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  1. Both, it was sweeter and thicker. I'll try a longer steep but I thought 5 minutes was really long. I used 60 on my sage
  2. My recipe is in the original post. And your quote
  3. So I went to a lovely coffee spot yesterday. They do their filter in a bonavita machine. It was really sweet and syrupy and I got some of the beans to try and replicate it. I just had my first brew in the aeropress, it was nice but quite 'thin' and not as sweet. What would be the best way to get it sweeter and more syrupy? FYI I did 12g in 200g of water and did a 5 minute brew
  4. He didn't breed them, he just, and these are his words 'likes shiny'
  5. Thanks, I'll get my wife to let him know tomorrow and get some more info. He has a single as well apparently
  6. Hey guys. My wife's dentist she works with has a copper EKK43 for sale. He is looking at selling it as he doesn't use it enough. Here are some pictures. Is anyone interested or know what he could get for it? Its had very little use, he said about 1 year of use at 250g a month roughly. Let me know if you're interested or know what he could get for it etc
  7. I use aeropress or Kalita. Dosing is usually 6g per 100g water. Everything is the same
  8. Hey guys and gals. I’ve not posted in a while, but lately I’ve been having some issues with my brews. This is going to be a very vague statement so I’m not expecting a solid answer, just some ideas. Essentially, my brews have been spot on for about a year now, always enjoyable and sweet. Im sticking with the same method etc, but lately all my brews seem to be a bit ashy/smokey. I know this can be a flavour of some coffees but I’ve had a few over the last few months, and I seem to be getting the same flavour from all my coffees, any ideas what I could do?
  9. Another cup of raves crows nest blend. Really struggling with this, it doesn’t matter how I brew it, it’s just extremely smokey and I don’t think I like it
  10. My cupbaord containing everything I need Its untidy but it works
  11. Starbucks filter. Just as I was getting into coffee, I was waiting for my wife when she had an appointment in the city for a couple of hours and planned on spending one of them in Starbucks with a coffee and leaching their wifi. It tasted as what I can only describe as ash and burnt paper. Undeniably horrific
  12. Stored for a week or so in the bags until mainly de gassed. I'll then pour them into my Kilner jars which I leave in the cupboard
  13. I have one, I use it for mainly brewed but the occasional espresso using my duo temp also from sage. I find it brilliant for both. Is there better? Sure Is there worse? Sure Depends what you're happy to spend but I'd say it's certainly the best grinder in the price range
  14. I work offshore and have 2 weeks at home. I order my coffee (usually 2x350g) a week before I'm home and that easily lasts my 2 weeks home. With some to spare, every so often I'll then just order one bag and use the last of last months order. 6 weeks post roast for a well stored reputable roaster is still amazing
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