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  1. +1 on the above. You could spend a few hundred less on a La Pav spend the difference on quality beans and wooden handles John
  2. Given the comments about going fine, dialled the R120 into Pacamara territory...not fine enough: 17.7g>35g on the L2, 12kg tamp, 12 seconds with possibly 1s pre infusion. definitely not fine enough so unfair to post tasting notes. Will try again tomorrow John
  3. Mine arrived safely via Sarah's work, 2 little boxes and a bamboo cup. Thanks all for organising John
  4. Given your arthritis options could be to investigate either a cheapish vacuum bagging device as sometimes seen in the middle aisle of certain euro style supermarkets ( you could grind / bag before you go but be prepared for your bag to be inspected...) or look to have an electric grinder delivered to where you going (an ask of where you staying may also provide a surprise) or go down the route of the above. I regularly fly with a bag of beans, Lido 3 and an aeropress or if travelling light some vac bags of ground for each brew and some Kalita kantans ( have a look on HasBean). All options run the risk of having bags etc checked whether in hold luggage, carry on or in pockets as to be fair not something border staff see on a regular basis Hope of help John
  5. Start with a gene, modify if needed. Simple to learn on, easy to use (just fired mine up for the first time in ages this evening, 2x 250g in 2x 209g out time taken just short of an hour) You will need to add another £1000 to your estimate for a Dalian by the way, this being my other roaster which is a joy to use (there are a couple of threads on here that detail use etc). In terms of being close to commercial there are a couple of members doing just that with this roaster @Hasi for one produces some truly tasty beans from his that I have experience of ( I like my own of course but am biased so can't comment if mine up to same standard) Payback is a strange concept in that outside of commercial use it's a very personal idea of what a roaster is worth to you in monetary, time and quality terms. Can only reference the Gene and the Dalian as these are what have used, both should last many years and have so far. 200 +roasts in the gene (1 cracked roast chamber replaced under warranty from BB) and over 300kg in the Dalian ( 1 resistor for £2.50 and some high temp grease for servicing). The difference in cost new between the two, £500 and £3500 is a bit of a gulf but you can always sell on the gene on here for a fair proportion of what you paid for it Hope of help and good luck John
  6. 2 from UE today started with their Malawi Pamwamba AB and now on their Brasil Fazenda Capoeirrinha both in the moccasmaster at 63g/1.25L, both hitting their tasting notes Bought these as a call in on the way back from Heathrow week before last (3x250g for £15) calling in at the Roastery at Windrush estate, Witney where they also have a coffee shop (and banana bread...). Am spolit on that work trip as can come back via UE in Witney or Rave in Cirencester ( have some Sumatra Atu Lintang resting from last weeks call in , well its a long way home without an espresso plus a flat white and an apricot flapjack....) John
  7. Gene Café really is your best bet for your budget and if bought new from BB comes with DaveC's very well written guide (Funnily enough have just made the same recommendation to a friend in the Manchester area) You could wait for one to come up second hand but would suggest you buy from a forum member as at least you 'll know its provenance plus there's plenty of guidance for fixes / mods on here and Dave's wiki should you feel up to it (they're not difficult) Out of the box it's a pretty good roaster and any mods just improve this. Will comfortably work in the 200-250g input range so hit your criteria there as well. Am sure someone closer will offer to let you get hands on, if not you are always welcome to call in if round my neck of the woods. John
  8. Hi @JoshBrown I'll take at asking price of £12 inc posting please. Go to Messaging for details Thanks John
  9. johnealey

    Hi All!

    Welcome John Coffee Compass, HasBean, Foundry Coffee Roasters, Crankhouse, Atkinsons (thecoffeehopper.co) or any of the forum advertisers / supporters just read the tasting notes and see if they align with what you looking for i.e. citrus flavours may be a long step from where you are currently with Raves offerings which are more chocolate etc ( Signature is a cracking house blend, not only had a large espresso but a flat white there this afternoon to take away plus have some on filter duty at moment) Hope of help and sure you will have lots of other suggestions before too long John
  10. Full 300kg clean lube and polish, all going well till very last job greasing the rear bearing, snapped off grease nipple trying to get stupid 4 clamp jaw off, argh! Luckily spring left inside gave enough purchase to screw out stub of nipple. Stainless steel M6 nipples and new grease gun quick release ordered, Tuesday delivery. Moral of the story: grease guns are a pain in the proverbial; get some spare nipples in before you do this job (mine was located at the 9 O'clock position); don't do this job on a sunday afternoon when nothing open... Otherwise everything easy if a little messy John
  11. If not too late happy to be added to to the potentials list (list of kit in signature) John
  12. Funnily enough exactly what is in our cups this morning Yum! sad news: 1 bag down . Good News: one bag left John and Sarah (thanks @Hasi and @joey24dirt ) p.s what was the Origin of the Monkey Puzzle?
  13. Back up to £49.96 as of 13:10 07/09 John EDIT: £23.96 of you click through on other offers though
  14. To get their attention would need to put an @ in front of their name then pick from any options that come up i.e. @salty Hope of help John
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