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  1. Must be set too fine if nothing is coming out.... coarsen it at least a few steps to see if it helps
  2. I used some very oil beans in the past before which completely clogs the grinder burrs and chute if anything near espresso grind
  3. Set your grind level very coarse you should at least get something coming through
  4. Their site only lists the premium to have the mg2+ tech the others just look like different levels of filtering... that's why I'm considering the premium as I'm in a soft water area so even using the blend valve won't raise the minerals to where I want
  5. I thought was only bestmax premium that adds minerals back in?
  6. Lovely tap but a bit pricey... I'm considering the S size I don't think I need RO for the water here so this setup looks better. I've ordered the BWT mg2+ filters for my current jug to see if I like the taste first
  7. Yeh I couldn't find much information on the actual contents of the book but was in a bit of a learning mood so just ordered it while watching loads of vids on how to do plumbing so I can redo my sink pipework to put a filter in later
  8. Thanks I have a training night with PC this week so might ask them about their water... Also just ordered the water for coffee book for some interesting reading
  9. That's good to know, I ordered a cheap TDS meter from eBay so will try to correlate the results when I get it. Just now I'm using a filter jug, contemplating whether to fit an undersink filter system in or if it is overkill if the water quality is generally good... If I was to do an undersink system I might add a remineralisation filter to add some back in...
  10. It is probably compatible just need to check the fitment and mountings. You can get the original from eBay if you really want though... You can also try taking the pump apart and see if it just needs a good clean... various youtube videos available...
  11. The only places I can find available so far seem to be online at around £8 for 5l + delivery... Found this for the water analysis in my area: http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/~/media/water%20quality/Data/673/201703/Water%20201604%20Balmore%20C5%20South%20Last%2012%20Months.pdf No mention of any Calcium or Magnesium in the water?
  12. Where do you get your distilled water from? Had a search online and it seems quite pricey in the long run buying the water?
  13. Is it worth getting water filter etc for soft water areas?
  14. Thanks I'll need to try and get hold of some Epsom salts... boots markets them as bath salts?
  15. Can you provide some links or information on what you did? Thanks
  16. Hi Paul, what is the bicarb treatment that you are using?
  17. Cool thanks. I'll probably look into 3-way taps to avoid making another hole in the sink...
  18. Anyone got pictures of their setup? Thinking about an undersink system but does that mean I will end up with two taps at my sink?
  19. I'll be placing my order today, just waiting for them to update the website with a few items I've asked for
  20. Keep the pump running until only steady stream of water comes out of the steam wand... you must make sure the boiler is fully refilled after steaming...
  21. Either return the grinder if possible or otherwise mod it to produce a finer grind but it is very inconsistent so I only use mines for the occassional random grind for Aeropress or pour over if I don't want to change setting of my other grinder. Also get fresher beans.
  22. I'd suggest get a grinder first since machine without grinder is useless but grinder without machine you can at least still make pourover etc
  23. Can a mod move this thread to SOLD? Thanks
  24. @Berlioz was great meeting you today even though you caught me while I was scoffing down my McDonalds dinner lol I'm sure you will find the grinder a pleasure to use, it has served me really well
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