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  1. Thanks for that. How do these compare with the Ceado E6P? I see they both have more powerful motors.
  2. Was looking at a Ceado E6P would that be reasonable?
  3. Not sure if I need that size burrs I guess 50+ flat will be good enough, given that I make maybe 3-4 doubles a day.
  4. Hi All, Just wondering if you have any recommendations for companies that could service my Linea Mini, that I bought second hand recently. Asked La Marzocco and person they recommended is not answering and the other company is asking £500!, but that seems to be a full strip down and I would need to take the machine to them for 2 weeks. I live in Bedford, and would prefer an engineer to come me. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have a Mazzer Royal, which I picked up from ebay, however the better half has a real issue with the size of it!! It doesn't fit on the worktop under the cupboards, even without the hopper!! Can anyone suggest a smaller replacement for the Royal? Ideally i'd be looking for a electronic one. Budget of about £500. This is to go with the La Marzocco Linea Mini that I recently upgraded to.
  6. schander

    Hello All

    I've start reading the forums more earnestly so thought I'd say hi
  7. schander

    Hello All

    Hi All, Long time member, decided to say hello. I have a Mazzer Royal and Rancilio Silva (v3) Cheers Satpal
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