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  1. @mckendrick Still managing to source the 5 litre bottles down here on the South Coast. So far, so good. Many thanks for the info though, if supplies become scarce I will investigate further.
  2. Almost always drink SOs. Haven't found a blend that does it for me - yet.
  3. How do you get on the waiting list? (Not for me - yet but of interest to others, I'm sure.)
  4. Not at all sure back flushing with Fairy Liquid is a good idea...
  5. Rob666


    Looking great! I'm glad you followed the suggestion.
  6. Rob666


    I've had mine well over a year and I've done this twice...
  7. More people will work from home than pre-covid but many of the ones who return to the "office" will leave their new coffee habits behind. There are far too many roasters now and more coming on stream all the time. There will be tears before bedtime in that market... Inflation is about to take off so the value of all the redundant kit will be high for a while but perhaps there will not be so many buyers. The daft prices for used Gaggia Classics won't last. Equipment manufacturers are going to need to be more agile than they've been in the last year and some of the sillier prices will not be
  8. You need five posts in the last month to post on the "For Sale" forum or reply to posts.
  9. I'm sure you're right. And for that reason I'm going to keep my "toy" car, a Volvo C70, until it falls apart and run the other one for at least another couple of years. Need to replace my wife's though, maybe another hybrid. PS I get almost 50mpg out of the Volvo...
  10. When I can get 500 mile range at a sensible price I'll go electric. However, I have a feeling that it's interim technology and hydrogen will win in the end. Meanwhile, I'd settle for a Taycan.
  11. Worked with him a little, many years ago. A really nice chap and professional to his fingertips. RIP
  12. Rob666


    Neighbour has a large (over a metre) copper one. Had it for years works really well. Steel ones, not so good here by the sea. For a much cheaper solution you could use an old steel car wheel or washing machine drum.
  13. Stainless steel sauce boat. Used for weighing beans prior to grinding, loading into the grinder then checking the weight of the ground coffee, distributing and loading into the portafilter. Pinched the idea from a photo of Frank's set up some years ago.
  14. Welcome! I echo CocoLoco's comment. We would be very interested in your experiences with the grinder and in a comparison with your BtoC.
  15. Always wanted to build one of these! Never did.
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