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  1. Hi @scots_flyer Al Mint Inkers arrived yesterday and currently enjoying them this morning. Very well packaged as fragile and not a mark on them . Thanks John and Sarah
  2. Then you need an L1 (old L1-P) (or multiples thereof , 2 arms=2 levers 🤣) All this talk of pump noises.. John
  3. But you could try the one for espresso.. https://baristahustle.com/blog/the-espresso-compass/ John
  4. Hi @Hasi Arrived yesterday and thank you to Nick also for posting on One slight issue though asked for 500g each of Sigri and monkey puzzle (order #31) and received Monkey puzzle and Panama la fortuna, no issue in itself with this however is there any from looking at the bag you can see if label matches contents just in case they incorrect label correct content? Just conscious someone else might have got an incorrect set (am happy with both having had the panama before from you). Started in on the monkey puzzle in Moccamaster this morning @63g/1.25L filtered water and getting a more earthy chocolate herb note, reminded me more of an Indonesian than an African Thanks again John
  5. If you happy to post could I have all the mint cups please @scots_flyer totalling £26 (ex-postage) for 6 cups and 4 saucers Regards John
  6. Can happen to anyone I call it Phantom of the Frankenstein Cortado: John
  7. ESOL 🤣🤣🤣 I've enjoyed this one and had a sneaky suspicion early on that is was an Ethiopian as Sarah's face was a picture on her first and only cup from this month's. Has worked best for me in the moccamaster at 63g per full 1.25 jug and get the mango descriptor now, got more obvious as it cooled. Thanks again all for organising, collecting and roasting John P.s guess for the origin in Augusts… is it an Ethiopian 🤣
  8. @simontc either Has bean for 100 filter for £5 ,or 40 for £2 in plastic outer,if wanting to source from a forum sponsor or quick search on amazon brought up 100 Kalita 101 filters for £2.99 from one of their market place sellers quick japan store eu Hope it helps and is one of my go to brewers when out and about if the hotel cups are too small for the aeropress! John
  9. Or accept that a stop in Lancaster at Atkinsons is a much better bet on the M6 or if going all the way off the end Jeebsy's place in Shawlands Glasgow John
  10. What was interesting for me was not the programme itself but the effect has had on my sister in law who, when visiting, would be the only person in our family to ask for a tea. Turns out the section with MCD about differing roast levels reminded her of a trip she and my brother made to Bath a few years back to his coffee shop and the thought that it may be my brothers taste (shudder) in very dark commodity supermarket beans (based on price to be fair to him). Sent them home with some guji to try in a Clever for her and some Monsooned Malabar for him, result for quality beans! John
  11. Paid for sigri and mystery monkey puzzle beans John
  12. Planter - 500g Sigri, 250g La Fortuna Light and 250g of whatever your new Roast is going to be, and if made available. Jimbojohn55 - 1KG of your new mystery light roast - Ive heard about this coffee , shhhh Fez - 500g La Fortuna - Medium roast, 500g Sigri AA Nicknak - 1 kilo of Sigri .. medium please Cooffe - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast (hit me with the jimbojohn) Sparkyx - 1kg Zündfunke, 500g Mystery light roast Nick1881 - 500g La Fortuna ronsil - 1 kg Vöcklabrand JimmGC51 - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast DogandHat - 500g light roast and subscription samples Lake_M - 500g Vocklabrand, 500g mystery light roast Joey24dirt - 500g Mystery Bus! Jacko112 - 500g Sigri (light) & 500g mystery light roast Junglebert - 500g Sigri and 500g of the magical mystery bean working dog - 500g Zündfunke, 500g Mystery light coffee chap - 1kg mystery light (if theres room in the box) johnealey - 500g Sigri and 500g Mystery magical bean
  13. would need to see photo's but I thought the one he had set up to time dose was no more than 80-85mm, definitely a Compak though poss a PKE?? John
  14. p.s yes those legs really are that white as to replacement, genuinely don't know as not come across anything that tickles my proverbial without requiring re engineering to do so. Probably another R120 (photo below with Espazzola for scale and a chamber vac to the right)
  15. not the PK was definitely the R120, I know because I almost herniated myself getting it there. was going to make some windmill sails to put on the grind selector for a giggle, but it's too hot for humour (sais he typing with his feet in the dog pool) John
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