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  1. 🤣🤣 How does it know if you are overweight? 🤣🤣 John
  2. Mini Boots2u! Small Boots: the next generation Congrats Martin and mum (and Arlo) Aw, bless! John, Sarah and Sammy
  3. Some time back there was a melitta cafeo varianza (csp and Barista?) that was reviewed by DaveCuk, one of which was around your upper budget from memory that was reasonably well performing, taking into account your requirements. You may wish to steer clear of pod types which may well be cheaper at first purchase but more expensive long term plus the "milk" in any pods tends to not be milk as such more similar to coffeemate. Hope he finds something he happy to use John
  4. Just noticed also on Medium roast Steams for sale thread that a new member able to PM after 2 posts to something in the for sales section (no disrespect intended to either MRS or new member just pointing out an issue) John
  5. Welcome Giles If you let us know where you are based (roughly) then am sure will come up with some suggestions for local roasters. Nothing wrong with French press as a means of making coffee (have a couple that get dragged out from time to time) , all different ways of making coffee John
  6. Ah, good in one respect in that it not just me then! Am also having any threads with high activity such as "postie" one open up at the start not the end if that makes sense John
  7. They may have replaced the little brass clip with a blob of solder since mine (was in the 2nd batch into BB). If it looks stable when running with no oscillation then should be fine. Long handled toilet brush (fresh, unused of course) may be a local option for the stainless pipes and if still using the supplied flexi hose an opportunity to swap out for a 100mm one as per DaveCuk previous posts. John
  8. Just make sure you don't vacuum up the little balancing weight on one of the fan blades, will look brassy in colour and should leave an imprint where it normally sits, if you have dislodged it. Loss of this will unbalance your exhaust fan, so best not lost! Once cleaned out, don't be too surprised to find all your previous damper settings are "out" so any profiles will need amending John.
  9. This morning using Edge (new version...) am seeing a very different version of the forum, no member badges and not filling the screen on the new posts element. Is this just an Edge thing? John
  10. Ue in Witney and just over the border in Cirencester, Rave. Both have roastery cafes which are worth a visit, Ue's being up on the windrush industrial estate. Happy hunting John
  11. You may also want to consider that the smoke generated from roasting (and any unfortunate bean /chaff fire...) may not "fit" / breach any regs for discharge where you are planning on setting up. Roasting in the middle of a field for a one off event is viewed completely differently than on a (semi) permanent pitch so you may need to start discussions with your local councils Environmental Health team before you spend out on a roaster as this may also guide your choice (there may be other production hygiene requirements to take into account also) It is always better to ask before you
  12. Hi Phil just went out to check mine to find have managed to melt the plug to the top of the front plate (looped up around charge funnel and unused since bought!) so unable to undo to give you a definitive however... based solely on how they going in to end of plug...red looks to be positive (+) Hopefully someone will be along in a bit to confirm if correct or not John
  13. ref difference in readings, out of curiosity what is the analogue dial reading at the same point? Ethiopian: where from (retailer), what type (i.e. Guji, Rocko Mountain, Yirgacheffe), grade of bean (if known : G1-G5 etc) and what was the year of harvest I ask as may have a bearing on how you roast them and any advice on settings you may get back as well John
  14. You may also find a few more days rested make all the difference, I tend to go 14 days on Rave beans, as signature is not one of theirs I would associate with bitter, more buttery / caramel smooth. John
  15. post 9 and later should help you on the way. John
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