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  1. @Like Medium Strong Coffee Congratulations, I think... I will say that in our experience the Miele does a much better job than the Bosch we have now. I would counsel keeping it insured/on warranty for as long as possible though.
  2. My only nickname of note was 'Dylan'. Not after the singer but the stoned rabbit in the Magic Roundabout...
  3. Rob666


    @Griffo Did the same a couple of days ago. First time for at least a year.
  4. Welcome Sean! Have a look around, join in when you feel like it and don't be afraid to ask questions. It's a lovely forum if you are even slightly interested in coffee. (And you obviously are. )
  5. Anyone going? Would love to hear feedback if you are.
  6. Although I'm very happy with the Niche, I'd still love a Mythos. One day one will come my way.
  7. Vesuvius Evo Alpha Test bed (in need of emergency care) Lelit Bianca Prototype 2018 ish Lelit Bianca Prototype 2022 ish Vesuvius E61 ECM Puristika (Prototype) Crem One 2B LFPP Leltit Marax Lelit MaraX 1st prototype 2019 (sample lasered all over it <lol>) Izzo Alex Duetto 1st production one ever made serial 0001 ACS Minima ACS Minima (prototype, of electronic flow and pressure control) blue Lelit Elizabeth V2.9 (just before 3 as I have the original Expansion valve) Solis barista BTC Melitta Cafeo Varianza BTC Melitta Cafeo Barista Londinium LI Lelit Elizabeth v3 Lelit Elizabeth V3 Decent 1.4 Pro
  8. 1. dfk ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva 2. spasypaddy Lelit Bianca 3 @DavecUK Lelit Bianca Prototype 4. @Rob666 Rocket Giotto Evoluzione
  9. I don't think you would find the Niche a downgrade in terms of grind quality. It just depends if you like its looks and the single dosing workflow. I have a Eureka 65e and it's sitting in the corner doing nothing since I bought the Niche.
  10. I owned a single boiler Vibiemme for a while and sold it on here. It seemed well constructed and mine wasn't young. Only real annoyance was silicone pipes dangling in the reservoir. However, many other machines use the same.
  11. @DavecUK Wow! I've a strong feeling it was the same cinema. It would have been 1980 though for me.
  12. @DavecUK It's amazing the difference an audience makes. I saw this once locally and everyone jumped out of their skins when the alien erupted from John Hurt's stomach. Saw it again in the Kings Road and the entire audience burst out laughing.
  13. Love that film! Saw it in the cinema in Chichester when it came out.
  14. @dfk41 Ashbeck is still Ashbeck and in short supply around here at the moment. The other 'house' water has a MUCH higher calcium content and is thus unsuitable.
  15. Pedant fact of the day: One definition of "moment" is a medieval unit of time originating with sundials. It was variable but averaged at around 90 seconds. As a child, the family 'John Bull' dictionary defined a moment as one and three-quarter minutes. Have a good weekend!
  16. Patio Magic seems to work on the algae and lichen. Be careful with a pressure washer though. Some textured, fake stone slabs specifically say "don't use a pressure washer". I have a low end Nilfisk, still with a metal pump, and it's lasted seven years of intermittent use. Others with Karchers and Bosch have not been so fortunate...
  17. Perhaps this or something like it would let you punch suitable filters from larger ones? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fiskars-Squeeze-Punch-XL-Right-handed/dp/B000VPNXVC/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&keywords="48mm"+round+hole+craft+punch&qid=1626010852&s=kitchen&sr=1-19
  18. We started with a Bosch. It was OK but nothing special. Lasted until just after the warranty expired. Next was an AEG. I had to repair the circuit board just after the warranty ran out. (Detached switch) that lasted another year. Then we bought a Miele with a five year warranty. A few months after that expired there was a pool of water under it and a fault code. One plastic pipe and a rubber washer cured it but the part was £85 on it's own. It lasted another couple of years before the same fault recurred. Now have a Siemens. It's OK but its washing and drying performance isn't anywhere near as good as the Miele. When it dies I intend to get another Miele with a ten year warranty. It's expensive up front but if you cost it out over ten years it's a better deal.
  19. @shimon Just a passing thought but are you using a Cafelat group gasket? I've noticed that on my Rocket I get portafilter creep as in your video unless I over tighten then back off. I never had creep with a conventional gasket.
  20. I had some terrible experiences with Fed Ex a few years ago. One phone conversation with the local branch culminated in the guy saying he was going into the warehouse with a baseball bat to sort them out...
  21. Still available here in 5L bottles but a bit sporadic. I gather they are having problems with driver shortages.
  22. Welcome to the forum Dragulievic, That seems a bit expensive for such an old single boiler machine. I bought and sold a much later one with pressure gauge for around that price. I liked it, and it is streets ahead of a Gaggia Classic but £200 or so would be a more realistic price. At that sort of price it would be a good introduction and you shouldn't lose money when it comes time to upgrade, as it surely will if you get hooked. TBH I would save yourself the hassle of upgrades and go for something better from the start. Check out the For Sale forum here and with a bit of patience you should be able to get a good machine for a lot less than a new one.
  23. I pour the result into another container to weigh it, give it a quick swizz with a kebab stick then pour into the portafilter. Works for me.
  24. It would be really helpful if some kind soul could post pictures of all the steam and water arm options in one post.
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