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  1. Just for the record, you do need 10 posts to access the For Sale section. I'll move this to sold.
  2. Rob666

    Hearing Aids

    Stick with the NHS devices. The NHS audiologists really know what they are doing. There is no need to pay for a hearing aid other than vanity.
  3. Rob666

    Not happy

    I started with a Pharos hand grinder. It's great but hard work. If you are into espresso I would seriously consider a powered grinder.
  4. Rob666

    Not happy

    Welcome to the forum. Don't be seduced into spending a fortune! There is a middle way. Still expensive but well worth it. You might want to bypass the Gaggia Classic stage. I suspect you would never be happy with that. Get your post count up and look at the For Sale threads. Proper machines have a very long life, can be fixed relatively easily if they do go wrong and the same applies to grinders. You do know that the grinder is, if anything, more important than the machine?
  5. I have both the Eureka and a Niche and I use both. My preference is for darker roasts and I use the niche for the more expensive ones. The Eureka is convenient and efficient and i use this for the slightly lighter and cheaper beans. Please ask your husband before committing to anything. As others have said, a trip to Bellabarista would be a great birthday surprise.
  6. Good to have you back! Get some proper beans, you know it makes sense!
  7. Go for it! You can send a courier. Perfect start to your coffee journey. Ask the seller nicely to pack it well and you're golden.
  8. Should be five posts but it might take a while to update. You could also try reloading the page.
  9. Really, both parts are a compromise. If the budget is that tight you would be better spending half on a grinder, which should last you through your first machine and any subsequent upgrades unless you really get the bug. Good grinders are generally very reliable and go on for decades in home use. The Mignon is popular for several reasons, it's a miniature commercial grinder, which the two you mentioned really are not. It's also relatively compact and to most eyes, good looking. As Patrick has said above, you could do a lot worse than a second-hand Gaggia Classic as a first machine. Many people on here started with one which is why there are plenty of used ones around for sale. If later you want to upgrade, you shouldn't lose much money on one either. However, as I said above, they do require a more fiddly technique than something more sophisticated, especially if you want to make cappucinos etc. There are a huge number of posts on here about the Classic. Have a read and see if you think it might be for you.
  10. Hi Inga and welcome. I've edited your post title as requested. Strongly recommend you browse the forums before making any decisions. One thing I will say at the outset is that a grinder is, if anything, more important than the machine. Please ask questions, there is a wealth of knowledge here and we are a friendly lot.
  11. Just received a mystery parcel. It was another kilo of "Mystery 11" with a note saying, "Dear Customer, We tried the first roast of our new Mystery Mark 11 after a few days rest and we were unhappy with it. You were one of those to receive the first lot, please accept this replacement." Full marks to Richard and his team! Real preemptive customer service. It will be interesting to see how the two compare.
  12. Maybe another Niche but only if i couldn't find a Mythos at a sensible price.
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