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  1. Is it making hot water as well? Does the pump come on?
  2. You might want to try and sweep it into your basket as it comes out rather than sweeping it all at once at the end to give a bit more of an even distribution of the particles
  3. Lol the 75e is a beauty but at least i managed to get myself an e37s now
  4. Yeh they are very easy to use and built like tanks so I'd be surprised if there was any real issues... how old are the burrs?
  5. Got a video of your pours? The SJ is incredibly easy to use and gives great results
  6. Nice! What's your favourite? Been wanting to get a few myself, just hoping they'd come down in price a little though...
  7. Thanks I'll maybe pop down later today after postie arrives
  8. Is it just pour over they do? I usually only drink lattes
  9. Or if no wood use a towel through the exit hole it will stop the carrier from spinning as well
  10. Yeh definitely clean the bit behind the door I suspect there's probably a big piece of compacted coffee there backing up to the burrs... I would remove the 2 burrs and give them a good brush and vacuum the holders while you're at it...
  11. Not tried Back to Black yet, my usuals are still Artisan and PC...
  12. You can follow either the ARSE mod thread or the WLL e37s SCC video on youtube for dismantling instructions... basically take top and front off taking care not to drop the exit door, vacuum it all clean then re-assemble and make sure door can swing properly. The SCC flap in front of the door stops it from swinging too open to stop grinds flying out. You will a lot of compacted coffee behind there just now, just clean it all up and adjust the SCC open.
  13. No probs just trying to find out the material and dimensions for this piece to get replacement...
  14. Not looked to see how much they are tbh, I'm pretty sure I paid something like 35 at the time... I'll see if it sells with the grinder if not I'll put it up on a separate thread...
  15. Anyone from Scotland in this thread? How does the good old Scottish tap water compare?
  16. Anyone with a picture of this missing piece?
  17. Sorry @M4xime since Berlioz has offered first he has first dibs... @Berlioz, it is just under 50cm to the top of the hopper.
  18. That's great news! yeh the broken spring meant that it probably wasn't able to build any pressure so was struggling even to push water through the pipes... Glad it's fixed now you can get back to enjoying coffee
  19. @Deansie26 £25 + postage for the mini hopper if I can't convince @Berlioz to get it as well?
  20. Deal I can meet at the PC World or McDonalds car park?
  21. Lol any reason why you don't want the hopper? £160 and it's yours, the shrink wrap is from Amazon should arrive on Monday...
  22. Finally updated the first post with pictures.
  23. Just seen that there is a much nicer version of the clean sweep mod: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?33103-Mazzer-Super-Jolly-quot-Paint-it-black-quot-refurb/page4 I've ordered some shrink wrap for Monday so can fit this cleaner version on
  24. Thanks can you post a picture of it? Do you have the measurements? Thinking I might be able to get a standard M4 rubber washer to replace it...
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