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  1. Echoing the above, nice intro and welcome. If you planning on sticking with brew not espresso for a while then a Wilfa Svart may also fit your needs / worth consideration (you would be horrified to note the size of most other grinders people use on here compared to what you looking at already) and would leave you a few pennies for beans Hand grinders have the advantage of portability / being able to put in a drawer and if chosen wisely (think of the std mentioned above or better) could serve you for espresso as well in the future, just bear in mind its your arm powering the grinder. Best of John
  2. This ones proving quite popular with Sarah a real smooth caramel / choc / sweet honey as a flat white. Yet to try as filter. Thanks all for organising / roasting Wild guess: Colombian John
  3. 1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg
  4. Hi @Jam1e1 welcome to the forum and there is a dedicated section on home roasting if you haven't found it already that may help you on your quest to start home roasting John
  5. Hi @Matt B Will take all at asking (£45) plus postage if that ok, no great rush (am out at the moment) will go to pm later this afternoon for address / payment details (happy to do Paypal F&F or bank transfer) Thanks John
  6. Lido 3 definitely can as is my go to travel grinder when out and about allowing me to grind 70g for 1.25L filter pots no issues which I find easier to do than 2 lots in a feld. Yes its large, which makes it easy to keep still when grinding and the adjustment is easier on the felds (lido 3E has more usable adjustment for espresso range as well as filter, just need to remember not to lock in grind adjustment too tight). Folding handle makes it easier for transport. Comes down to personal choice / funds Electric vs manual at this price range, taste wise you would need to test this yourself but on the whole better vs new, however second hand (if only using for espresso) starts to get a little trickier especially when you take into account time / effort to grind. Hopefully of help and if you can, get to try some out. John
  7. Could you not line a newspaper log maker with used (dried) filters, add dried coffee pucks and compress? or bearing in mind the pucks are compressed already, as long as dried, could be bundled in used newspaper / filters etc in a rough log shape which would break down on burning thus in effect burning each puck as fuel? Have no log burner to try this on hence the questions above. John
  8. @coffeebean is reasonably local to you and may be able to supply beans (he roasts and has a mobile pitch in Abedare, plus builds out mobile businesses) https://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/ Otherwise really depends on how local you want to keep your coffee sourcing or how serious you are about being stand out, good coffee is very rarely cheap so you need to take this into account but bear in mind repeat trade from a slightly higher per cup bean purchase pays off dividends in the long run. Try a few and see what you like / if you can make the numbers work (there are a number of roasters on here that advertise / support the forum that also wholesale their offerings once you up and running) Best of luck in your venture John
  9. @Beanedict Cuba Serrano not out of stock at Coffee Compass (you need to read the blurb ref PayPal & Cuba) Agree with you on the "brought directly from Cuba" stuff as they tend to like a rather well developed (some may say dark) roast for the volume offerings. My eldest daughter brought me a couple of kilos back of turquino which was definitely roasted more to local taste than mine. John
  10. Hi Jamie Above should explain better than I can as the Classic has a very wide temperature band that it operates within requiring some temperature surfing techniques (there is a whole Gaggia sub forum to digest info from) without one. To add to the bean choices above just read the taste descriptors possibly being a bit cautious of anything described as generally citrus or sharp fruits so as not to suffer any unwanted face puckering when you start your journey. Key thing, if you find something you like taste wise stick with it until you confident you have got it nailed in (taste to your liking) before bouncing off on lots of different beans which may help to lessen the "all I get is sour shots" moments. Fresh beans will also help when you starting out and by that, beans with a roasted on date (such as suggested above) rather than a best before date (Illy and other tinned beans as an example) as even beans have a best before range which very broadly is in the 4-6 week range (some less so, some more). Your taste may develop over time to encompass the out there Ethiopian Guji's (floral, blueberry, citrus) and other funky beans equally it may be totally happy with a Brazillian / Central American (chocolate, biscuit, nuts) or an Indonesian (earthy, smoky, rich) . The companies who support the forum by advertising banners such as Rave, Coffee Compass, HasBean etc are all quality roasters with plenty of different beans for you to try your hand at. Water is also a large impact on flavour there are a number of threads on here a good starting point is Volvic or Waitrose essential (Lockhill in 2L containers, the 5L is Pembroke and not ideal) for bottled or filtered (BWT filters in their own jug or in a Brita Maxtra jug) just need to change more frequently dependant on hardness of water, (whole world of fun there). You could even fit an under counter unit with a tap added at sink side or be very lucky and have ideal tap water ! Hope of help and lots to digest, best of luck on your journey John
  11. Hi Jamie and welcome the reason for the ground = crap statement you have stated above is one of staling which in simple terms is about the surface are of ground coffee exposed to air compared to beans. You have, from the above, headed off this frustration by buying a grinder so back to bean suggestions: if you are liking Lavazza then might try Rave Italian Job or Coffee compass Brighton lanes and then work your way out from there. If you not afraid to tinker then a @MrShadesMrShades PID could be on your horizon. John
  12. Wishing you all the best during your treatment and as Dave said above, anything you need (even if that only some more guji ) John
  13. johnealey


    Ouch and that's with the 3 pronged portafilter. I do think however that saying your espresso has untold depths... Still ouch John
  14. First go on these R120 at 16 in the Fine range, Tonino measured 120 Cinnamon, 12kg PuqPress. left lever: 17.5g>42g, 4s PI 23s total (Londinium seals); right lever 17.5g>35g 4s PI 21s total (cafelat seals) Very forgiving as clearly needs to go tighter had both as flat white 5oz, dark choc and hint of nuts with whole milk. Will hold off on guessing until dialled in John
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