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  1. James811


    Thanks, he assumed as much. Other than a genecafe are there any other roasters readily available in the UK with a good reputation?
  2. James811


    Hey guys. A mate of mine is looking for a behmor roaster stockist, can anyone help please?
  3. Does anyone use a really high dose for their brew? I just made an aeropress using 10g of coffee to 100g of water with a 1 minute to see what it was like and I was surprised to find it was pretty damn nice!
  4. Yea sure. The roast was a nice light-medium but the beans had a lovely satin feel to them. The smell on opening the bag was an experience I've never had before, I've had fruity beans before but this was something else. I ran it on my machine, 10g in for 100g out in 35 seconds which is my go to long espresso based drink, it was thick, juicy, sweet and fruity. I then had an aeropress just after posting this, 12g coffee to 200g water for 4 minutes and it was a little watery, I'd probably dose 14 next time and leave everything else the same, or dose 160g water to 12g and see how that is. He had a few other coffees at the stand and I wish I'd pulled the plug and got a few haha. They change £2.50 delivery or free over £25
  5. So yesterday my wife and I went to a festive food market at a place near us, they had everything there and as we were leaving I noticed a coffee place, me being me I had to go and look and was assuming it to be another bulk re bag job. To my surprise I saw a nice EK43 grinder and a selection of different beans. I got a bag to try as a matter of course. Now, I've been ordering coffee from rave, has bean etc etc for years. Now this was the best coffee I have ever had by quite some way. I urge you all to have a look, it's the Ethiopian I got, thank me later www.norfolk.coffee
  6. @Fez I got it 2 months ago, got it home, the next day it wouldn't start, it's been gone for 7 weeks and had a new ECU, new wiring loom, new wiring, new ignition system, and more, I'm so glad it's back now
  7. Not the postman exactly but this got delivered to me this morning
  8. Not the postman exactly but this got delivered to me this morning
  9. Hey guys. Do any of you make drinks similar to these? I love the espresso drinks but don't like how strong a 2:1 ratio is. I've recently been experimenting with longer ratios and Americanos. I found an article promoting a 10:1 brew ratio so 12g coffee for 120g out in 35 seconds. I've tried it but I'm not sure and think it could definitely be better. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Both, it was sweeter and thicker. I'll try a longer steep but I thought 5 minutes was really long. I used 60 on my sage
  11. My recipe is in the original post. And your quote
  12. So I went to a lovely coffee spot yesterday. They do their filter in a bonavita machine. It was really sweet and syrupy and I got some of the beans to try and replicate it. I just had my first brew in the aeropress, it was nice but quite 'thin' and not as sweet. What would be the best way to get it sweeter and more syrupy? FYI I did 12g in 200g of water and did a 5 minute brew
  13. He didn't breed them, he just, and these are his words 'likes shiny'
  14. Thanks, I'll get my wife to let him know tomorrow and get some more info. He has a single as well apparently
  15. Hey guys. My wife's dentist she works with has a copper EKK43 for sale. He is looking at selling it as he doesn't use it enough. Here are some pictures. Is anyone interested or know what he could get for it? Its had very little use, he said about 1 year of use at 250g a month roughly. Let me know if you're interested or know what he could get for it etc
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