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  1. Sorry for the slow replies - I got lost in work chaos @igm45 - I'll see how the sale plays out and keep this in mind @coffeechap - reply sent to your PM @Lefteye - I believe it is four years old (I can look to see if there is a serial number or date to confirm).
  2. SOLD I am looking to sell my HG1 since I haven't been using it. It was originally purchased because I needed a low noise solution for grinding coffee in my office, but within months of purchasing it my office moved and I no longer had to worry about the noise. So it hasn't been used more than a few dozen times overall. The burrs are well seasoned and it makes quick work of coffee. This model has the titanium coated burrs. I will sell it along with a new (unused) custom made replacement hopper that was carved out of wenge. It took so long for it to be made that I was no longer using the grinder by the time this was finished, so I never installed it. It also comes with a new/unused leather basemat made by LWW (Lyn Weber Workshops) to fit he HG1 (these don't appear to be available from their web store any longer). It also comes complete with the blind tumbler. The grinder will be packed in the original shipping box. The grinder works like new, but has some small marks here and there that reflect the fact that ti has been at home in my coffee area for a while, even though it hasn't been used much. I am asking £700 for everything. We can discuss delivery or collection if you are interested. I am located in Bath.
  3. Sorry to be late to the game - I have done a horrible job of keeping up with the necessary coffee related reading in recent months! I decided this week to do a big service of my L1 and I am a little unsure of some details. There is a nice youtube video with details on how to replace the gaskets on the piston, but I am not sure how obvious it will be that they need to be replaced. I know it needs service because water is leaking around the seals, and I assume it is not just a need for grease on the piston. Also, I see discussions here of different versions of the piston gaskets. I ordered a set of three from Londinium yesterday and am interested in hearing whether there are better options out there so I can keep that in mind for next time. I see the links to the Cafelat silicone versions, but don't know how they compare to the current ones sold by Londinium (or are they the same - I saw the comments that Londinium would change the seals they use, and I see these are blue like the silicone ones from Cafelat, but nowhere do I see a statement of what the Londinium ones are made of). I am also wondering what other parts I should service when I take it apart? My intention is to replace the three seals/gaskets on the group and to replace the screen with the IMS one they suggest. I'll probably also pop on a new portafilter gasket since the current one feels like it is starting to get stiff. I am also interested in any other how-to guides out there. The A4 sheets that form the manual I got with my machine don't provide much info. I see links that suggest that there are other guides on the Londinium site, but despite having an account it doesn't seem to recognise me as an owner. I could bother to get that changed, but I am not sure it is worth doing since I don't know how much potentially useful info I might be missing. So any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I buy all mine from Coffee Compass. Fantastic business to deal with.
  5. I think the £100 is no longer realistic since there is a deal from the manufacturer that comes out to something like £105 - so you might need to drop closer to £80 to present a significant savings over new. I got mine a couple of weeks ago at that price directly from MBK - wish I had seen some used ones!
  6. evoman


    If the Hausgrind proves to be too large, I would trade my Feldgrind for it - I got it last week (brand new - used twice), but I think I would do better with a higher capacity.
  7. Just a final note to close this thread - I collected the grinder from the RM depot this morning. I crunched through some rice to get it started (probably only 40g or so) and then did a couple of loads of beans for the Aeropress. I'm amazed at how much smoother and easier it feels than the Hario - it is a totally different beast. It is definitely much faster and easier to use, not to mention a lot more compact. The only negative is that I find it a bit hard to hold since the bottom seems loose. But it seems super well made and really smooth, so it seems like a long term solution (and it should be given the cost!) - Thanks again for the suggestion
  8. I got a Royal Mail tracking number yesterday, so it sounds like I didn't fall into the waiting purgatory after the order. I'll try to come back to post a review at some point. If it outperforms my Hario and means I can actually grind more coffee at home I'll be happy (and my wife will be thrilled that I didn't get a large grinder to take up counter space at home). Thanks to everyone for the dialogue and suggestions.
  9. How does the speed compare to the Hario?
  10. I had some concern about this, but I was hoping that the fact that this one is listed as being in stock would help make sure it gets sent promptly. I won't have much patience if it ends up taking ages, so thanks for the warning.
  11. I was tempted by the Sage (I have their other grinder at work and I think it does quite a nice job), but I ended up making a rash decision and ordering a Feldgrind last night (didn't plan on spending >£100 yesterday! - I blame all of you for forcing me into it! at least I will try to convince the wife of that). MBK had a discount on the Feldgrind ending yesterday, so I jumped and grabbed one. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  12. @MartinB - I meant to reply about the Gaggia - I am not really familiar with the MM, so will have to look into it. @Dylan - the Feldgrind looks interesting. I have an HG1 in my office and so I am not totally put off by manual grinding. But that thing has massive burrs and a counter weight, so it is awfully fast, so I imagine most others are much slower. But for limited use the Feldgrind might work.
  13. Thanks for the info etc - I use the home grinder for either a French press or an Aeropress. I have a couple of higher quality ones in my office at work for espresso, so it doesn't need to be able to do a decent espresso grind. The Graef looks too big for what i need (especially with a massive hopper). I have been using a Hario to hand grind beans at home, but it just lowers my motivation since I find it so slow and annoying! So that is the target - to replace the hand grinder with something relatively small that can get my beans into my Aeropress. cheers
  14. I'm looking for a small-ish burr grinder for home use - something I can stick in a corner for occasional use.
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