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  1. You could take a look at some of the filter section at HasBean or others such as Rave, Coffee Compass etc just read the tasting notes and see what you like the sound of. Ratios for brewing: you may find with bottled water you need to adjust coffee amount down from a starting point you mentioned earlier of 60g L and don't be afraid to experiment by grinding finer than what Sage are "recommending" as each coffee will be different. Ultimately let your taste buds guide you to an enjoyable cup, that half the fun of trying different coffees. John
  2. Yup, I do and it takes my weight without falling in.... put a toilet plunger wrong way out on the dial and you have your own Dalek R120 has an only slightly bigger footprint than the K10 Pro Barista & Mythos and goes happily from Turkish out to cafetiere / cupping but finding one for less than silly money... Lots of good suggestions above, I'm biased of course John
  3. +1 on the above as you may be just too coarse a grind on the sage to extract what you have. Ratio of 60g per litre is a good starting point and you can always whilst testing drop to 45g and 3/4L of water to save on the coffee or even 30g to 500ml. What you haven't mentioned, unless have missed it, is what water you are using as London tap is not ideal flavour wise ( I stay in enough hotels in London areas to have stopped trying to guess how much extra coffee needs to be added). Softer water will give you access to more flavours in the coffee (huge generalisation) so you could try something like Tesco ashbeck or Waitrose essentials (Lockhills in the 2L bottles) or Volvic if you feeling flush. If you are using a "known" water may be easier to point you in the right direction. Rave signature is not going to give you the same flavour profile as Carte Noir as a) roasted more to suit the bean (i.e. bring out the flavours) b) not roasted to the same level as carte noir that from memory is daaaaaaark( i.e roasted for standardisation of supply throughout the year to suit the manufacturer / bean supplies, not necessarily to bring out any beans individual flavour) You can always as above increase your coffee to water ratio or even return to Carte Noir if that floats your boat, the key thing being they are your taste buds and not everyone is the same ( we many moons ago used, when all we had was a cafetiere, used to think Taylors Lava Java was the bees knees!!) Try the water bit above if not already and if using a filter jug bear in mind for coffee (with London hard water) the filter may only last a couple of weeks at best before giving you hard water again. You may also want to try a speciality coffee shops drip / filter offering to see if filter is just not your thing as well. Hope of help and don't give up yet John
  4. johnealey

    Heat Pad

    https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/chemex-glass-coffeemaker-cover Does work surprisingly well and cheaper too John
  5. Hi Dave @coffeechap I'll take the 51.4 if ok as current one for the tin hat a bit loose Thanks John
  6. Sarah's already very pleased about the bag on the right, was getting very twitchy when told her had roasted the last but one kilo of Tweega last weekend John
  7. johnealey

    Heat Pad

    What about something on here?: https://www.etsy.com/listing/654330387/chemex-insulated-cover-cozy-and-warming Won't scald or boil your coffee John
  8. If you havent read through it already (and it runs to a few pages) there is a thread entitled new "It's that time of year again - new roaster coming on test" that not only charts how the BB edition of the Amazon came into being but also quite a few of our "learnings" along the way. There are loads of little nuggets in there that will save you some grief at some point. @Batian advice is sound in that is you get enough of a decent standard bean to get your skills honed in, you will pick things up way quicker than if you chop and change beans. If you can get down to @DavecUK at some point you will accelerate your learning as well, which given the price of the roaster, is just a small percentage for such a large gain in experience. Other piece of advice, read the fire safety section and apply! Having had a couple of chaff fires over the last 300Kg have always been thankful of the advice in that section (and a CO2 fire extinguisher, keeping beans spinning but air off etc made me think how may have turned out if the beans themselves were on fire!) Best of luck on your roasting journey, accept that the first couple will be undrinkable as you will be surprised how quickly things start happening at first crack and the first batch you need to bin anyway, think of it as a "cleaning" run.
  9. Have only just started in on this one and, whilst knowing the origin already, reminded me very much of an Atkinsons Costa Rican natural from last summer. Smell wise had overtones of Ethiopian but in the cup (as filter 50g/L through moccamaster) full of fruit / bubblegum (Hubba bubba specifically :) ) yet smooth also almost caramel. Just tried the first flat whites this morning (17.4>30 6s preinfusion total 35s pour @12kgs on PuqPress, nakeds on LII) and whilst needing to go a little finer(was 4pm/10.5 on R120) all the flavours in the filter came through in the cup; Sarah even likes this one. Would certainly place this in the top 3 LSOL of the past year especially given only just opened it today. Thanks to @[URL="https://coffeeforums.co.uk/member.php?u=2837"]fatboyslim[/URL] and @Daren for organising and @Steampunkcoffee for the coffee John
  10. +1 on the above (and massively out of my way ). One of my favourite stops on the way home from Glasgow Airport, I often feel the need for a quality cup less than 10 miles in on a 350 mile trip John
  11. Happy Birthday Mildred John
  12. There is a rubber ring on the bottom of the grindensteins (mine is over 7 years old and going strong). John
  13. Technivorm Mocccamaster woud be my go to for ease / consistency although not the cheapest. If spending this amount then the insulated carafe is desirable BB sell them here. Is our go to daily brewer and keeps coffee hot for approx. 4 hours and drinkable out to about 6 especially if you rinse flask out with boiling water first to pre heat (after rinsing filter with first bits of water left after each cycle of the machine) Hope of help. John
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