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  1. Have you considered that the act of freezing may have an impact on the issues you are experiencing (it may not but equally you may have introduced a variable ), just a thought. John
  2. Multi Purpose cups? Espresso and milk one way up... super ristretto the other John
  3. Am going to throw either a curve ball or the elephant in the room but...are you not able to look to use that rather flat section at the back of your lovely green v8 powered advertising board as a trolley instead of making one (space permitting of course)? You could then put machines etc on a sliding base that could "be pulled out" over the tail gate when needed for service and no heavy lifting. Fit some curtains / bags to hang from the tail gate to cover your waste water etc and use the sides to host bag sales etc hiding as much water / cool box full of ice for milk / ancillaries etc. Could even look to fit gazebo or similar over bed / back to keep you dry if outside in future. Long term benefits, you have your advertising as the truck, instantly recognisable and clean / break down would be really quick with little to lift / carry. Might be restrictions on petrol powered vehicles or access into some locations but....cool truck... Might also want to think about an additional grinder, if not mentioned already, either as a spare (just in case ) or have 1 set for espresso (or for another bean) and 1 for the bag grinding remembering that most of the general population don't possess a grinder although may want to steer clear of espresso grind or put some huge caveats on (depends on who is at trade fair / venue etc) Hope all goes well and will expect pictures similar to the "Road to Cirencester" (although no breakdowns please) John
  4. johnealey


    Did something similar twice now whilst waiting for the Dalian to drop back to charge temp had the drum door open and instead of shutting door flap dropped the green beans straight into the drum and straight back out into the cooling already roasted beans. Was a very nice high scoring guji so had to roast 2 new batches (the roasted now contaminated and one to replace the one now mixed in) and spent the best part of half an hour saving the green guji to re roast (for me to drink) and binning the roasted element (cross contamination potential makes this a no no) I then did same a week later. Has been a year since, but I still do the Japanese train driver thing of verbalising what am doing then pointing at it before I drop the beans (daughter thinks this is highly amusing, "look Mum, Dad's talking to the roaster and telling if off again") John
  5. Might be worth checking the seals actually sealing on the door frame, easy enough to do. 2 quick tests are (1) a piece of paper between seal and frame all round, looking for some kind of resistance not necessarily clamping tight; (2) with the door shut push it a bit tighter in and then go to open, if any resistance then could be ok. The fact that you got lots of moisture on the back panel could be a gap in the seal or leaving door open too long. The bad news is, you can get new seals for most fridges Hope you get it sorted John
  6. What about something like an OE short stack or similar for bean feeding? Like it John
  7. HI @Stax and welcome Dependant on where in south Wales you are there are a few local roasters that you may not have tried yet: Coaltown, our own @coffeebean, welshcoffee or any of the forum advertisers (which if you click through from the banner, help the advertisers to value their advertising / support of the forum) such as Rave in Cirencester, Coffee Compass, HasBean plus Crank House, Craft House etc. Subscription services such as dog and hat offer a variety of different roasters from not just the UK and are well regarded on here There is also a thread on here noting roasters all over the country that might help. All the best and enjoy John
  8. I think you may struggle to get a definitive answer on this forum as most people responding will have experience based on whole beans. You could always try it and see what you think as may well off gas earlier than whole beans due to them being ground if that makes sense (more surface area of coffee in ground vs whole bean). The issue you are really going to have is one of your coffee going stale faster due to being ground, possibly time to look into getting a grinder? Hope of some help John
  9. johnealey

    Compak R120

    Take bean hopper off.Tip it backwards put left forearm underneath foot / grind catch plate, straighten back / bend knees, tip top toward right forearm, lift and pull towards chest (then pray you haven't got too far to walk ) Failing that get a sack truck (Having taken mine to a couple of forum days now, this is exactly what I do) John
  10. Mine have just arrived too, Royal mail signed for. Thanks @Hasi and @Nicknak (thanks for redirecting tom our home address Nick, appreciated) Now then, who's going to be the first to brew.. John
  11. Basic flat or crimped hair straighteners from argos or similar work a treat as a backup or main set (have some truly awful coloured pink ones that cost about a tenner from memory, may even have Bratz on !) ) Hope of help albeit now directly answering your request John
  12. Melody Gardot - My one and only thrill, is currently playing in the car for work and the orchestral version of "if the stars were mine" is my preferred version (tend to got through the whole back catalogue of an artist so have all her albums in the car) John
  13. below might help to decide whether manual works for you bearing in mind there are different LCD's showing during the roast that post 1st crack being entered into artisan will give you an "at that point" time development reading and you can configure it to show you a Delta graph below the main graph as you go along (otherwise it appears post roast in the graph) p.s is not an excellent roast just one to show how configured and screenshot to hand as there was a bit of a temp rise post 1st crack!
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