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  1. Sooooo not so much then, I wonder how much an eg-1 would be with out it likw Ceado have done with the hero-naked, @Rumpelstiltskin I seen that grinder on YouTube by the guy who, loves decents he has 3 I think in this apartment in China I think, he was saying it went to same rpm in both directions? Wierd function, I also thought the little clicky thing to get the last of grounds seemed low end compared to the rest of pretty heavy built grinder. Thanks to everyone who responded
  2. Hi guys I've noticed that a few of the top shelf (price wise) have got rpm controls on them with around 1200 range of rpm. Now I have only seen one person say anything about them (the Ceado's hero)which of course was mark from wll a d as it was being shown by a sales man I took it with a pinch of salt it also didn't get the warmest reception here at time of release if I remember correctly. Now you can buy with out the rpm box £900 cheaper under the name naked I think. So is there any user that has an rpm machine that Could shed a little light on its usefulness on their grinder and how they use it? Thanks TT
  3. Anyone else forget daylight saving?
  4. I think a few kilos of old beans should do if they are steel probably triple it for titanium , I know some grinders take alot more like the ek, so I'm unsure as to which size burrs require how much coffee but I'm sure someone else might have a more accurate method. Good luck with seasoning
  5. Welcome to the forum hope you have a great time
  6. No no it was a general question on fake book (Facebook) group and they said that it was on the "extremes" of things and grossly exaggerating the difference, another said I would be laughed out of the room at a sca event if said this. As you can tell its a lovely group I'm really glad I joined it. Like say if said it in a fan boy group then fair play you thrown a lamb to the wolfs there gunna eat it, but I was genuinely trying to help. I believe it is correct advice that was given but now you mention they did mention the niche and scot rao as well lol But if I was wrong then I would fix my answer that's why I asked you guys I trust the ppl here. Thanks for the reply medium.
  7. Hi guys long time no see for some and who the France are you for the newer members I am also a member of a few groups on fake book and one asked what was the best grinder for a light roast user and that a niche might not suit them. I advised them that large flat burrs where best for that job and conical for darker roasts. The grief I got for giving what I thought was pretty sound advice was unreal, was I wrong in my advice? Please feel free to throw your thoughts in I'm pretty thick skinned.
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