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  1. Its been a while but thought I'd update this page a little with latest experience of faulty main board... Symptoms rapidly gets worse over course of few days: 1. Brewing cuts off prematurely shortly after pressure reached, or during back flushes. 2. When powering on lights alternate between no water and element on. 3. When powering on lights briefly flash and machine turns off. The component that usually goes bad is the electrolytic capacitor next to the transformer (top left on old style board and bottom left next to keypad cable on new style board). The part is a 35V 470uF
  2. Also if you are removing the burrs themselves for additional cleaning, make sure to put them back in the same carrier and same orientation... use a marker pen to add a dot on the carrier under the burrs so you keep the same alignment each time as that also affects the grinds...
  3. The way I do it now is start very fine and work my way to the left coarser, I usually get to the correct setting after a few days since I make 1 maybe 2 a day... I've learned to take bigger steps now when it is choking whereas before I was doing half steps it was taking ages to zone in. Having different sized baskets also helps, if it is far too fine I switch to a smaller basket for a few days as I coarsen it up, just switch to using a smaller cup for the same taste
  4. Anyone tried aligning the burrs on their e37s? I have a very slight high point right on the outer edge of the burr on one corner that always touches first... tried to add some shim at the opposite side to even out as per the mythos alignment guide but as the burrs actually sit inside a notch, can't see how to shim it up? I could just put loads of beans through and wait for that high point to naturally round off...
  5. Not sure what the proper pressure range is for your machine but the behaviour is correct as all Pressurestats have a deadband, partly to stop it from switching constantly if it hovers around the set point. Most have deadband around 0.2-0.3 bar. Depending on your temperature requirements, you can increase the boiler pressure by adjusting that screw but I'll let others comment on what the maximum value is.
  6. Sounds like maybe a loose pipe vibrating or something? Check the piping at the bottom of the machine where the pump is maybe try padding it so it doesn't touch the case as experiment
  7. Cleaned out old grinds put new normal beans in and backed up the grind setting by a few steps, first attempt got 17:38 in about 34s not bad quite tasty, might dial it back a little more over the next few days
  8. I think they have a very fine working range because on the very last load of beans I had I managed to get the one and only good pour and it was the best pour I've had in weeks lol. Oh well back to normal beans I think...
  9. Hmmm just had strange experience these few days... been trying to dial in a decaf from Pact and it just isn't happening, all shots are in under 15s been going finer and finer... new to this machine so not sure how much each step equates to but I was doing 1-1.5 steps each time and I'm at the point where the grinder is set so fine that nothing comes out of the chute... if I dial it all way back to my coarsest setting everything that had backed up shoots out then all is good again. Could these beans be bad that they are unusable for espresso?
  10. Yup it's just a cheapy filter but after going through a filter jug the level is unchanged even with the new bwt filter
  11. So I received my TDS meter and my tap water measured 32ppm whereas my bottle of Harrington was 206ppm lol Interesting to see when I add a tiny amount of baking soda the meter jumps to 400ppm and flashes red warning the water is not drinkable!
  12. Is there a priming sequence in the manual? Most of these are self priming but can take a few seconds for all the air to pass through after which the flow should be steady there shouldn't be any sputtering after all the air is out... Is this tank fed? How is the water fed to the pump?
  13. The problem is that unless your technique is perfect it is quite hard to go for a proper long pour with ultra fine grind (if that's the kind of taste you like), a coarser/normal pour is a lot more forgiving on technique...
  14. Just now I'm using a mix of filtered tap water and some Harrington bottled water and is a nice improvement over just tap water so I definitely need some hardness boost in my water... guess my choices are either a remineralisation filter with some bypass control or manual mixing in of buffer and magnesium...
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