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  1. @coffeebean may be best placed to offer you some answers on this as fits out mobile coffee vans as well as run one himself, he'll be along in a bit. Best of luck in your venture John
  2. Hi @Adam I Welcome and won't be too long before others in your area pop on to say hello, quite a few close by (we are just over the border in Worcestershire) Been a while since went out for coffee in Cheltenham, used to pop into the Dispensary and also the Scandinavian Coffee Pod near the bus station, are they both up and running again? Lots of advice on here about roasting and there is a thread that's been running a while called today's roast that could be good reading for you. What were you thinking of in terms if Roasters around the £1000 mark? Cheers John
  3. @TRatcliffe Yes sort of in that not a soda stream but a 750ml Soda Splash from cream supplies here that takes 8g CO2 chargers. "Interesting" would be the word I would use as well, given your head is thinking cola sweetness (from the visible cues) but there is only what is in the cold brew itself, just now fizzy. Easiest way to describe what it does is to think of the difference in taste between still and sparkling water, just with coffee if that makes sense I could see how tonic could add some sweetness that the above method does not. Was something different for a change, just not something that made me want to do lots of John
  4. Thanks @CocoLoco for the update, may have been a regional or demand based swap on the 5L ones, one less thing to worry about then John
  5. Just be aware that the Waitrose essential water can be Pembroke in the 5L sizes whereas the 2L is predominantly Lockhills (have never personally come across anything other than Lockhills in 2L but you never know ) John
  6. @Longmanh Bearing in mind the exchange rates at the moment plus having to pay import duty you may not be too far off the price of an Amazon new with a UK warranty Not knocking the bullet, have no experience of one to do so, just picking up on your comment above about being too expensive. Hope of help John
  7. search function top right of the page for all previous queries John
  8. Hi @A&TP Refreshing to see someone introduce themselves Welcome and you'll find quite a few members in and around the Cotswolds (we're over on the far far left on the Worcs Gloucs border) Londinium are very decent machines, what grinder are you planning to pair with it (and budget if looking for advice on that) plus types of coffee enjoyed / where from as you may be surprised to find some local roasters on your doorstep Lots of reading, enjoy John
  9. Wow, that ^ got a bit a bit aggressive in the tone and uncalled for especially as the man got played (not the ball) Having dealt with MrShades on many occasions, have found him most generous with time and explanations however having owned a number of different Gaggia's in my time (inc all versions of Classic) am very clearly muddled in my brain ( "aluminium in the boiler water is puddling Gaggia owners brains"). Possibly speaking solely of your own experience with a Gaggia classic and not linking to YouTube "experts" or "Trusted Reviews" would assist others in understanding any pitfalls or benefits? The classic, in any version, has various limitations that can be overcome or made better, was a machine built to a price. Can you make an outstanding coffee with one in stock form , yes, can you do it consistently, now that's where some modifications can assist including adopting a cleaning regime. Perhaps it's time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, no matter how or which version its made with John
  10. Very much incomplete, no compak R series! John
  11. Signature is quite a nice smooth blend (try one made at the Roasteries café out front if you get a chance), a lot better than many you would get on the high street. With a bean to cup you will be limited to Strength / amount which will restrict you in terms of what you can get out of the cup, not having a go, just pointing out. You could as suggested above try less milk with your signature blend until you get to a point where you are getting your desired "strength" in the cup and then work from there. My brother has a bean to cup that when I give him any roasted single origins he always wants to double the amount of shots in compared to his usual Aldi beans ( is what he likes and in his budget, I can't even buy green beans for what he pays for roasted). His normal coffee has a fair amount of Robusta in and has a "strong" to him flavour (bitter and toasted to me but each to their own, bertie bassett and everything ) let us know how you get on with the Italian Job so can point you from there as you will have bookended "Smooth" and "Strong" from Rave then, in terms of blends. John
  12. Mines just been delivered via UPS Many thanks all for organising (and roasting ), Roasted on the 6th also Cheers John
  13. Ah ha, that explains the UPS mail then John
  14. Yes to confirm the above, use of Nitrous oxide for infusing not nitro which is nitrogen only, apologies forgot to add that (it does mention that in the sales blurb though) John
  15. Stinks to have to replace early , maybe make a huge stash of ice cubes to make you feel better about changing John
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