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  1. Strada modification will change a lot of preinfusion experience - and not only preinfusion and also all extract process (because you can play with pressure during the whole extract time). Than, this modification will be good as a tank use or bwt- because pump star full pressure from very beginning - so no matter tank or bwt you will have pressure on your head all time. Than this modification will save you once per year changing O ring wich can be pain in ass.. But its a lot of money - especially if you know that you will get “bad” merchandise - some parts (pipe etc) are with wrong curve and also some connectors are male and you need female... but you can find it online some review and suggestions how to manage this.. But my suggestion is to upgrade to this strada kit but for sure - go with Bwt or any other quality filter.. than you can say that you use all of your gs3.. cheers
  2. There’s no difference except bracelet,am I right? So if you order Nike Sport band - you will have “both models” and you can sell unboxed one for full price!
  3. I order few days ago 44mm space grey but with black sport bracelet.. Apple Nike is for me best one- and I have Nike Series 3 - and found that this bracelet is compatible with Series 4 so in that way I will have two different bracelet..
  4. I tried to find online but no luck.. apple store, delivery in next 4-5weeks
  5. @coffeechap I forward this price/options and pictures to my friend who asked me to find him some grinder - and I think this is very good for him and his small office. I’am waitting him to respond as soon as he come back from ski vacation and I will inform you...
  6. Is this grinder still for sale? How much if you add new burrs as you mentioned? Thanks
  7. This one ,from Foundry, is the best in this quartal (jun,jul,august). Really all the [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] for you guy's you are the [emoji1320][emoji1320][emoji1320] till now... And really interesting- this is also not only as espresso but as with milk one of the best taste!!
  8. We who had applied for LSOL ( I'am 1kg slot) on 3months - we are on this list also? No need to apply again, till next time for new quartal? Thanks
  9. I liked more as v60 than as espresso... because its to much acidity that I felt.. Few more days to play with...
  10. Very well roast, well balanced , some peach taste
  11. Hey Mazi, in Italy they have Italian style of espresso - from roasting to serving.. In Trieste you have caffee Bazara and they are part of Speciality Coffee Assn. of Europe but also its only Italian style espresso- which I suggest to try and enjoy different approach for roasting/serving. http://www.bazzara.it/en/#
  12. One question, in other thread I put my self for 1kg per quarter! Is this the same coffee - Has Bean Exclusive or is there difference between 1kg and 500gr subscribtion? Thanks
  13. Please add me to 1kg per month. I'am writting from my mobile and cant edit numbers/line. Thanks
  14. Happy of course! Lot of tasty indicated on Burundi and some taste hit as Kenya. Much better as V60, where that spices get chance to be in first row.. Till now I try few Uk roastery and every time I had really great experience.. For me Rave, Has Bean,Square Mile are most ordered till now- and great job they do! I'am really happy with you guys here, because every day I can read something interesting and something new.. [emoji108][emoji108][emoji122]
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