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  1. This is based on some interesting work done by one of the Decent Diaspora. To demonstrate the effect of hole proximity to the basket wall he he took concentric cuts out of spent pucks and re-extracted each. He showed that the reduced EY was due to poorer extraction in the zone void of holes at the basket wall. I changed from my favourite Reneka micro sieve to a 15g VST and changed my dose from 19g to 16g. Hope this helps.
  2. Both my 15g and 18g are perfectly centred, where the the holes are further from the wall the extraction be reduced. I would return this for a replacement.
  3. If you place an aeropress filter paper on top of the puck only clean water is vented through the 3-way valve and avoid the need for detergent flushes.
  4. Things that I like about my EG1 v2: single dosing motor mounted above the burrs, no build up of grounds quick opening of the burr chamber for cleaning variable speed magnetically mounted burrs 5 micron adjustment increments no RDT had a charred piece of plastic in my coffee once and the EG1 stopped, opened the burr gap and dropped everything just a short list
  5. The LW EG1 v2 burrs are also equipped without screws.
  6. Thanks for the explanation John, I noticed this change recently and was wondering if it pointed to some other cause.
  7. I've removed the second handle, on mine and don't miss it one bit. Inserting the portafilter requires a very light touch and the machine is not easily moved.
  8. John, how did the leak present itself to your customer? What were the signs?
  9. Are you happy with the steaming from the MicroCasa or the LP? Then you might consider keeping one for steaming and get a Strietman CT2 for you espresso, it's an open boiler and no overheating. You can do back to back shots, if you have multiple baskets. You can be up to temperature in 7 minutes. Just a thought.
  10. The mirrored panel can be purchased separately.....https://decentespresso.com/cart?show=all
  11. Mitch (CwD) at HB has successfully used a centrifuge instead of filters.
  12. Flushing and wiping the screen will not clean the fines that get to the back of the screen. Remove the screen and clean it separately.
  13. I have both. The shaker is larger and sized to fit a 58mm basket. The tumbler is smaller and has an opening that will sit on both a 50mm and a 58mm basket. The shaker negates the need for WDT.
  14. Thanks, now I see what your referring to, since the heating is done on continuous flow of water perhaps the dip may be due to the water present between the heater and the grouphead.
  15. The temperature probe in the group head is located in an orifice through the distribution plate, just behind the shower screen, not in the slurry. The group is electrically preheated to brew temperatures so no dip.
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