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  1. Ooh and I seem to have lost my badges...
  2. Oh thank the lord! Finally found it. I needed sunglasses in light mode and had begun to despair. Now it looks a lot better.
  3. The niche is a little messy but that is cured by an Azera lid on top of the beans. (Other lids are available...) It does feel a bit domestic and flimsier than a commercial grinder but that's just what it is. If I had the money, I'd have a Mythos but you also need the room. As it is, I alternate between the Niche and a Eureka 65e. They both have workflow disadvantages and advantages. I reckon the Niche is marginally better in the cup but seems to generate more static.
  4. If you fancy trying a different vendor, I've found Coffee Direct good. Given your preference for darker beans Smokey Joe's would be a good start point. They seem to have special offers on most of the time too. Fresh roasted and quick delivery. I'd also give Tusker a try from CC. We love this!
  5. Happy Birthday young lady! :) x
  6. I was film dubbing mixer once upon a time. I'm forced to agree reluctantly. The days of a proper system at home are over (although I still have one it is rarely switched on) still like Sennheiser cans though...
  7. More than likely he was sent them. Some of the prices are in Euros so I suspect not all of them are available from UK stockists. Most people on here seem to buy Lido's direct from the US but they are or were stocked by a UK supplier. I forget which.
  8. Mail order from Oz. Expensive though but then so is the Kinu.
  9. Interesting! Hoffman as watchable as ever. Did wonder why no Rosco? Has he done a comparison of the big hand grinders, Pharos, HG1 etc.?
  10. Tusker is very popular here along with OBJ (Old Brown Java) and Monsooned Malabar with Ranchero another favourite. We like the dark chocolatey end of the spectrum so you may enjoy these too. The Ethiopian extra dark highland was a step too far for us, very oily beans and not as interesting as the others. Extra Extra dark ethiopian wild highlandExtra Extra dark ethiopian wild highland
  11. Rob666

    Rocket Giotto Evo 2

    Congratulations to both of you! Thread moved to SOLD.
  12. Rob666


    We have a Panasonic which is 30 years old. I've replaced one fuse after baby milk jammed the safety interlock and that's it. It's made in Japan and has a stainless steel interior. I doubt its like still exists. Whatever you buy, if you're lucky you will get five years.
  13. Rob666

    O o h

    Welcome back David. This place really wouldn't be the same without you. :)
  14. Take care David. Hope you recover well and soon.
  15. New Posts is my 'go to' always. My only criticism is the search function which isn't very friendly. Otherwise, the organisation of forums and sub-forums makes perfect sense.
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