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  1. Here you go David: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Relapse#:~:text=The Relapse%2C or%2C Virtue in,or%2C The Fool in Fashion.
  2. Once lit "The Revenger's Tragedy" for an amdram group. Lots of fun!
  3. Full Welsh should include lava bread and cockles. Love the lava bread but you can keep the cockles. (lava bread bears no resemblance to bread at all but is delicious.)
  4. Nothing useful. Anything worth having isn't discounted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  5. "Get thee to a nunnery" or "Away you three-inch fool"
  6. Her videos helped me a lot when i started getting serious about coffee. I wish her a long and happy retirement!
  7. I am a great fan of the K.I.S.S. principle. All I want or need is a machine (and grinder) which gives me results to my and my family's taste with the minimum fiddling about. Not sure any of these options are for me... (latest LR, Decent or Vesuvius).
  8. It's very difficult. Some people do it with a row of beans. In fact I think that's what you do. The problem is one person's idea of dark is not necessarily the same as someone else's. I am definitely on the "Dark Side Of Life" but that said I prefer beans that are not cremated or too oily. A hard balance to achieve.
  9. Seriously? I thought they were very much on the light side, even the ones advertised as dark.
  10. Goto these days is Smokey Joe's Coffee from Coffee Direct. If not that then for something lighter, Indonesia Somatra from Limini. Otherwise i use Coffee Compass, Tusker is a favourite and so are Old Brown Java and Rancheros Mahogany Roast.
  11. I had two bags of Black Cat thanks to the forum offer. One was a single origin, the other Signature. I couldn't really discern coffee from the SO let alone 'notes' in a flat white but the family said it was OK. The sig was better once I'd upped the dose to 20g. Didn't find it too acidic but TBH they were both much too light for me. Lesson learned.
  12. By the sounds of things you tend towards the darker side. Might want to try a few from Coffee Compass, local ish in Littlehampton. We do mostly milky things, capos and flat whites but like something that cuts through.
  13. If you have money to burn you can spend upwards of £5k on a machine and £2k on a grinder. Fortunately you can achieve great results for a fraction of that. Just as with other activities there is a threshold that gets you reliable and relatively easy to use kit. Under that, you can still get the results but it requires greater skills and it's more of a faff. Over that and the law of diminishing returns sets in with a vengeance. A lot also depends on how discerning is your palate. There are some folk on here who can discern minute differences. (I'm not one of them. ) What coffee beans
  14. Welcome D&G, you will find plenty of inspiration here!
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