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  1. Thanks, Sure, you are right – I did not use the tape. I drilled three holes in the PID case (2 for fixing, 1 for cables).Then I used few grommets to space the case slightly off the Gaggia back, and I put the screws through: pid case -> grommets -> gaggia rear vents. (I used earth studs so I did not have to run the earth wire)*
  2. I finished installing the PID on my Gaggia Classic yesterday. The improvement is immediate, and honestly, it's surpassed expectations.* The installation took me a couple of hours. I mounted the controller vertically on the rear of my Classic. I really like the new case. I decided to drill a hole in Gaggia and the case to put the wires through, so they aren't visible. I have also used some grommets as spacers between the rear of the Gaggia and the case as I didn't want to cover rear vents. Mr Shades instructions are very clear, however, its really worth taking the time to read them fe
  3. Thanks, you are right. I think I will stick with what I am currently doing - I do get good results most of the times, and honestly I never leave the beans in the grinder. Anyway, I did a bit search on the internet and found out that Obel grinders use the same hoppers as Bezzera e.g.: obel junior grinder comes with a 200g hopper, but it can be replaced with "a full size" hopper, which is exactly the same as mine - so obel junior "small" hopper should fit bezzera BB003 (if someone needs it) Thanks.
  4. That was a silly question, anyway I have found the answer. And actually I think that if my Gaggia had a PID I would probably use it everyday.
  5. £30 sounds much better, thanks I will have a look. To be fair I am quite happy with my motta - I get good results most of the time. I just liked the idea of improved repetitivity... On the other hand, I think I can work on that with my motta.
  6. Thanks, I did not realise how expensive they are. I will stick with my "traditional" tamper.
  7. Has anybody tried those new handle-less "push" tampers ? I watched a video of some barista champion using them, just wondering if they're any good.
  8. Thanks for the reply, That is exactly what I do - I take the hopper off, I use the throat of the grinder and put the doser lid on top during grinding (it will take about 40grams of coffee beans). But I thought that if I had a smaller hopper, I would probably use it. Also, my wife hates how big this grinder with hopper is, so getting a smaller/shorter one would definitely help to solve this issue as well.
  9. I would go for blend - raves italian job is great to start with
  10. Hi all, I have the Bezzera BB003 grinder. I really like this grinder, the only trouble is that it has a quite big hopper (220mm height) - I would like to get something smaller. There's not much info on the Bezzera BB003 grinder out there, but I guess I could use a hopper from a different grinder model/brand. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  11. Hello, I have been following this thread for some time now, and I've looked at PID'ing my machine, but I still can't decide should I pull the trigger on this mod as I only use my Gaggia on the weekends or days off. Does it make that much difference in coffee flavor?
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