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  1. Larzzus look here at http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?15824-Forum-deal-Expobar-Office-Leva-dual-Boiler-PID-£1050-delivered
  2. Hi I got my Expobar db rotary pump plumbed in from the coffeebeen site sponsor for £1150 delivered in just 4days very happy with it
  3. Yes good combo the Eureka Zenith 65e is a good match for the Expbar
  4. Ok thanks all will call then tomorrow and see what has happened
  5. I ordered coffee from Rave on the 7/3/15 not delivered had some email contact they told me they would look in to what had happened to the order now they do not answer any emails I send so was wondering if this is common practice with this company
  6. Paul the grinder come at 8.30 this morning well packed it's like new what a buy Thank You very much will try it out soon ordered coffee from Rave on the 4th but not arrived. All the best Dean.
  7. Coffeechap do you still sell the Torr tampers
  8. Ok Thank you I finish @ 10.30pm only need a good tamper now
  9. I'll take it at the asking price £500 PLEASE
  10. deansat

    Reg Barber Tamper

    Hi I will give you £40 posted for it.
  11. Hi I will offer you £15 posted as the tamper is £22.99 newon ebay _http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motta-Tamper-Flat-Base-58mm-Red-Wooden-Handle-Made-in-Italy-/271774705615?_trksid=p2054897.l4275
  12. deansat

    Tampers and PF

    full asking price for torr
  13. deansat

    Torr 58.4 convex

    Hi I will take at the full asking price
  14. deansat

    Bit annoyed..

    Couriers arenot the best a lot in the papers about them before Christmas was it insured
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