 and only ever been used for single dosing. The old girl is a bit of a beast with 74mm Burrs. The grind is way more consistent that the Mignon that’s replaced it, but that’s the price I’ve had to pay to conform to the kitchen space police’s request! It comes with the original hopper, which I’ve never used. I think the grinder comes with an auto dosing function whereby when the grind chamber lever is pulled, it grinds automatically. This function was disabled prior to my purchase. Ripe for a dosing funnel mod which is something I was considering doing, but never got round to it. It’s had about 16kg of beans through it in the time that I’ve owned it. I’m asking £130. Collection only please from North Kent (Nr Maidstone).
  12. I think it was about 27mm in height. Fits perfectly under the grind chute. I’ve removed the portafilter rest from the Mignon and just hold the portafilter while grinding.
  13. Big [emoji106]up from me for Norvin’s portafilter hopper. With the Eureka Mignon, the grinds now don’t splatter all over the worksurface. Can also give them a stir to break up the clumping. A must have!
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