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  1. Mines just been delivered via UPS Many thanks all for organising (and roasting ), Roasted on the 6th also Cheers John
  2. Ah ha, that explains the UPS mail then John
  3. Yes to confirm the above, use of Nitrous oxide for infusing not nitro which is nitrogen only, apologies forgot to add that (it does mention that in the sales blurb though) John
  4. Stinks to have to replace early , maybe make a huge stash of ice cubes to make you feel better about changing John
  5. Used one since the original offer and only just wearing out the 2nd cleaning membrane ( bear in mind I use this twice as much at a time compared to most ). You can order the membranes either direct on their website and have currency charge or order via amazon from Espazzola for £5.50 and appears to be a flat £3.99 postage (no Prime) , well, was on 3 of them, delivery estimates are somewhere around end of this month though so will wait and see. Hope of help and genuinely easy to use just follow the installation instructions really closely to avoid any tears in the "fronds" John
  6. Hi @kennyboy993 I think the annual change (rather than when it stops treating the water) is more to do with the cartridges "ability" to contain microbial growth, might be fine for a short time after but you are running the risk of picking something nasty up with the morning coffee. I don't know enough about the chemical / physical make up of the internals or whether there is something like a silver coating to inhibit growth of anything new coming into the system that then does not work effectively as when new, if that makes sense? Is one of the reasons we switched from a 2XL to a V, whilst we are replacing the V's a bit more frequently (about 8-10 months, our water mugs you in dark alleyways is that hard, Cotswolds!) we are definitely getting the max out of them whereas binned the 2XL way before it was expended. We use ours for drinking water, Tea, Filter / brew etc as well as plumbed into LII so it does between 1100 and 1250 L average which works out at about 7p/L with only the plastic to recycle (we take the spent candles to the local tip which has an area for them, go figure!) Hope of help and have just ordered the next one (BWT Bestmax V) from Germany via amazon for £85 as previous seller no longer listing, have seen one on there from the same seller for £79 but a bit puzzled as to what "candle only" actually means, eek! ( a bit of shrink wrapping for sanitary purposes can't be bad?) John
  7. Hi @Ben_M and welcome Whilst not Norfolk by any stretch of the imagination, closest would possibly be Bella Barista in Wellingborough Northants and possibly worth giving a call to discuss / arrange some time in the showroom to play with some of the machines / grinders there (although pretty sure you will not see the Niche there). You can just walk in but have found if you arrange in advance they can have machines on / beans / people to explain etc whereas turning up on spec, if they tied up with others, can lead to a slightly lacklustre trip. What you'll find when you get into the level you looking to spend is that there are very few place you can get "hands on", most stores stop at Sage level (not knocking them, just pointing out) especially if you actually want to pull some shots. Hope you find what you looking for John
  8. When /if timing shots you need to start from when you push the button or lever till end as what you are currently missing is the amount of time in pre infusion of the coffee. Timing is not the be all, taste is a much better guide Keep at it John
  9. Welcome @Sprodude +1 on the above and if you after rested beans in an emergency, as we don't know where you are, Sainsburys carry modern standard and I think Waitrose do Origin, which can get you out of a pinch if desperate. You may also want to try buying a kilo (or 4x250g bags) of something you like and re-bag into container of choice (ensuring as much air as possible taken out) then try over the next couple of weeks to see if whichever method (presume espresso based given your forum name) you use to brew has a peak / ideal range for resting that you can identify by taste. If there is a peak identifiable then order in advance accordingly noting there is an awful lot of internet speak re best time for espresso, both in rested / extraction time, that at best can send you off down a path you may not need to. Read through some threads on here re resting and you'll find some respected roasters / cafe's are now looking not to use beans for espresso till 4-6 weeks past roast, others will say 5-10-14 etc and a lot will be dependant on bean type and crucially your taste buds which no one else has. Not in any way saying that Machina wrong in pre resting, just trying to give an alternate view. If you dead set on pre roasted, then you can always put a comment in some web orders asking for anything pre rested where there is a comment box, although this, dependant on having something post roast and this may become a bit easier with wholesale customers coming back on line now whereas a lot of roasters discussed on here have pretty much been dealing with a home based market for a few months pretty much roasting to order. Hope the above of some help, if not try your local coffee shop if they sell beans and have a good rootle for the earliest roast date John
  10. What you will tend to find from forum members is a fairly accurate description of both the machine and it's history which can be a god send ( have opened up a few ebay purchases when first started out only to bin the boilers of Classics as fed nasty tap water thus scaled beyond repair) John
  11. Welcome @ManicMarvin Mike Am just over the border from you in Worcestershire so not too far away and a few others either in or around Cheltenham. Few more posts and you will be able to access the for sale section which may save you some money with a looked after machine rather than on e needing lots of work or parts, worth thinking about. Happy reading John
  12. But we do Subscribe to the above despite, and to a certain extent because, measuring all roasts (ground /tamped to same setting for standardisation) with a calibrated Tonino, which gives me an indication of "roast level" but no indication of how long they spent in various stages during roast. What it does do is give me an indication of where to start grinding at for the next shot. Short of a roaster posting a roasting graph (which may well be giving away a subtle nuance that makes their offering different to other roasters of same bean, think Rocko Mountain for example) an indication of Agtron or Tonino is less useful to the buyer than the roaster unless the buyer has a set of Agtron tiles (to rule out monitor colour variances) or uses a Tonino to know what 112 means in the cup (see above though as a caveat). Can be useful for QC purposes alongside tasting / data from roasting to highlight any positive / negatives Part of the "Bertie Basset" nature of different beans and roasters is the variance you can come across by not confining yourself to colour accepting this can lead to some less than your perfect bean as well as finding something you wouldn't come across otherwise. LSOL is a fine example of this as was DSOL which found two corkers, Bolts bootleg from Baytown and a central African (DRC?) from Dark Arts that were outstanding. Having read through this and the other thread, I don't know what the definitive answer is to appease those wanting a rough guide and those wanting more information, descriptors of just past 1st a la HasBean or taste descriptors possibly the easiest universal way maybe? If we go too granular re colour what about publishing extraction rates / mineral composition of water / / moisture content pre & post roast / percentage loss / roasting temps / outdoor temps / date of pick, process, landing etc (many of which mentioned above) John
  13. Morning @Axl/75 Welcome to the forum and might suggest you do a search on the Sette on here before you leap into that particular grinder (also check to see if your proposed retailer has a negative thread on here to add to that) Happy reading John
  14. Hi @Karlos Hopefully the below link to a search (using search function top right of screen if using browser, not sure how it appears if using tapatalk) https://coffeeforums.co.uk/search/?q=coffeejack&quick=1 should answer any outstanding questions you have Hope of help John
  15. @cjonny and @Rapid You may want to return to the LSOL thread a bit quickly as you are being offered the chance to add your name to the list as a sneak in last chance John
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