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  1. If anyone's still interested, the Puly Baby Cleaner (great name!) contains Citric Acid, Malic Acid and sodium citrate.
  2. Thanks - just to add a little information, I gather the Puly product contains Citric Acid, Malic acid and sodium citrate. The Siemens recommended product is 15-30% amidosulphonic acid, 15% malic acid and citric acid.
  3. Just switched from my trusty Gaggia Synchony Logic to the Siemens - well pleased with it so far. Descaling, though? Always used Oust All-Purpose descaler up to now (based on Lactic Acid, I gather) but does anyone know if it's suitable for the Siemens? Siemens want to sell you their 310967 descaling tablets at £7.99 (+ postage) for 6, but that's ridiculous. The delightfully named Puly Baby Cleaner's another option. Anyone have any thoughts on descalers and the Siemens, please?
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