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  1. ^^ "if it falls, it's mine, moo hah hah!" 😁 John
  2. @Zorkin BWT Bestmax will be fine, just go on their website and download / view the PDF that shows how many litres of life vs hardness of water and if acceptable to you, go ahead. There are a few threads on here that go into detail about how to plumb in if you use the search function, some have pictures. Hope of help John
  3. Mine arrived safely too. Thanks @Hairy_Hogg, @Daren and North Star for organising, roasting etc. Smell interesting John
  4. @DanielinLondon Either, as is a personal preference relating to how often you change the basket out for a different size, ridgeless makes it a little easier when in a spouted portafilter. If using a bottomless portafilter then easy to pop out either by pushing them out from the bottom. Buy whichever suits based on the above, they extract the same from the bottom through the same pattern of holes. Pop on over to the introduction section and tell us a bit about yourself John
  5. A brown glass container may reduce the effects of light upon the contents but may be subject to increased heat within the container which could be equally as damaging. Could you not find some space to put small single dosing containers in a drawer or cupboard to overcome this? John
  6. Quality Gent who managed in his own way to support people on the frontline. Rest in peace
  7. @antinwales Hi Might want to carefully read through the description of flavours of any future coffee avoiding things like citrus and sticking more with chocolate, nuts, biscuit etc in the short term then dial it back from there Rave have a selection that may suit (Italian Job down) or even try something like Milk buster from BellaBarista (they may throw you a bag in with your machine) Hope of help (if it helps, my wife still pulls a fierce face with anything Ethiopian let alone the wilder sub set like Guji etc) John
  8. Hi @Tommy triple shot and welcome Someone who has a mignon specialita would be best placed to answer that question, as to the classic with a PID, the for sale on here would be the best place to purchase from as members tend to take more care of their kit (and are more knowledgeable about it) than your average ebay seller. There are a couple of members on here ( @espressotechno & @FairRecycler to name two of a few) that refurb classics and put them in the for sale section so might be worth a wait for one with a PID or, if you feeling up to opening up a machine for a tinker a @MrShades PID kit comes with good instructions for a DIY upgrade. Hope of help and best of luck on your journey John
  9. Swap out the enormous standard hopper for a smaller one or search on here for the thread about fitting a short tube / weight in place of that hopper. If handy with a dremmel or similar cut down the hopper height yourself. There are a few threads on here ref modding an SJ that will help with the doser at the front as well. If all done should end up smaller than your gaggia and if fit felt feet slide in and out from underneath the cabinets. You would struggle to find as good a grinder for the price you paid without spending significantly more (assuming you happy to adopt any routines required for getting best out of it) Best of luck John
  10. Mine arrived also today, thanks @Hairy_Hogg & @Daren for organising and @Django Coffee Co. for supplying John
  11. @Coffee by the Casuals Hi Gareth @RDC8 comment above made me think back to an issue that I had that is documented in the look what's coming on test Amazon dalian thread where the fan / impeller on top of the cyclone stopped working (and had been slowing down a little for a while looking back on roasting logs, with increasingly roasty flavour notes) prior to me replacing the film film resister (rectangular black thing) near the fan / impeller itself. Was bought from RS and may need to check which one best with @DavecUK if the original spec one no longer available as to suitable replacement. Why i think this worth looking at is, once changed, air flow was at least the same if not better (this may be wishful thinking) but did notice having to change the CA / SD setting quite markedly after change implying things had not been good for a time or was not fully functioning from the start. Hope you get things sorted soon and if you do order the above might be worth having a spare as well if that makes sense. John
  12. Happy new year one and all, may this one be better than the last. John
  13. The one thing you don't want to do is either wake it up, shhh or sit on it (it eats people and cars) 🤣 an older shot (65 now with someone else, replaced with a K10 pro barista modified for single dosing / OE short stack) like a progression of man but for grinders (L>R OE Lido3, e65, Mythos, R120)
  14. @Dave double bean Show her this and explain it could get worse.....
  15. @Sean There is an alternative in Cafelat silicon seals and group gasket which, unless someone can provide details of where to get in the UK, are ordered direct (modern lever group is the set you need and can buy multiples to reduce shipping hit) go to Cafelatstore.com but be aware shipping is fedex only at approx. $40 (hence advice to add a few items more). There are complete kits inc new screen but on the modern lever gaskets option you can specify differing numbers of group gaskets / piston sets if that makes sense As to grease, Loxeal is universally expensive but as you use so little you are most likely to be handing the remaining amount down to your offspring as a treasured family heirloom! You will use so little on fitting (especially if going down the silicon route) and periodically a smidgen (technical term, honest) around the piston sleeve / seals as putting to much on just drops a mess onto your screen, both messy and wasteful. Loxeal is what most owners seem to use although Cafelat store above also offers small quantity of Molykote which will last a few re-greasings as well as fitment Have been running cafelat seals on my right piston for about 2-3 years now and Londinium advance seals on the left piston, currently still on the original cafelat set and on the 3rd Londinium set, both feeling very similar in use when regularly greased. Group gaskets are both cafelat silicon which you can get from UK if needed. Hope of help John
  16. @Sean It may help if you could post a photo of the residue as could be scale (from water) or seal material ("rubber" / silicon) that may help someone advise best course of action John p.s. @The Systemic Kid video above is the one I always go back to when changing seals so I remember correct orientation ( even though was there at one point when filmed!)
  17. Merry Christmas to all, currently enjoying a Kenyan Meru AA (own roasted) as a flat white and about to dive into the coffee dictionary by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood thoughtfully given by one daughter whilst trying desperately hard to avoid looking at what am taking as a wind up present of 3 sugar free coffee syrups from the other. John
  18. Joined in May 2014, so about to dust off my spring chicken feet John
  19. Hi @tammma the reference to 3/4" is at the solid pipe or "washing machine" connector end or your first connection to the household supply, thereafter would be 3/8" if using BWT head (you would need to confirm the Brita sizes as dependant on filter these can be 3/4"in with either 3/8",1/2" or 3/4" output) Can't answer as to sizes on the tap itself as no knowledge of the brita taps, sorry. It may help to draw out your proposed pipework to see what makes sense. Hope all goes well John
  20. On the SBR site: Go to services>contract roasting> click on order now button and small print details quantities / roast level ( levels 6 and 7 look positively wet, and not in a good way, not for me!) Hope of help John
  21. Info ref scarcity of St Helena beans : History of St Helena coffee John
  22. Think you may find SBR have a minimum contract roast quantity of 10 to 20 kilo at a time from memory (unless this changed very recently)? If this the case unless you using an awful lot of coffee, could go past its best before you get anywhere near the end. Gene cafe 101 has been a go to for a while but if you looking to roast less than 230g at a time then there are a few smaller machines possibly about to come to market that may be of interest to you . Hope of help John
  23. @El carajillo Epson ET-7750 here too for similar reasons to @earthflattener @BlackCatCoffeeabove. 5 Individual tanks on this model: Photo black, cyan, magenta, yellow are 70ml plus a separate 140ml pigment black for text are between £12.49 for the 70ml and £18.49 for the 140ml pigment black with a maintenance cartridge for £9.49 (serves as the waste ink collector thus removable / replaceable when full). All prices quotes were from the Epson site so you can get cheaper branded from that well known on line retailer or even compatible sets from third parties although the need to do this is reduced by the refills being both cheaper and very large. Photo quality is on a par (using marrutt papers) with previous Canon 6 and 8 tank photo printers (going back to the original A3+ i9100!) noting less expensive Eco tank models have 1 less tank (the photo black?) so may print differently and can't compare to other Epson's as this is the first time have ventured to the "dark side". As a multifunction it works well noting this model only prints at A3 max and scans at A4 max if this is something you need to take into account. There are models with auto doc feeders and some print duplex (ET 7750 does) some don't soo you do need to check the specs Not cheap and quite possibly the printer more reflective of build cost (plus a bit more for loss of cartridge money) than others that are artificially cheap to get you hooked into the ink supply (never again will i pay £100 plus for a set of 12ml original cartridges!). I bought mine last year and came with 2 sets of full size tanks and not started the second set yet as mostly printing work related docs which are heavy on the black plus a three year warranty as part of the offer, Wex were cheapest at the time from memory. Hope of help and might be worth a mooch on the Epson.co.uk site for eco tank as there are plenty of different options. John
  24. @snerkler Glad you getting a better cup and if not tried you may want to bear in mind that the amount of water your machine can produce will be quite small so a little rest after warming your cup as above may before making your coffee may also assist. All the best and if staying on here have a look round at all the threads on different roasters , some of which may be local to you, that may offer a different taste / quality to what you currently using. John
  25. @snerkler There is a possibility of confusion here in what is meant by warming up / setting temps. To clear this up, if you are not leaving the machine on for at least 15 minutes, ideally more, despite what the manual tells you, the metal elements of the machine will not have heated up thus cooling any water passing from tank through heating element then into coffee, result cool drink leave the machine on for lets say 20 minutes with the portafilter (handle) empty in the machine, then run a little water through machine to warm up the water pathway, dry portafilter then add coffee and press the single or double brew button (once not multiple times) and see if that makes a difference; report back with results. Hope of help and let us know how you get on John
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