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  1. I'll take the LM APF, 21g basket then at asking. Can you wait a couple of days for payment? If so then PM me payment details. Thanks
  2. I have dropped this off at the location requested. Please let know when I arrives. Thanks Satpal
  3. Ok let me know the details and I will find a box to pack it in. I'll send you my paypal email address in a pm. Thanks
  4. Have to admit I'm never had that happen. In that case then maybe I'll ask for cash. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. You can pay me when I drop the machine off, PayPal is instant transfer. Are you around tomorrow/Friday evening? Satpal
  6. I would be happy to drop off the machine to you for £15 on an evening. How does that sound?
  7. I'd rather not post it. Where are you based? Thanks Satpal
  8. Hi All, My Silvia V2 for sale, had for about 4 years. Been well looked after descaled/backflushed regularly. It comes with a Bottomless Rancillo PF as well as the normal PF with a single & double basket Looking for £140. Any Question please ask. Collection only. Consider meeting part way, I live in Bedford. Thanks Satpal
  9. Thanks for that. How do these compare with the Ceado E6P? I see they both have more powerful motors.
  10. Was looking at a Ceado E6P would that be reasonable?
  11. Not sure if I need that size burrs I guess 50+ flat will be good enough, given that I make maybe 3-4 doubles a day.
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if you have any recommendations for companies that could service my Linea Mini, that I bought second hand recently. Asked La Marzocco and person they recommended is not answering and the other company is asking £500!, but that seems to be a full strip down and I would need to take the machine to them for 2 weeks. I live in Bedford, and would prefer an engineer to come me. Thanks
  13. Hi All, I have a Mazzer Royal, which I picked up from ebay, however the better half has a real issue with the size of it!! It doesn't fit on the worktop under the cupboards, even without the hopper!! Can anyone suggest a smaller replacement for the Royal? Ideally i'd be looking for a electronic one. Budget of about £500. This is to go with the La Marzocco Linea Mini that I recently upgraded to.
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