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  1. Hi, can I please ask for a discount code Thanks!
  2. Thanks Dave, relieved that it's likely nothing. I'll continue to monitor anyway.
  3. Hi Dave, Any chance you could shed a light on a potential problem with my Minima. Being using it for 4-5weeks. Today, when doing a back flush, I heard a quite audible noise, like a resonating high pitched whine, like rotating metal on metal. I immediately stopped the back flush. Then tried backflush again after a few seconds, similar noise, but much quieter. I left the machine idle, switched on for last few hours, now seems to be working as normal, no noise during backflush. Any idea what part may have caused the noise, and should I be concerned?
  4. poolfan

    Portafilter funnel

    Thanks Drude, appreciate the offer and will PM you on sale.
  5. Looking for a nice funnel for my 58mm portafilter, trying to keep the worktop a little cleaner. Anyone have a nice one gathering dust anywhere?
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread slightly but can you provide more detail on what a lower pressure is going to do, I've a new machine, just set to 9barg, so interested in understanding what impact pressure has (yet anorher variable to throw into espresso)
  7. So I adjusted the grind coarser, and hey presto, the shots got better, so you were bang on, tks!! So to capture the lesson learnt, does this sound right - for a given initial grind setting when dialling in a new bean, if the usual recipe adjustments don't seem to be working (e.g. higher yield if sour) and shot time long (~50s) or brew ratio getting high (>3.5), then likely culprit is that a have started with too fine a grind, and try a coarser grind and restart dialling in again.
  8. tks, definitely wouldn't try that way unless advised. I'm using Rave's Chatswood Blend now. Am keeping plenty in the hopper now, I'm learning in small steps
  9. Thanks for the help so far on thread. It really is a learning curve, however understand everyone has to go through it and know that there are loads on the forum here that have done already and can help me get there quicker. So I've now switched to a different bean after running out of bean #1, so Round 2 of dialling in. This bean is a bit fluffier / more volume after grinding, so switched to a 16.0g target dose size as too much leaving t he basker, I don't use a funnel. QUESTION Can you confirm I'm right that the important thing to keep dose consistent when using the same bean, however can change from bean to bean So I've pulled a few shots, increasing the yield based on tasting (sour), as follows, later one less sour, however still not close to being balanced/tasty. 16.0g in, 46.3g out, (2.9 ratio) 45seconds 16.0g in, 55.7g out, (3.5 ratio) 50seconds Based on the results above, as I'm already at a ratio of 1:3.5 qnd extended time of ~50seconds (includes 10s of pressure ramp), I conclude that rather than continue to increase yield at this grind setting, I just need to increase grind setting finer to increase extraction potential of bean, and restart the dialling in process on yield at new grind setting like before. Is this correct?
  10. I haven't adjusted temerature yet, however good to know, tks.
  11. i I was weighing but with varyng levels of beans to near zero in hopper. Since the feedback, I've taken extra care with weighing and significant purge if I touch grinder setting, also no longer removing the basket from portafilter, hopper topped up always. I've now locked in at 17.0g input, targeting a 2.5 ratio, shot time 40s (includes 10s pressure ramp / pre-infusion), shots now tasting pretty good. Happy to finally be pulling tasty shots!! However I've noticed that I must not be tamping evenly as can see flow starting earlier from one spout before flow from both, so still plenty of improvement to be made...but its a start, thanks for the feedback.
  12. WIth limited flow, essentially, nothing in shot glass until >>10s, then at a very slow rate, e.g. after 20s, only 3-4g, so I stopped the shot. I was scratching my head with the grind settings also, have since made sure to apply even tamp pressure, in case that was a variable in previous shots. I had been trying to aim for ratio of 1:2, so if I loaded 16 & 18g, I would adjust the weight in glass accordingly - that was what I was trying to keep constant. Some overshoot in glass due to me not shutting off pump early enough resulting in >1:2 ratios. Hope that explains better the data. So bottom line, advise seems to be to fix the grind in basket (e.g. 17.0g). To adjust the yield, allow more weight in cup (higher brew ratio) to see if that can make the shot taste better. Leave grind alone now I'm in the ballpack. That's my next set of espresso's this evening. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  13. All, I've recently purchased an ACS Minima, my first espresso machine, so going through the learnings of dialling in, brew rations etc. I'll inclide as much details as I can, so hope I can get some good feedback on improvements and direction to take. I'm using a *.*g scales for weighing the grind in and the weighing the espresso also, recording time from shot timer (So includes ~9seconds) pre-infusion/pressure ramp. I'm taking out basket to weigh and tamp before adding it back into portafilter, making sure the tamped basket is still compact and smooth at top after connecting basket. I'm using a Mazzer Mini E grinder, setting a little finer (approx 2.3 on scale) than where factory indiacte starting point for espresso (reference 3.0 on scale). Beans are Rave siganture blend, ~2weeks from roast date. Water being used is RO (which I know is non ideal, will change) Details as follows 16.g espresso, very limited flow at grind setting 2.2. Adjust grind setting coarser to 2.3 18.0g in, still limited flow Adjust grind setting coarser to 2.4 16.6g in, 36.3g out (ratio 2.2), 30seconds, grind setting 2.4 Tasted salty, so adjusted grind setting slightly finer to 2.35 17.2g in, 39g out (ratio 2.3), 25.5seconds. 16.8g in, 33g out (ratio 2.0), 23seconds 17.5g in, 35g out (ratio 2.0), 24.6 seconds a liitle sour, so small adjust finer to 2.33 17.1g in 37.7g out (ratio 2.2), 24.1seconds some sour notes still, slight adjust agin to ~2.31 17.7g in 38.5g out (ratio 2.2), 27seconds still a little sour So in summary, the shots seem to be very quick, and still sour, which I understand a finer grind should help in both cases, however as don't seem to find a sweet spot before I am too fine. Anyone care to offer guidance on what I may be doing wrong and next steps I can take to dial grind in?
  14. press the power switch to on (e.g. up position to turn on brew boiler). Wait till the NEU clears on PID screen, changes to temperature of boilers (numbers). Then press and hold right hand button on PID. OFF will appear. No need to switch on the pump. I have made same mistake and got the PR5 code when tryin to switch boilers off too quickly, so good to know that this has reset my settings, as wasn't sure what that was related to.
  15. Looks don’t bother me, more about function. Is response/lag time for weighing fast on these, ie for weighing shot accurately? Any experience whether they can tolerate small spills etc?
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