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  1. Tks. will give it a go in morning!!
  2. roasted on 01-Nov, so 5weeks old
  3. Looking for some guidance with this bean. I'm using a Mazzer Mini to grind. When I grind 18g, I get 40g after 15second, 4barg back pressure only. I've repeatedly ground finer, however same as before, with little difference in pressure or duration. Is it antipicated with these bens that you have to grind very significantly smaller than other beans?
  4. I've a softener feeding house, spur feeding an Aquaphor RO unit. Pre-filters changed out in June, after ~2years, RO membranes unchanged. RO system is 2years old. RO water unmixed to machine reservoir. I'm based in Meath, Ireland, local council water summary attached. I haven't ant TDS results on my water. water-quality-summary-2019.pdf
  5. Hi, tks for tips on cleaning, will try. Machine 6montsh old, purchased from BB. Not sure how long being going on, as though the stain on tray was caused accidentally by someone cleaning up in vicinity, not machine related. I'll try and tighten up tomorrow, tks!
  6. Hi, yes, purchased from BB, ~May, so 6montsh old. I did flush out the boilers a good deal before 1st use and obviosuly turned over the boilers since, have drained the steam boiler a couple of time to completely refresh contents to avoids any residue build-up, even though unliekly as RO water being used.
  7. Looking for some advice here as my Minima has developed a slight leak. It's occurring on steam line, immediately after the hex nut situated against the vertical face of machine (See pictures 0008 & 0009 attached, the chrome face has mirror finish so confusing seeing everythin in double - leak is at machine side of t-piece that contains steam wand). I can see it's green coloured, so from copper internal piping presumably. I found it as I noted damage to the chrome finish of drip tray underneath (picture 0007), then investigating. Seems leak only appears after cool down of machine, not there when hot, so took me longer to spot that it otherwise would. Machine has used only RO water from new, no other problems to date. Can anyone please advise how to tighten this to eliminate leak. I'm based in Ireland, so want to avoid return to UK unless absolutely necessary due to courier costs so ideally a DIY fix if not too involved is preferred. In relation to the drip tray, can the finish be restored or is it permanently damaged? Thanks!!
  8. Thanks Dave, relieved that it's likely nothing. I'll continue to monitor anyway.
  9. Hi Dave, Any chance you could shed a light on a potential problem with my Minima. Being using it for 4-5weeks. Today, when doing a back flush, I heard a quite audible noise, like a resonating high pitched whine, like rotating metal on metal. I immediately stopped the back flush. Then tried backflush again after a few seconds, similar noise, but much quieter. I left the machine idle, switched on for last few hours, now seems to be working as normal, no noise during backflush. Any idea what part may have caused the noise, and should I be concerned?
  10. poolfan

    Portafilter funnel

    Thanks Drude, appreciate the offer and will PM you on sale.
  11. Looking for a nice funnel for my 58mm portafilter, trying to keep the worktop a little cleaner. Anyone have a nice one gathering dust anywhere?
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread slightly but can you provide more detail on what a lower pressure is going to do, I've a new machine, just set to 9barg, so interested in understanding what impact pressure has (yet anorher variable to throw into espresso)
  13. So I adjusted the grind coarser, and hey presto, the shots got better, so you were bang on, tks!! So to capture the lesson learnt, does this sound right - for a given initial grind setting when dialling in a new bean, if the usual recipe adjustments don't seem to be working (e.g. higher yield if sour) and shot time long (~50s) or brew ratio getting high (>3.5), then likely culprit is that a have started with too fine a grind, and try a coarser grind and restart dialling in again.
  14. tks, definitely wouldn't try that way unless advised. I'm using Rave's Chatswood Blend now. Am keeping plenty in the hopper now, I'm learning in small steps
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