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  1. Not that any member needs me to defend anyone on here but to comment on the responses By all means try the dualit but be prepared to be frustrated as what will come out will not be the same as what you getting out of a coffee shop(it may resemble visually). Whether you use a new to you grinder or not the difference between what is marketed to the masses as an espresso machine such as the Dualit and similar is very different in both execution of shot and temperature stability to name two plus the way it is extracted through a pressurised basket. Some espresso machines produced solely for the unknowing consumer have pressure vessels producing approx. 2-3 bar of pressure some have up to 18-19. A decent grinder coupled with decent beans from a roaster that is aiming to bring out the best in a particular bean / blend will improve your coffee experience even if you stay with the v60 / Aeropress ( I had a porlex, most any grinder will be an improvement, especially if burrs worn), there's nothing wrong with filter / drip, espresso is just another way to make coffee at the end of the day. Dave's advice above has saved me on more than one occasion from potentially expensive mistakes and whilst have no desire to wade into the he said they said element, the advice is correct, you could well be frustrated. If you accept that "bob on" as they say. Espresso and milk drinks made from espresso are probably the hardest / most frustrating to get right and no, you don't need to spend fortunes to get a decent espresso, have had some blinding straight shots from Gaggia classics / Silvia's in the past and current G105 little lever, none of which you would call expensive second hand. What you do get with expenditure is consistency shot to shot( the blinding shot from the classis stood out as 1 amongst the following 10 that were either average or sinkers) but this in itself is not a reason to spend big. You could get a classic, fit a MrShades PID kit and have some fun tweaking / pimping / improving as many do on here (there is a whole sub forum devoted) but you could also save that money towards either another more stable machine or stick with drip / filter etc Quality beans> decent grinder (Made by knock, Lido etc would also work and not cost a fortune plus portable for aeropress)> means to extract coffee is a good way to think of order of priorities. Hope of help and taken in the manner written not wishing to have a go at anyone (I started with a krups combined filter and "espresso" machine of the type with the pressure vessel above, shudder at the memory..) John
  2. Hi @RDC8 Are thebagbroker.co.uk not shipping at the moment (assuming you tried them or use them already)? Might be worth an email if not used them before as nothing on their website indicating they not delivering. Can't help on the bag front directly as stopped using valved bags ages ago, vac bagging mine (also allows the roast sharers to wipe / wash the bags if I do label separately / write on bags, should they wish too) John
  3. Hi @Dartmoor Coffee Phil you may want to start with something like a brother thermal printer that accepts DX self adhesive rolls that can be sized / cut on the fly. Have a look at something like QL 700 here (just an example) and you can get generic DX rolls in different widths from Amazon / ebay etc (62mm wide by 30m work well on 250g bag sizes and up). Have a QL-570 that has performed without for close to 350m of labels of different sizes sometimes producing 40-50 at a time and is probably 3-4 years old now. Not the worlds most comprehensive software but easy enough to produce text of different sizes of different fonts etc and at approx. £30 at the time, not going to cry if I kill it. Would think you might want to keep your costs down when starting up, above may help John
  4. +1 on the above and for the single origin go by the taste descriptors, they're a pretty good guide for Horsham's beans (I quite liked the China Lafu lot no4 which tried after Rave's xingang natural but neither may be your personal flavour choices) John
  5. Quality beans may assist you here and whilst not familiar with your Ebay sellers, the fact that you are buying from Ebay may not source you speciality grade beans from a recent harvest. If cost is one of your main concerns in taking on home roasting you may not save much as you tend to get better results from better quality greens which can negate any cost savings you may be looking for (if this is in fact your driving force) Speaking solely from personal experience, you may want to try some of the Coffeecompass green offerings (select grind type and you will see the green option of 2kg) for known good quality recent harvest beans. Of course there are other suppliers (your scottishcoffee for example) but for the price in smaller quantities Coffeecompass hard to beat. Home roasting can be as good as the pro's, decent beans will put you on a level playing field then its down to how you as the roast controller roast them and then finally the equipment you roast them on. I certainly used to get and can still get quality results from the Gene Café, it's just a lot easier / consistent / more enjoyable on the Amazon. Hope of help and don't give in, don't be afraid to stop 30s to a min earlier than you think and then take it from there (also a good read through the todays roast section) John
  6. mine arrived safely too, thanks all for organising John
  7. @VoocashI would have to say watching that video that would have to agree with the baked comment above and also reiterate the 250g in rather than 230g. I would also have gone for the gentle rise gentle finish profile and then modify out from there. Your voltage does look a little on the low side, I used to struggle with the opposite quite often being over 250v so the power mod with the 240v heater worked well for me. I will have a look though some old roasting logs and see if can find a comparable Kenya although, unless I did it under power mod, will be next to useless to you due to the voltage difference. Am drinking some Meru from same lot as I type and one of the recent standouts for me, bright as sweet as filter but nowhere near the level of roast you took the above to. Looking forward to the Kenya Ruiru Mills Blue Mountain. Another visual clue that might help with spotting first crack is to look at the amount of chaff coming off and collecting around the "scraper" as sort of makes sense that this is only coming off in volume when the bean expanding at or around first crack (not from the "split" of the bean so much as the outside elements). First crack can be difficult on the gene to spot but following the advice previous (and you nose) plus visual clue should make it easier. Best of luck John
  8. Just thinking aloud a lens hood bean hopper with lid might work to also blow out any grinds retained as well other wise small brush as you would with any dosers due to the horizontal throat from burrs. John
  9. Hi @M_H_S did you mean the difference between an K10 master conic PB and K10 PB? if yes then motor at 900w and an additional fan plus case taller. From memory the fan on the rear on the Master runs all the time. If K10 original vs K10 PB then the difference is there is a static tamper "nose" at the front of the doser there not being one on the PB (plus some other minor doser improvements on the PB ref sweepers) You can remove the doser (referring to the PB now as that is what I have) and there are no ugly holes / access to the motor requiring filling (a la Mazzer). You can use without just dispense from the opening into either a funnel or as I do an aeropress funnel with another on top acting as a makeshift bean shoot (if single dosing you could even just pop a suitable old tamper on (if small enough acts as a weight). You could also add the OE short stack for Compaks or a smaller hopper. Looking at the parts list for the E10, you could fit the funnel (K06420 plus bolts etc) and even the Forks / portafilter holder (C06550 plus bolts etc, check whether this includes the K06250 within the kit or separate) to a PB without the OD electronics or there is a parts listing on the last page for the OD parts et. Hope of help and let us know how you go on with this, if needing to order a few parts to get the order going would be interested in joining together. Regards John
  10. You could be right on your assumption that this is a deco or deco evo, only way to know for sure has been mentioned above, photograph the serial number plate Aside from being potentially a 13L boiler to heat, possibly 3 phase or at least needing a cooker circuit, there is the issue of all the electrics in working order as appears to fully volumetric. Would not have been cheap new but without knowing it's complete history suggestions above of off to ebay may be best unless you looking for a challenge that is best of luck John
  11. Welcome Charlie @BadDad from another Worcestershire member, a few on here. James gourmet do some nice beans and dependant on where you are in the county, there are some other roasters nearby of note. Regards John
  12. Possibly yes Tom There is no obligation to publish the constituent parts of any blend, some do, some don't, I don't feel any less towards a blend that does not especially if the roaster produces goof results on other beans Personally if it tastes alright consistently and the crucial part is consistently then am not overly concerned about what the constituent parts are which may well change throughout the season / from season to season. Price: have not found blends to be any more expensive than single origin, in most cases a little less. The other thing you may need to take into account on your purchase of blends for roasting yourself is that these may not have been roasted together at the roaster as quite often roasted separately then blended together post roast as each green will potentially have different profile requirements. Hopefully taken in the pleasant manner intended John
  13. Hi Jony All joking aside if were given the option of Londinium 1 in the for sale section or the conti cc 100/1, for consistency of shot, would go for the Londinium (not even factoring in price difference). Love the engineering of the lever mechanism on the conti and is a big beasty to boot. if however you want almost silent operation (no pump) either plumb in the L1 or go with the conti which can only be plumbed in Hope of help John
  14. Rave suarez green beans section £9.95 a kilo plus p&P Coffee compass cuba serrano order green beans 2kg via email or phone no price on site but if similar to others (green option is within grind size drop down list) then about £25 plus p&p John
  15. if you were to use the below as an example: 3/4 inch female threaded stainless braided pipe at undersink to 3/8 inch threaded at filter input https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/stainless-steel-hose-3-8f-3-4f-200cm.html then on output side of filter to machine assuming 3/8 female required at both ends (filter and machine) https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/stainless-steel-hose-3-8f-3-8f-150cm.html Hope explains, if using John Guest will need to ask someone with more experience of it. John
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